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Panama FaZeKQLY 
- stew - tarik + ropz + styko
2018-09-24 04:45
Brazil Vitor_IS 
no no no no no no no no No NO
2018-09-24 04:47
Argentina t0xy 
+boltz +taco
2018-09-24 04:55
ropz | 
United States BLNDSPT 
boltz is actual trash I would still take stewie over him
2018-09-24 19:48
Argentina t0xy 
on his times he was good, like june or july SK gaming
2018-09-24 19:51
2018-09-24 23:48
+trk +kscerato
2018-09-24 21:09
Portugal JUNiOR107 
+fnx +kng LOOOOOL
2018-09-24 21:12
Trk and kscerato LOOOOLL
2018-09-24 23:07
Brazil srstorm_1 
+fnx +taco -tarik -stew
2018-09-24 04:58
+1 no fnx no major
2018-09-24 05:04
Turkey anymor3 
No. -Tarik -Stewie +boltz +hen1
2018-09-24 05:34
Brazil Vitor_IS 
no, we don't need 2 awpers we already have 1 awper and 3 good awp players
2018-09-24 05:57
Hen1 wouldnt play without his brother, and they are way to unprofessional.
2018-09-24 12:24
Fnx is pure shit.
2018-09-24 23:07
Disband And apologize to the original 1.6 members for turning this legendary brand into a meme team.
2018-09-24 04:59
coldzera | 
Brazil LordQ 
disband... OR start playing serious and stop trying to win tournaments without training hard.
2018-09-24 05:15
2018-09-24 05:13
zet | 
Sweden Slappy :) 
they need to add either taco, fnx or felps
2018-09-24 05:14
United Kingdom h4mm 
+taco +felps ez top 1
2018-09-24 19:31
Fnx no. Taco would not do such a downgrade, felps maybe, but i doubt it would work again. The brazil scene is just a shit, so i would say -Stewie +RUSH and coldzera can bait again
2018-09-24 23:09
Turkey anymor3 
+XANTARES +Calyx +Maj3r +paz +w0xic Omg its MITR
2018-09-24 05:25
Denmark fuckgade 
No still MiBR
2018-09-24 12:03
-Paz +Harstyle Ezmajor
2018-09-24 23:09
Brazil blankenstein 
Go back to a full brazilian roster, so at least language won't be an obstacle.
2018-09-24 05:21
Brazil Vitor_IS 
i don't think language is still an obstacle.. they've been talking english for like 5 months now
2018-09-24 18:57
Brazil blankenstein 
Probably, but It's not the same as talking in your native language.
2018-09-24 23:05
Brazil Vitor_IS 
2018-09-24 23:44
Brazil don’t have good/availble players
2018-09-24 23:10
Brazil blankenstein 
Yes, it does. lucas1, hen1, trk, ksceratto, felps, ...
2018-09-24 23:22
Trk-trash Kscerato-trash Felps-Wouldn’t go back and let his friend in NoTag Lucas1-Isn’t better than Stewie or Tarik Hen1-Team don’t need another AWP
2018-09-25 00:36
They placed 3-4 with their new team...whats the problem i don't get it
2018-09-24 05:23
Brazil blankenstein 
They didn't defeat any tier 1 (Astralis or Na'Vi) teams in this major, and they didn't show consistency. I guess that's it. Not a big problem at all, they are in the top 5 imo, but people kinda expect them to come back to being a competitive tier 1 team, like they were before, facing Astralis, Liquid and Na'Vi and actually having a chance to win.
2018-09-24 05:28
disband, the only way
2018-09-24 05:24
they need to go full brazilian roster of course, even the +s1mple +flamie option was much better than taric and stewie, i would like to see them playing as 5 brazilians and im sure that they would do much better
2018-09-24 05:28
Brazil blankenstein 
I guess s1mple didn't wanted to join them. But a full brazilian roster is the right option, although I don't think it will happen any time soon.
2018-09-24 05:29
i don't think they wanted to let him go, i think he wanted to join them
2018-09-24 19:21
Brazil blankenstein 
Could be.
2018-09-24 23:02
Brazil srstorm_1 
5 brazilians is the better way
2018-09-24 05:51
fer | 
Brazil GodSnow 
Fallen Fer Coldzera Felps Boltz
2018-09-24 05:55
Brazil user2740 
I was exactly thinking about that
2018-09-24 23:59
fer | 
Brazil GodSnow 
It would be a VERY strong team...
2018-09-25 05:26
BnTeT | 
China NA_LUL 
Either: -stew -tarik +brazilian talent +brazilian talent or: -cold -fallen -fer +auti +rush +ska (rename to MiNA)
2018-09-24 06:00
There is no favela talent :(
2018-09-24 23:11
- fer +felps -stew +kscerato -tarik + able9j felps is much better than fer ATM, he can do exactly the same role as fer. kscerato is a young talent, and you r right, he have boosted stats, but, u can see he is an another level, i mean, you can try an all brazilian roster w/ young talents, able9j plays for furia in a game, and he is doing extremely good, he dominates the brazilian (domestic) scenario for a while, he is being compared with coldzera, when he plays on dexterity (before he entered on LG), i think, in terms of skill, the team will be so much better, but 2 of this player have a lack of experience, but with some months i'd see a rather better future than this line up
2018-09-24 23:14
Brazil user2740 
who is able9j?
2018-09-25 00:00
he plays for furia in a game, secondary furia team, excelent player
2018-09-25 17:42
Brazil user2740 
hmmm very noice
2018-09-25 18:34
Brazil srstorm_1 
and a good coach like Zews
2018-09-24 06:00
2018-09-24 06:02
Finland Olter 
-Fer -Fallen -Tarik -Stew -Coldzera +Hen1 +Lucas1 +Kngv +Steel +Boltz
2018-09-24 12:07
Denmark raaaaaaaaa1in 
disband in one day
2018-09-24 18:56
2018-09-24 12:11
Denmark Xipingu 
Fucking just get two more BR players in instead of this nonsense.
2018-09-24 18:56
Brazil r8_dis_thing 
2018-09-24 20:24
+1 -miusa
2018-09-24 20:26
I think you can hardly beat Astralis when they play a perfect match...Navi steamrolled every team but got in the final and got brutally stomped...Is not just luck or bad form, it is Astralis who does this and makes other teams look bad... Si MIBR doesnt stand a chance no matter who they pick, i would say Stew2K is always underperforming so he should definitel;y go first but dont expect miracles from that team..
2018-09-24 19:25
nak | 
Brazil allan_km 
+ TRK + Felps
2018-09-24 19:30
Trk is shit
2018-09-24 23:11
The fix for MiBR is to stay with the roster and prepare prepare prepare. This team is kindy new and the likes of Astralis, Liquid and NaVi have been stable on their rosters. This makes them even more prepared and the understanding is becoming backbone knowledge for them, making it easier for them to focus on the primary - aim.....
2018-09-24 19:38
Brazil Mentecapto 
+ 1000 yes yes yes why cant people understand this
2018-09-24 23:17
Cause all people want now a days in instant results. The problem is that they do not understand the importance off understanding each other in a team sport....
2018-09-24 23:24
+100 Stop changing players every month. Stick together and practice, prepare, play, play and play.
2018-09-26 07:02
Germany W0NDERCHiLD 
keep your dirty hands out of mousesports
2018-09-24 19:38
Brazil user2740 
take back styko pls
2018-09-25 00:06
NBK- | 
France sacrebleu 
2018-09-24 19:42
-fallen -fer -coldzer -tarik -weedy2k
2018-09-24 20:25
Myb lucas and hen1
2018-09-24 20:26
Brazil siedlarczykK 
Full Brazilian Team again There are fresh players like Trk, even Felps is a good option
2018-09-24 20:30
They already tried felps..
2018-09-25 06:55
Brazil IagoSK 
-stewie -tarik/ +v$m +Trk
2018-09-24 23:04
V$m and trk are worst than gold nova
2018-09-24 23:12
Denmark ScreaMy1 
-Stew +Taco
2018-09-24 23:15
MiBR fix: -cold -fer -Stewie +NAF +Twistzz +Autimatic (or EliGE)
2018-09-24 23:25
tarik | 
Turkey mtdNNN 
Why dont you like tarik and Stew? They are going to get next Major
2018-09-24 23:28
Portugal B1az3d 
-Tarik -Stewie +FOX +MuT Its their better option imo Kappa
2018-09-24 23:56
s1mple | 
Austria Arezcs 
man come on MiBR doesn't look that bad, I actually like this lineup and think with ynk and some more time they can easily become an elite team again. Obviously they didn't beat an elite team this major but they still looked pretty good considering the short time this lineup exists and I think they're doing quite alright.
2018-09-25 00:00
FalleN | 
Brazil xandoca 
MIBR does not need fixing... they just need time together with JNK`s help just as astralis and navi had past 10-12 months with their new lineups, with eletronic and magisk
2018-09-25 00:03
another pointless and dumb thread gj
2018-09-25 00:11
United Kingdom VeryMibrGuy 
No way bro. MiBR fix would obviously be a full brazilian squad. -stew -tarik +boltz +taco would be nice, but I know it won't happen, specially knowing that the actual roster is actually working out just well.
2018-09-25 05:29
Netherlands davin 
2018-09-25 17:43
ceh9 | 
Kyrgyzstan NeaRipS 
+styko XDDDDDD Bad bait
2018-09-25 17:44
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