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CS:GO Movies Clips etc.
Germany NName 
How about gathering here a few CS:GO movies / clips and so on? I mean there arn't many (good) ones out there... fragmovie: 5k vs dkh: andrue:
2012-09-26 22:27
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lux??? please dont tell me you are going to play go :D
2012-09-26 22:30
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I played overall 10 hours... but 1.6 is dead :((( I do actually enjoy watching the fragmovies :)
2012-09-26 22:53
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do you if any other former abchecken boys are going to play go? :D i guess they are all /inactive^festivals
2012-09-26 22:55
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ne0r played a bit cs:go but seemed to have stopped again. bullseye, brk, gore, criminal, marcello, xs1cht, rdmr - are all completely offline in steam. ApoK, HioB still play once in a while 1.6 shoa, copa, john r are playing quite some cs:go
2012-09-27 12:01
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