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I live in the worst country AMA
FalleN | 
Venezuela DraconCSGO 
2018-09-24 23:06
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic not_puget 
Simplistic question
2018-09-24 23:06
nt prokda
2018-09-25 01:27
I’m not prokda WTF
2018-09-25 01:36
nt prodka
2018-09-25 15:49
I’m not prokda WTF
2018-09-25 16:53
nt prokda
2018-09-25 17:16
I’m not prokda WTF
2018-09-25 17:43
Sweden hampusdfq 
nt prokda
2018-09-25 19:54
I’m not prokda WTF
2018-09-25 19:57
acid | 
Estonia MC_Ride 
nt prokda
2018-09-26 06:12
shroud | 
Poland zuhC 
I'm not prokda WTF
2018-09-27 05:39
nt prodka
2018-09-28 10:45
I’m not prokda WTF
2018-09-28 11:04
Turkey KacaKTV 
nt prodka
2018-10-03 09:00
I’m not prokda WTF
2018-10-03 09:03
Only prokda would say that
2018-09-28 15:29
Denmark OskarLee 
2018-09-28 18:59
Denmark OskarLee 
u mean prodka?
2018-09-28 18:59
nt prodka
2018-10-02 22:12
I’m not prokda WTF
2018-10-03 09:03
nt prokda
2018-09-25 09:13
change nickname wtf
2018-09-25 15:13
Changed it less than 30 days ago, so cant right now, but i will as soon as i can.
2018-09-25 16:06
I’m not prokda WTF
2018-09-25 16:53
Nt not_puget
2018-09-25 17:06
nt prodka
2018-09-29 16:23
I’m not prokda WTF
2018-10-03 09:02
nt prodka
2018-10-02 22:13
I’m not prokda WTF
2018-10-03 09:03
do u live in sweden? xdd (i wanna die)
2018-09-24 23:07
At least you don't earn 25$ per month :)
2018-09-24 23:08
ok fair enough
2018-09-24 23:17
Lithuania gime114 
When Swedes think they're doing bad all I can do is OMEGALUL. xDDDDD
2018-09-24 23:20
When your country is free from immigrants from the middle-east all i can do is OMEGALUL. xDDDDD
2018-09-24 23:25
Lithuania gime114 
I actually heard about a bunch of immigrants that were sent to live in a small city in Sweden, but when they got there, they wouldn't leave the bus. I say send those guys back, obviously it couldn't have been that bad ir they refuse living in a small Swedish town. Anyhow the HDI is still going up so can't see any problems tbh.
2018-09-24 23:28
"send those guys back" yea that sounds VERY reasonable, but since our current government doesnt care about the people of sweden that wont happen, they would rather let in 200 000 immigrant in 5 years and see sex crimes and crimes in general sky rocket, and see people dying wating for treatment in hospitals because the hospitals dont have enough resources because 12 billion euros a year goes to immigration (:
2018-09-24 23:38
Sweden Chicklick2 
12 billion? More like 250 billion LOL
2018-09-25 03:12
does sweden even have 250 billion GDP lul
2018-09-25 06:29
Sweden Chicklick2 
Fuck, my bad lol... It was estimated to cost 40 billion in 2018 but I dont know exactly the number... Forget about the 250 billion xD
2018-09-25 08:05
59 billion SEK yes
2018-09-25 15:03
lol how will Sweden afford that? xd
2018-10-02 23:01
Raising taxes HYPERLUL
2018-10-03 06:49
to be fair. 59 Billion SEK is 6.5 billion USD, which is almost NOTHING when it comes to countries
2018-10-03 08:53
Sweden Chicklick2 
Uh 59 Billion is A LOT if you compare it to what we spend on stuff like school etc
2018-10-03 16:19
511 billion USD according to Google atleast
2018-10-03 06:50
gimme a source ty
2018-09-25 14:54
Sweden Chicklick2 
I thought I heard it somewhere but I was wrong, googled it and it was around 50 Billion
2018-10-03 16:20
Wow :O that's bad mate! I heard that a commie leader is going to take charge of your country. Is this a truth?
2018-09-25 04:56
Sweden crindz 
no, that's not true
2018-09-26 09:57
Netherlands @Deji 
First thing u came up is the immigrantion problem? U must be 12
2018-09-29 16:07
yes, it is the root problem as to why the welfare system is collapsing, any more stupid questions?
2018-09-29 16:11
Finland alepale 
Damn 25 dollars of the land of the free? Living must be dirt cheap i should save money and move there or should i?
2018-09-25 05:27
Guy told me that, everything is cheap for example a motorcycle for 150usd, land and houses very cheap too, the thing is that u can get killed or kidnapped trying this lmao
2018-09-27 05:15
Finland alepale 
Yeah the amount of crime must be really high
2018-09-27 09:33
Are you for real?
2018-09-25 00:35
Sweden SWEJordgubb 
You are spoiled and uneducated if you think we're doing bad in Sweden
2018-09-25 06:27
what? how the fuck are we doing good when my friends grandmother died of cancer cause she had to wait too long to get treatment for it cause the hopital didnt have time to treat her, because the socialdemocrats wanna import voters from the middle east fucking leftist idiot, you are the reason sweden is going downhill, we need change and we need it QUICK
2018-09-25 15:00
Sweden SWEJordgubb 
you just proved my point
2018-09-25 17:34
dennis | 
Denmark nalleB 
Sweden isn't alone in their Hospital issues, this is also a problem in both Norway and Denmark. It isn't an issue you can solve by just voting right-wing and wave a magic wand. The problem is a shortage of personnel and workforce, which is actually "solved" by having immigration workers.. so you're basically contradicting yourself. Furthermore, (this might come as a shock to you), if you want more focus on health care you actually want to vote left-wing. The right-wing you seemingly want to vote into office in Sweden is much like our current government, and they are the worst government we've had in decades. The fear following the refugee crisis is making every single country's right-wing grow, and it isn't until they are voted into office that people realize that they were being retarded. Not that I expect you to understand politics, but there you go.
2018-09-25 20:19
"Stalis is my God" wtf, mate
2018-09-26 02:17
dennis | 
Denmark nalleB 
2018-09-26 02:21
you just wrote it up there
2018-09-26 02:22
dennis | 
Denmark nalleB 
2018-09-26 02:55
This is assuming that immigrants are coming with medical expertise/degrees. What are the stats on the immigrants? How many have medical degrees?
2018-09-26 02:25
dennis | 
Denmark nalleB 
I'm obviously referring to workforce migration, not immigration in general.
2018-09-26 02:55
I think the context of this conversation was about immigration in general, specifically looking at the influx of refugees with fairly low human capital.
2018-09-26 20:45
dennis | 
Denmark nalleB 
No. Stop trying to change the subject. The guy complained about the state of hospitals. If he wants better health care he has to vote left-wing, who supports the intake of refugees anyhow, so your point is not really relevant.
2018-09-27 04:14
ah my b, came back to reply later and didn't exactly remember the context of this thread. There's still the issue of admitting migrants based off of skill rather than asylum. Although I know little about Swedish politics, I'd be curious as to whether their left-wing parties want merit-based immigration or just more immigration in general.
2018-09-27 04:57
dennis | 
Denmark nalleB 
Swedish politics is considered "progressive" with the wide majority backing immigration in general as well. However, it's a bit more complex than that. The current government, (whom was re-elected, but is replacing its prime minister and cabinet) was/is seeking to halve the amount of refugee intake, while the only major party against refugees (Sweden Democrats) is considered a "racist party" by the media, although their politics are very similar to the overall Danish political environment.
2018-09-27 05:09
Most of them have mediocre to no education at all. Alot of the ''refugees'' from afghanistan, somalia, syria etc have to go to highschool(3 years) to get a education. Funny thing is many of them lie about their age claiming they are under 18 but in reality they are 25-35, bald, more wrinkles then my dad and go with kids from the age of 16-19. It was a long time ago Sweden actually took in high educated engineers, doctors, dentists etc. Even if everyone was a doctor that the left claims, we have other standards then they do in middle east so they have to learn more stuff then they knew.
2018-09-26 02:56
lmfao are u actually this delusional? so you are telling me that swedens current government would be better than a more right-wing government? but i didnt expect more from a danish person either way
2018-09-27 23:36
dennis | 
Denmark nalleB 
Did you have a lot of trouble understanding my comment?
2018-09-27 23:38
just read my last sentence again, im still not surprised
2018-09-27 23:39
dennis | 
Denmark nalleB 
You didn't include any actual argument in your reply after I verbally humiliated you for your lack of political knowledge, but I didn't expect anything more from a right-wing copy-pasting autist. The exact things you were complaining about requires you to vote left-wing to fix. You're fucking retarded.
2018-09-27 23:46
No it requires prioritising HEALTHCARE over IMMIGRATION so the hospitals can get more resources to work with and actually allow hospital personnel to work more than they can atm NAH BRUH LETS PUT 10 BILLIONS OF EUROS ON IMMIGRATION WHILE THE PEOPLE OF SWEDEN ARE DYING XDDD ( LOL IM RETARDED BTW HAHA XD) go neck srsly u fucking neanderthal youre a threat to society
2018-09-28 00:14
dennis | 
Denmark nalleB 
Not a single party in your elite has a policy of taking money directly from refugee care to hospitals, what in the actual fuck are you even talking about? Get a fucking grip on your country's politics before even remotely speaking about it publicly, you're making the world a worse place by your mere presence. When you have public funding problems, the most retarded thing to do is to advocate for the right-wing who wants to cut public funding and push for tax reduction. There's way too many dumbfucks writing about politics when they haven't got a single clue. Educate yourself before even thinking about voting or sharing your nonsense views that have zero place in reality. Writing in all-caps doesn't change any of those facts.
2018-09-28 02:52
2018-09-28 15:53
dennis | 
Denmark nalleB 
The further you get humiliated, the more caps lock and offensive material is used in your desperate replies. Take a look in the mirror.
2018-09-28 16:14
2018-09-28 19:28
dennis | 
Denmark nalleB 
^ Your common reply by a right-wing spammer who knows nothing about politics. Or just a 15 year-old, who knows.
2018-09-29 03:28
yea, because u got fucked idiot
2018-09-29 15:47
dennis | 
Denmark nalleB 
Not even remotely, little madboy. Get a grip on your domestic politics before writing about it. Nothing you've written so far makes any sense nor is true in any way.
2018-09-29 15:54
#305 get off my neck, youre literally garbage
2018-09-29 15:59
dennis | 
Denmark nalleB 
Do you want me to dissect that comment? On that reply you are trying to make an oversimplified claim that doesn't make any sense. Yeah, obviously they have different budgets in mind, and Sweden Democrats have "lower waiting times" as their official "suggestion", but it's nowhere near what the left-wing have in their policies, nor what they are already doing, with a healthy economical plan in mind. You are clueless. If you want to dig in to the politics, great. Let's have a political discussion instead of throwing mud for no reason. Otherwise you could just admit that you have zero clue about politics in the slightest and end it here.
2018-09-29 16:07
ok, so the immigrants that are coming to sweden are NOT(edit) highly educated individuals who would be capable of working in swedish hospitals because they dont have the required expertise. I don't want to increase the taxes in sweden like the left wants to, because we already have one of the highest taxes in the world rn and i think we should lower immigration by ATLEAST 90% because sweden has taken in a HUGE amount of refugees in proportion to its size while other western countries have not, and the money spent on immigration lowers the quality of healthcare and law enforcement DRASTICALLY which is why im not voting left. At the end of the day its pretty simple, i prioritise the people who already live in sweden (including the immigrants who already are here) over people outside of sweden.
2018-09-29 16:30
We're doing bad. Crime increases while education and healthcare is becoming worse.
2018-09-25 15:07
Ukraine PhillHess 
When you live in one of the best country and the world, and cry about this)xD
2018-09-25 17:13
Great country. No religious bullshit and best electronic music producers.
2018-09-28 18:25
thats not a brazilian flag....
2018-09-24 23:08
Venezuelans are actually mass migrating to Brazil xd
2018-09-24 23:12
I went to brazil once, their economy is fine its all about the insecurity
2018-09-24 23:14
North of brazil is hell on earth, would rather choose iraq
2018-09-25 05:41
why is that? isnt north brazil mostly amazon rainforest?
2018-09-25 06:31
Because low educated people living in poverty. They live isolated in cities inside amazon forest. Most vids from liveleak belongs to them, a prison there is death sentence.
2018-09-25 16:10
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
2018-09-28 10:40
virgin kid OMEGALUL
2018-09-24 23:25
triggered OMEGALUL
2018-09-24 23:39
2018-09-25 04:22
2018-09-25 17:14
How is going the situation is getting worse or better? Do you want move to Peru or any other country?
2018-09-24 23:08
United States PsychoLogical 
You do know thousands of venezuelans are trying to migrate to the other South American countries just cause of how the country collapsed completely?
2018-09-24 23:18
I would rate stay on my country as anyone else in this world, move to another country and leave your love one is hard. I think I will finish my university school and move to my dads family on spain
2018-09-24 23:16
Lithuania gime114 
Rip [*] At least you have a daily dose of cancer on hltv.
2018-09-24 23:21
Japan dAnjel_ 
what's the problem in ur country more exactly?
2018-09-24 23:08
Poland HTMFS 
Dude seriously?
2018-09-24 23:10
Japan dAnjel_ 
i just know they are in collapse and their inflation is like 300% but idk the reason^^
2018-09-24 23:11
Poland HTMFS 
Leftist government and trying to show the world communism will work. Also Usa help them ruined themselves
2018-09-24 23:13
>communism >2k18 >pick one
2018-09-24 23:16
Poland HTMFS 
Lul first example China is socialist country. So Pick both Ez.
2018-09-24 23:18
Socialism isnt the same as communism except in some regards. They're both shit.
2018-09-25 15:09
Poland HTMFS 
Yup. But most people call socialist country as communist, same thing with Poland, Russia etc. Idk why. Tbh true communism never was tested(and probably good cause theory I soooo ridiculous)
2018-09-25 17:09
their inflation rate is WAY more than 300%
2018-09-27 05:10
Venezuela, and yes the government is trying to show the world how communism "should work" but as you can see its not working at all. You get 25$ a month and you need around 4$ daily to eat, without paying rent and services
2018-09-24 23:17
Japan dAnjel_ 
so how much is ur family earning? or you? are there any rich people in venezuela?
2018-09-24 23:27
I make like 5$ per day because I work on a ptc page, I live with my mom only and she is a doctor she also makes like 7-8$ per day so we are not that bad as a lot of people here, but we still struggle to pay some bills I'd to stop my university 6 months so I can fully work 8-9hrs per day to buy a house for us, where we were living the owner told us that we had 6 months to leave beacuse we wanted to sell the house. (Fact we ended buying the same house beacuse it was hard to move to another location since my mom's work and my university are close)
2018-09-24 23:32
Japan dAnjel_ 
so what about rich people? there are any? by rich i mean buying expensive shit like cars or something like that
2018-09-24 23:34
Yes it is rich people, most of them work for the goverment you can often see those type of cars on the night and they are always with the private security I have a few friends with good cars and their parents have works on another country and they send them money, here in venezuela you can buy a good car (use ofc) for like 10k-15k$.
2018-09-24 23:42
Japan dAnjel_ 
so there is any hope for this country or do u plan to move to another one?
2018-09-24 23:47
I have 2 years till I finish my university until them I have faith that the country will improve and kick the fuck out this goverment but if it doesn't happen I will go to spain to my dads family
2018-09-24 23:50
Japan dAnjel_ 
oh thats nice u have a backup plan, spain is a nice country. i wish u the best of luck man ;)
2018-09-24 23:50
Thank you man, I watch a argentinian youtuber that lives on your country seems like a beautiful country with amazing people
2018-09-24 23:51
Japan dAnjel_ 
hahah i m fakeflagging but thanks tho :p
2018-09-25 00:34
So basically you have normal prices for stuff but an abysmal wage and thats why everyone is so poor.
2018-09-25 16:58
2018-09-25 19:33
Switzerland codplayer 
encufados or how do you call them. i have a very good friend in venezuela :(
2018-09-25 20:06
Enchufados* Hahaha you almost got it so he already told you the kind of things that happen here?
2018-09-25 20:12
Switzerland codplayer 
she*, yep... i know a lot. and it makes me sad yes
2018-09-25 20:14
Communism never worked out before, will never work at all no matter how much you try, the ideology is rotten. You should honestly migrate to another decent country lol, why bother slaving for 25$ per month when you can make 2500$ for the same work in another country.
2018-09-26 03:00
They tried socialism, went as expected
2018-09-25 00:00
smooya | 
United Kingdom Johal 
ngl i think england will give you a run for your money for the worst contry
2018-09-24 23:09
you are an ivory tower first worlder. Most Venezuelans have literally lost weight due to food shortages
2018-09-24 23:13
It is hard when you see kids asking for food on the streets and think that you had a better childhood, that you didnt need to ask for food or search in the trash so you can find a tiny bit of "food"
2018-09-24 23:19
Poland HTMFS 
How the fuck you still have PC and internet?
2018-09-24 23:09
People on games ask me that a lot when they check my profile xd, welp internet its not the best you can ask for I mean I can only play on NA servers with 110-130 ping after 11PM, since on the day the ping goes over 300
2018-09-24 23:20
i think they don't have internet cause the means of production are fully from government
2018-09-24 23:21
Snax | 
Austria Relex1337 
free coke?
2018-09-24 23:10
2018-09-24 23:20
Netherlands Vladrurik 
How do you feel about Socialism and the way it's becoming increasingly popular with younger voters who admire and romanticize the ideology?
2018-09-24 23:10
Lithuania gime114 
You say that like it's a bad thing. If you have a responsible ammount of socialist policies you can make the best country in the world. Scandinavia is a good example.
2018-09-24 23:23
scandinavia it's fully capitalist, they just have big government, next one.
2018-09-24 23:30
Lithuania gime114 
It's not, in fact not a single country in EU is, America is actually very different in lifestyle from EU. For example if the Telltale shit was pulled off in EU, let's just say Telltale would not only be shutting down, it would be millions on dollars in debt to the workers, because they weren't payed for overtime and were notified less than a week before getting sacked (in some cases on the same day). Idk how it is in the rest of EU but in Norway if they don't notify you a month before, you can sue the company and claim money for every single hour that you should still be guaranteed in the company (granted a 36.5 hour work week).
2018-09-24 23:46
scandinavia best country in the world. hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha with no-go zones and women only festivals because of rape ? lol you must be joking. just because they have money doesnt mean they are happy or a good nation. open borders btw
2018-09-24 23:37
Lithuania gime114 
Have you ever been in Sweden? Cuz I lived there for 3 years.
2018-09-24 23:40
yes my relatives lived in malmo until around 2014 when they came back to my country because of raising number of niggas and muslim which was unable to live anymore.
2018-09-24 23:42
Lithuania gime114 
It is a problem, but it certainly did not ruin the country, cuz if it did I doubt anyone would agree with having refugees.
2018-09-24 23:49
ofc not yet. my family are from poor class also immigrants but from europe ofcourse. swedes are too privileged and are living in gated communities. and when they are gonna realize the problem it will be too late anyway. :)
2018-09-24 23:51
Lets build a wall around Malmö and send all the immigrants there. They'll have killed eachother after a week max
2018-09-25 15:15
no we should send them back to their country. so they can actually advance as humans and with life.
2018-09-26 13:27
I think that if you are outsite of a socialism country it is easy to believe in socialism, you have to travel and see on your own eyes the reality of what socialism is, not just the idea the younger people will change their mind quickly. Here I would say 95% of the young voters are not agree with this model.
2018-09-24 23:24
you seem like a smart guy
2018-09-28 19:13
Thank you
2018-09-28 19:19
Do you guys actually use NANO? Serious question here, I thought there's some kind of projects where people would use this crypto.
2018-09-24 23:19
the government made a crypto base on the gold of the country, a few people are using it but mostly rich people that can pay 50$ for one coin because as I said regular people only get 25$ per month.
2018-09-24 23:26
What's your standard cost of living/month though? Nano is actually a different kind of crypto not the oil/gold based crypto that the government made. There's a big project in reddit and a lot of people donated to the cause. Its purpose is basically to combat the inflation madness to your currency. If I were you, I'd study my ass off get off hltv and fly to US. Easier said than done, but many have done it.
2018-09-24 23:35
the standar cost to pay bills and eat decent at least 100$. I tought about it since I have a few friends there but I want to end my university first I don't want to leave my country being a nobody, myself I want to leave as a engineer and also the cost of the fly its very high at least for me, my aunt will pay for my fly to spain once I finish my study.
2018-09-24 23:47
my country is worse don't worry
2018-09-24 23:20
Germany Ofenmeister 
Ive seen a lot of shit when i went to ur country but i havent seen conditions like they are described to be in venezuela.
2018-09-25 05:38
we could be the best country in the african countinent but we have fucking thieves and mobs in the gouvernment stealing phosphates and agriculture and the people's money with over taxing
2018-09-25 15:49
Germany Ofenmeister 
Well u still actually are the best country in africa to visit as a tourist at least
2018-09-25 16:00
i aren't think so
2018-09-25 22:09
Sweden mrarrogant 
have ur ppl realized that communism doesn't work?
2018-09-24 23:28
Yes, we have vote for it end but the government control the elections. At least 95% of the people don't like this government, you can see on the streets people talking about how to end this, people even get violent with the police for not doing anything since the goverment pay them a lot, as I said 25$ is the regular payment for a 8hr work but here in my country police officers can easily win 150-200$ just their salary.
2018-09-24 23:37
Gl bro
2018-09-24 23:36
2018-09-24 23:43
isa | 
Latvia lnx1 
U sure?
2018-09-24 23:36
At least top 3
2018-09-24 23:42
Other WeirdFellow90 
Sorry but where tf u live? Cant tell by the flag
2018-09-24 23:51
2018-09-24 23:52
Other WeirdFellow90 
Oh. U probably right. Such a crisis u guys are living. Btw here in Brazil have this political scumbag who says that Venezuela its a good example of real democracy and we should follow yours. Quite knowing, he is in jail rn and was one of our presidents. Omg
2018-09-25 01:55
Dude just don't, don't believe in that here in my country there is no democracy at all
2018-09-25 03:10
I do know that. Hope u guys find peace some day. I want that we can help but the new about what Brazil are doing with refugees is not good sadly most of ppl still savages
2018-09-25 09:40
Brazil oneS2 
How to fix venezuela economic problems then?
2018-09-24 23:52
Brazil oneS2 
And also, do people really die starving?
2018-09-24 23:54
Yes they do, my mom is a doctor and there is a lot of people dying for it, she ofter come to the house crying because she saw a kid die. you can see people on the trash looking for anything to eat and if you are outsite and want to eat something or even drink anything you have at least 3-4 people asking for a bit, it is hard to be on a date with your gf and have a kid asking you for food I often invite them to join the meal but it is hard to think that there is only one or two that you saw today but there is a lot more that haven't eat yet. I feel pain for the kids because I have 2 little brothers and I hate to see kids the same age as them being in that situation
2018-09-25 00:03
Other WeirdFellow90 
So sad, I saw this short documentary talking about and they showing thousands of ppl trying to get meat out of validate
2018-09-25 01:58
increase the national production and focus and increase the oil price since we are a petroleum base country we need to increase his price, other countries sell their oil for 65$ and its fine but this goverment sell it for 30$ and also have a lot of debts with china and russia. And I think that with mexico too since they are sending food and Idk how the country is paying for it.
2018-09-24 23:57
deserved for fallen fan
2018-09-25 00:02
Happy fan lol
2018-09-25 00:04
2018-09-27 05:31
Other Iockerboy 
how many banned runescape accs do you have?
2018-09-25 00:07
None, I don't play it but a few friends do and they sell the coins or whatever its call lol
2018-09-25 00:10
Other Iockerboy 
reported to jagex
2018-09-25 00:34
true but why you dont come to brazil ? get some job and earn money here xd
2018-09-25 00:08
I want to end my university first them I'll go to spain but I went to brazil once in 2014 it is a very good country I love the vibe and also I love the lenguage, fun fact when I went to brazil I was 14Yo so I had to memorize some words just incase I get lost. so this is what I know about portuguese. onde fica o baneiro me empresta seu telefone xd
2018-09-25 00:13
nice. University of what you do ? onde fica o banheiro* XD
2018-09-25 00:16
dont come here plz... we already have a lot of refugees here...
2018-09-26 02:27
Man I hope you never get a situation like we have because karma will hit you hard.
2018-09-26 02:35
Germany Ofenmeister 
"Come to brazil" -every brazilian ever
2018-09-25 05:40
why are u calling those ppl to live here??? more than 120k venezuelans have already joined in brazil since 2015??? we dont need more thiefs here.. we already have a lot... just see roraima (border of venezuela and brazil). roraima in chaos with more than 56.4 murders / 100k ppl
2018-09-26 02:26
Not all the Venezuelans are thiefs, what a close mind you have lol I work my ass every day and study to be an engineer I am not a thief and the people I know aren't too. And btw your murder stadistics aren't far from ours... don't blame the Venezuelans for a 50/50 fault on Roraima. And btw Natal that its your most dangeours city is not close to Venezuela so.. don't blame us for your mess.
2018-09-26 02:34
ofc that is not all the venezuelans who are thieves... but a lot of them dont get any job here so they become a thief... and my statistics arent lies... and im not talking about cities as ur font said.. im talking about states... 4,7 murders / 100k ppl in 1 month x 12 (months) = 56,4
2018-09-26 02:45 just see this notice, boa vista (roraima's capital0 was one of the best cities to live in, but after venezuelas come here more than 10% of the population is composed by refugees, the measles returned, which had been extinguished 10 years ago, there are more than 2k venezuelas living in the street and the others are living in coats. and public health is fucked up since the number of visits by Venezuelans increased 2643%. and more than 90% of the prostitutes are venezuelans. SO CERTAINLY, THIS ISNT A 50/50 FAULT AS U SAID... MY MONEY IS GOIND TO UR PPL SINCE IM PART OF ONE OF THE STATES WICH PAY TAXES IN BRAZIL AND RORAIMA NOT... just translate this page ( ) to see more...
2018-09-26 03:03
First of all Roraima its a triple border point so it belongs to Venezuela, brazil and Guyana. A lot of countrys help the people and give them jobs, like chile, peru and argentina. Brazil could do it too since they have good relationship with our goverment but they don't care either of the governments. But say that I can't go to your country because you have enough thiefs and prostitutes its fuck up I bet if you were in a similar situation I would never say something like that, I believe that you can't judge a person for his similars. It is true that the problems on Venezuela make people to do that kind of stuff.
2018-09-26 03:11
"Roraima its a triple border point so it belongs to Venezuela, brazil and Guyana." where did u get this info?? lmao certainly isnt your country that pays this loss ( ) since you don't have even for ur populztion... and it must also be even bigger since these data are from 2010.... and i cant see roraima in ur map...
2018-09-26 03:23
2018-09-26 03:26
1 more 1 less who cars
2018-09-26 02:35
just see france in what this "1 more 1 less" became
2018-09-26 02:41
france is close to many countries, brasil is not.
2018-09-26 02:42
its ok, I won't go there. And if I do its gonna be as a turist I won't stay so you can be good :)
2018-09-26 02:42
still not worse than Eritrea
2018-09-25 00:17
Wtf i live in fucking donetsk, ukraine. Look news about this
2018-09-25 00:30
Sad to see people dying no matter what, hope it gets better
2018-09-25 00:36
Yea, average salary here 100$/month
2018-09-25 01:56
Can you live with that money?
2018-09-25 03:11
Germany Xantennn 
thats not polish flag????
2018-09-25 00:42
2018-09-25 00:57
JD | 
Poland pawuc 
expected from hitlerland
2018-09-26 14:25
tarik | 
United States nikolaii 
What did Venezuela do specifically to try Communism? Many young people like to say that they did everything wrong and that it is “fake” communism.
2018-09-25 03:19
The now dead ex-president Hugo Chavez fight for the elections, he actually went to the capital with a full arm militar squad and killed a bunch of people who was with the government at the time, them he won the elections saying that he don't want Venezuela to become a communism country, he "wanted" equality between the rich and poor and people started following him, after a year of president he started stealing companies, actually sending people to big stores and pushing out the owners, them he incrase the gasoline but lower the oil price for the rest of the world, them started comunitations with china and a lot of chinese people came to the Amazonas to start minning on our country without paying anything lol. And he gave freedom to a lot of people thats suppose to be in jail, that started like a war on the streets. Here is common to be walking ln the streets and hear gun shots, actually its that regular that no one cares anymore about it, must of the young people that can't afford university or they just don't want to because they say thats not worth it they just start stealing and killing people for the reward. you can easily find hit homens on any street. thats what communism did to my country
2018-09-25 03:32
"hit homens" ???????
2018-09-25 04:05
hitmen leon the professional sniper elite hired gun mercenary contract killer HUNDEN
2018-09-25 04:20
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
+1 for my boy leon [*]
2018-09-28 10:50
pour one out for the dead homies
2018-09-28 12:45
tarik | 
United States nikolaii 
Wow crazy to hear. Funny how some people love this ideology. Good luck in the future man, stay safe.
2018-09-25 04:15
Btw sorry for my bad english xd
2018-09-25 03:36
does your mother get $25 per month? or you get $25 a month? is it same for everyone? also, if its so cheap im assuming standard of living is comparably cheap too, so whats stopping people from other countries coming to venezuela and living like a king? is it just the violence or something else too?
2018-09-25 06:42
Violence is a huge factor, so I lets take a chicken for example, here you can buy a chicken for 5-6$ (from the government) BUT the government don't always sell food so you need to buy on people markets, and the prices go all the way to 11$ so you can only buy 2 chickens and maybe a diet coke per month. And btw you need to be lucky to find chicken because the markets as empty. Here is a video of one of the markets I buy on: Its in spanish so mute if you don't want to hear it xd
2018-09-25 09:24
supermarket looks almost empty of essentials. hope the situation gets better. it sucks when most of the country is in poverty and violence
2018-09-25 09:36
Most of the markets looks like that, thanks for the kind words
2018-09-25 12:03
Your flag says Venezuela but I thought you said you live in North Korea?
2018-09-25 03:44
No wtf
2018-09-25 09:02
is it true that venezuelans actually make a living selling runescape gp that they grinded making like $2 every 16 hour day
2018-09-25 04:19
It is, I have friends that actually live from it, I don't know if they earn 2$ every 16 hour but I know they can actually live from it
2018-09-25 09:04
my god
2018-09-25 12:15
Chile StfanoLELE 
Are u sure that in Spain ur title as engineer is going to be "verificated"? (idk how to say it) Cuz a few days ago I saw on the news ppl that were lawyers, doctors, etc... In Venezuela and in Chile their titles weren't recognized, so indeed, they are working in jobs no were close of what they did in their country, I meant, taxi driver, security guard...
2018-09-25 04:36
I have the nacionality so it shouldn't be a problem.
2018-09-25 09:06
Hopefully it will get better
2018-09-25 05:38
Thanks bro
2018-09-25 09:06
The first country that I thought about when I read the thread was Venezuela
2018-09-25 05:43
and the second?
2018-09-25 05:52
Brazil is up there but I don't know which one would be the second
2018-09-25 17:42
LUL, BRAZIL goes well
2018-09-28 09:49
If we compare to Venezuela, surely yes, but if we compare to ourselves some years ago, things are not good at all
2018-09-28 16:38
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
Though the same
2018-09-28 10:53
yay | 
United States threeiiis 
Do you have any animosity for your parents for having a kid in a situation like that?
2018-09-25 05:47
No, we should ask ourself how to change the country not if we should have kids. but I understand your question, most of the young people mostly want to leave the country before think in have kids. My dad earn pretty good so isn't a problem for him.
2018-09-25 09:16
Finland James Nelson 
You make money on runescape ?
2018-09-25 06:37
Me no, but I have a lot of friends that do make a living from it.
2018-09-25 09:17
Finland James Nelson 
Why not ? I have heard that some people get to live pretty wealthy live in venezuela just by playing runescape
2018-09-25 09:23
I already work for a company so I earn a little bit more than them
2018-09-25 09:27
Iraq lazrEx 
u are jooking me , dude i live in iraq fucking iraq
2018-09-25 06:49
you should do AMA too
2018-09-25 06:49
Russia k3ron 
Sad :(
2018-09-25 08:20
I dont want to be rude but how tf can you access to the internet
2018-09-25 08:11
Haha a lot of people ask me that, Idk we just have
2018-09-25 08:50
Fakeflagger liar!
2018-09-25 09:23
Turkey cracklords 
Step a Side kid you didnt live in turkey
2018-09-25 08:18
Finland alepale 
Wasnt Venezuela the happiest country like 5-10years ago? Maybe it was in a Guinness book or somewhere?
2018-09-25 08:45
I don't know about that but I know that before I was born the country use to be if not the best, one of the best of all south america, with the best economy. Actually we have a lot a immigrants (or use to) living here most of them arab people and spanish people that during wars and economy problems in their country came to here, my mom was born here but my grandma was born in italy and my dads family is from Spain, so.. you can tell that we had a lot of cultures trying to get a new life back in the days
2018-09-25 08:56
Average MS while playing CS?
2018-09-25 08:46
Here you can't actually play all day because the ping is unstable so around 10am to 11pm the ping is around 300ms but from 11:30pm to 9:30am is around 110-130ms on MM and 80-120 FACEIT and 90 on ESEA
2018-09-25 09:01
Goddamn mate, does internet in Venezuela sucks that much? Have you ever played with less than 50?
2018-09-25 19:09
Never in my life, in any game :/, I can play with like 70 ping on LoL tho
2018-09-25 19:33
As a brazilian i've always played with 33 or 28, feel sorry for you bro.
2018-09-25 19:48
You guys have your own servers on brazil, what I dont understand is how if Venezuela is close to brazil, actually we are neighbors how is that I get higher ping on brazil than on NA servers, like seriously I have 300ms on brazillian servers all day long not even in the night
2018-09-25 19:58
Maybe because american hosts are better, i don't know. If you play GTA V, when i used to, i could play in chinese servers/australian ones without ANY LAG, i mean: Without getting laggy while entering at cars, etc, but it's host related, even if a Chinese plays on my server, if his internet is good, he's gonna be fine. But if his internet is bad, he gets fucked up, even though the host is good, itself. I'm just giving examples, i can't explain nor to help you, sadly.
2018-09-25 20:01
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
Servers are in Sao Paulo theofore NA is close to u
2018-09-28 10:56
Dude Brazil is actually next to me, so it doesn't make sense
2018-09-28 15:15
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
i just assuming since my friend from Acre plays with over 120 ping even having a good internet in SP servers and on NA his ping is almost 80
2018-09-28 19:23
I went here to say you were wrong cuz you didnt live in br, but saw your flag... well... sorry brah =T run away and come here br is chill 24 7 <3
2018-09-25 09:15
Maybe in a few years I could go there again :P
2018-09-25 09:28
why are u calling those ppl to live here??? more than 120k venezuelans have already joined in brazil since 2015. we dont need more thiefs here.. we already have a lot... just see roraima (border of venezuela and brazil). roraima in chaos with more than 56.4 murders / 100k ppl
2018-09-26 02:30
JW | 
Sweden bolognese 
rip how's life there?
2018-09-25 09:33
It sucks, you have to much to worry about, most of the time you'd be thinking how to earn more money and how to keep yourself and your love ones safe
2018-09-25 12:04
NiKo | 
Other HasomY 
lmao you havent seen mine.
2018-09-25 12:04
Brazil g4laxI 
Do you think that a brazilian or US military intervention would help?
2018-09-25 15:12
I think so, since we can't deal with this problem ourselves. I mean seems like we are a p*ssies but it is hard to try to defend your country when the police protects the government its a unfair fight since they have all the guns. they have the police, the hit homens and the gangs on their favor so... knife vs gun isn't a fair fight.
2018-09-25 20:06
Brazil g4laxI 
i wish you and your country all the best
2018-09-26 01:29
Sad, that such a country like Venezuela died, not that time ago, ppl from Venezuela got free money for holidays etc, You were richest SA country i guess. nowadays ppl are working there for 2$, what happened?
2018-09-25 15:49
Netherlands Vladrurik 
Socialism happened
2018-09-25 15:51
you mean military dictatorship ?
2018-09-25 17:22
jks | 
Australia zi8gzag 
same same
2018-09-26 04:43
Brazil nyz 
don't worry, we'll join you soon if PT gets in charge again
2018-09-25 16:15
ZywOo | 
Poland Arknes 
I watched a lot films of polish vlogger about Venezuela. I really like that country. I feel like people there are my brothers and sisters. Idk why. Maybe in earlier life I lived in Venezuela. I feel sorry for you. I hope it will be better for some time
2018-09-25 17:05
Polish vlogger talking about Venezuela? whats his name? thanks of the kind words man, lvy
2018-09-25 20:07
I can't understand but I can tell he is showing the reality, those videos are from when the dollar cost 3.000.000bfs now it cost 12.000.000
2018-09-26 14:23
Europe Instabait 
Totaly no good sides of Venesuela? You at least have anacondas right?
2018-09-25 17:05
on the amazonas, yes.
2018-09-25 20:08
When are you going to throw the socialists out of helicopters General Pinochet style?
2018-09-25 17:06
poor people don't have guns or a helicopter to do it xd
2018-09-25 20:08
ropz | 
United States BLNDSPT 
what si worst part of venezuela
2018-09-25 19:20
The most dangeours state is Caracas for sure, the capital its one of the most dangeours city's on the world. There is no people on the streets after 7:00pm. Only police with weapons, drug dealers and prostitutes.
2018-09-25 20:10
Iran man_Down 
Me too
2018-09-25 19:21
Man, i felt sad reading this. Do you have friends or relatives going away from Venezuela to other countries?
2018-09-25 19:46
Yes a lot of the actually, most of my moms family are out of the country only a few like my mom and I remind here. Most of them went to Italy, chile and peru.
2018-09-25 20:10
Switzerland codplayer 
i have a good friend who is from there and still lives there, you can‘t even think of what is happening there mate. it‘s just fucking crazy
2018-09-25 20:13
Don't worry my friend, Mr.Trump and US Army will save you when the time comes.
2018-09-25 19:51
Thats what we are all counting on :/
2018-09-25 20:11
Switzerland codplayer 
i wish you and your country all the best mate. i hope everything will be ok so you can live in peace and happiness
2018-09-25 20:15
thank you bro
2018-09-26 02:14
Myanmar almighty_so 
Poland ?
2018-09-26 01:42
I wish we have the economy that Poland has
2018-09-26 02:14
Brazil EWRO 
time to study how create bombs and starting a civil war
2018-09-26 01:48
Someone actually try to kill the president with a bomb on a drone lol
2018-09-26 02:14
And it failed miserably sadly. Exploded before it got even close to his face.
2018-09-26 03:30
Yeah, it was so sad. Actually I was watching the tv when it happend and everyone in the street was like screaming of happiness lol
2018-09-26 03:56
how was your breakfast today
2018-09-26 02:26
A pretty common plate from my country "arepas" with eggs. you should search if there is any Venezuelan restaurant near you and try the arepas you will love them.
2018-09-26 02:37
pretty good actually, n1.
2018-09-26 02:43
Do you know Arca?
2018-09-26 02:42
Arca? Whats that?
2018-09-26 02:42
He's a hip hop producer, just found out he's venezuelan a few days ago. His work is a bit hard to get into but imo it's amazing Also, hope y'all manage to make it out of this situation ASAP. Things are crazy around there from what I've read mate.
2018-09-26 02:44
Oh, never hear of him, I'll check him out. If you like rap I know akapellah whos a pretty big rap artist on Venezuela and on SA on general :)
2018-09-26 02:46
Thanks mate, I'll check it out. Also, be aware that his newer/most famous work is a bit different from his abstract hio hop style, can't really categorize it tbh
2018-09-26 02:48
I always wanted to know things about the usa, how is it there?
2018-09-26 03:19
You think your country's done? Or is there a little bit of hope somehow?
2018-09-26 03:26
I have faith that it will get better but I feel like its done
2018-09-26 03:28
venezuelan women are fire
2018-09-26 03:37
they are indeed, look my gf I fucking love that woman
2018-09-26 04:17
2018-09-26 04:22
Italy steven513 
I know CS 1.6 is played a lot in South America, how about there in Venezuela?
2018-09-26 04:26
Cs 1.6 its like the most popular game after Dota and LoL here, there is even LAN tournaments in some cyber cafes.
2018-09-26 05:56
Brazil TACI 
You don't live in the worst country, you live a Socialism, which is terrifying, but can be fixed without maduro
2018-09-26 06:19
Syria is worse, trust me.
2018-09-26 13:31
Estonia teremartin 
Syria > Russia > Estonia
2018-09-28 10:42
Russia sneakyboy 
2018-09-26 13:33
Your country isn't bad. Socialism is. And since Maduro and his pals are not willing to quit, only a civil war can save venezuelans now. May God be with you, brother.
2018-09-26 14:51
Russia is the worst, trust me
2018-09-27 05:04
they aren't dying for starving
2018-09-28 15:16
Some of Russians do, believe me or not
2018-10-09 01:52
Europe pawlosek888 
poland is the worst, i want to cry everyday it is so shitty!
2018-09-27 23:40
I wish we had the economy that poland have
2018-09-28 15:16
Europe pawlosek888 
polish "economy" is being 20 years behind and with 240% GPD debt with communist in power and most of best poles fled abroad
2018-09-28 15:27
Dude we earn 2$ per day.
2018-09-28 15:28
Europe pawlosek888 
at least you earn, poles lose everyday
2018-09-28 15:30
What's the problem with Venezuela
2018-09-28 10:50
There is no food, the economy is fuck up, we have the most dangeours city's in the world.
2018-09-28 15:17
Oh ok i didn't kmew that Hope things get better thats what i can say
2018-09-28 16:27
Thanks bro
2018-09-28 16:45
Finland Jansk1h 
Their economy is shit, and the currency doesnt have any value. The government is very much in debt and corrupt and because of that they dont even have enough food for everyone. Because of that there's crime and stuff so the countrys just very fucked up
2018-09-29 16:15
Sweden PPH 
Corruption that high up in GOV can't be fixed via elections. Your country needs a total revolt, wich probably would lead to a civil war. Sucks to be in a situation like that, but what other options do you have. I wish you the best of luck to get your situation fixed.
2018-09-28 11:02
Yeah I think the same, but as I said they have the guns, try to win a civil war with no guns, hungry and no help from the exterior its impossible
2018-09-28 15:18
Sweden PPH 
Guns without any people to hold them are also meaningless. Whats not to fight for but for your brothers and sisters survival?
2018-09-28 15:19
the people its there, we had already 2 wars, people on the streets in front of the weapons, even myself went to a street where people were getting shot at, I was helping my mother and gf helping people (I was bringing the thing that were needed like water, food, gasoline and people was doing shields and giving them to the people that was infront) since my mom is a doctor and my gf is a medicine student. The country was in a 30 days war on the streets and around 60 people where killed by the goverment like a execution. Watch that video, thats what a civil war looks like
2018-09-28 16:51
Other people were mising that the police got told that they were part of the fron of battle and police went to their houses and kill them or got them behind bars
2018-09-28 16:53
Sweden PPH 
Its sad and amazing at the same time to see the struggle.. One question, mainly regarding those people who are hired killer, thieves and robbers. Arent they also against the dictatorship? Dont they help the main majority of the population also in the fight against your corrupt gov?
2018-09-28 17:24
Most of them work for the goverment, actually they wear shirts and stuff from them. they call themselves "tupamaro" that was the name of a native group of my country In some parts of the city you have to pay them to have "security" if you pay them they won't kill you or steal something from you, where I live we don't have to pay but on the worst parts of the city it happens. But I had to stop going to my dads house with my gf because one of the "tupamaro" told that if he see my gf once more around the block he will rape her, the only reason he told me that is because we use to play soccer together
2018-09-28 17:32
Its crazy to see people that you went to school or you played with them as a child doing that shit
2018-09-28 17:32
Sweden PPH 
Thats insane and saddening to hear.. I wish you and your people the best of luck to get out of that nightmare. Stay strong my friend and fight for whats right!
2018-09-28 17:38
thank you bro
2018-09-28 17:41
Kvik | 
Lithuania andy_ 
Should virtus pro disband?
2018-09-28 15:19
2018-09-28 17:43
Hello there!
2018-09-28 15:42
2018-09-28 17:43
pretty sure syria/iraq is worse
2018-09-28 15:56
I haven't been on syria or iraq so idk
2018-09-28 17:46
so you can't really say it's the worst country, sure, I heard it's bad
2018-09-28 17:47
Brazil Collee 
Sad to hear m8. Most people from your country don't deserve it. A lot of people in Brazil love the politicians from your country, and they want Brazil to be in the same situation. But ofc, they never even visited Venezuela. When they're on vacations, they always go to Los Angeles or New York xd
2018-09-28 16:18
I don't know how to feel about people outsite my country that thinks that communism works, its kinda funny. But real talk, don't you ever try to vote in favor of communism, that will destroy your country just like it did to mine
2018-09-28 17:46
Go to brazil mate
2018-09-28 16:20
I'll go to spain in 2 years
2018-09-28 17:44
before you go to Spain, go to Brazil
2018-09-28 18:13
2018-09-28 18:14
Because Venezuela sucks
2018-09-28 18:15
I know but why should I go first to brazil? xd
2018-09-28 18:59
then stay in your bankrupt country until you can go to Spain to be a doorman. Peace
2018-09-28 19:21
Clearly you didn't read my other comments xd Usa people things LUL
2018-09-28 19:22
I'm telling you to go to Brazil because there are more opportunities. But if you're talking about preferring to stay in venezuela, it's your problem mate
2018-09-28 19:24
Finland Jansk1h 
They dont even speak spanish in Brazil so why would he go there lol :D
2018-09-29 16:11
Spanish and Portuguese are similar languages, dumb ass
2018-10-01 16:43
how much whore?
2018-09-28 16:44
What do you mean?
2018-09-28 17:44
I very often see girls in erotic chats from Venezuela so whore in your contry really cheap or not?
2018-09-28 17:49
Idk never been with a prostitute
2018-09-28 17:53
Brazil siedlarczykK 
Its already time to k1ll Maduro?
2018-09-28 18:16
It should be good but maduro is only one, the real big deal es Diosdado Cabello, he is kinda of a narco whos in the power, he actually have power over Maduro. He is the maximum member of the assamly. If he leaves the country he will get arrested by the interpol, he is actually a narco but no one can put him on jail meanwhile he is inside Venezuela because by our constitution (they modify it) you can't arrest a member of the goverment while active.
2018-09-28 19:03
Brazil siedlarczykK 
Ive never heard about this guy The shit is bigger than I imagine Very sad, ppl fucked whlie maduro eats in europe
2018-09-28 19:07
Yeah, you saw that video with the salt guy? What a hypocrite Maduro is
2018-09-28 19:09
Faroe Islands YesntNamer 
wtf you're not from turkey, you're from Venezuela second worst xd
2018-09-28 19:00
Turkey isn't that bad
2018-09-28 19:04
Faroe Islands YesntNamer 
i'm just joking, hate Turkish people but like their culture and food
2018-09-28 19:08
Finland Jansk1h 
How do you have enough money for internet. Thought peple hardly have enough money for food there
2018-09-29 16:10
I know how to speak English, thats why I can get a job on internet faster than the people that doesnt
2018-10-02 22:11
Israel unsolid 
Do you though?
2018-09-29 16:15
2018-10-02 22:12
Israel unsolid 
You don't live in the worst country, trust me
2018-10-02 22:50
Wanna move to Ukraine ?
2018-10-02 22:15
no its good you can play runescape 24/7)))))))
2018-10-02 22:26
I don't play that sh...
2018-10-02 22:58
osrs good game
2018-10-03 15:48
that's life man. Sometimes you just can't do about it.
2018-10-03 06:54
If you say so
2018-10-09 21:53
hahah come to Sri Lanka
2018-10-03 15:51
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