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Why Do You Hate MIBR So Much?
Europe Sunny2k 
I see everyone hating on them why?
2018-09-25 01:03
jokes | 
Brazil on_you 
Because of the retarded fanbase
2018-09-25 01:03
Europe Sunny2k 
I can't see that has a reason because if you will hate on MIBR it's logic that their fanbase will try to defend them
2018-09-25 01:05
Brazil Mentecapto 
Actually the brazilian fanbase is pretty fcking retarded on it's own, without even having to defend themselves
2018-09-25 01:19
zonic | 
Germany Get_BaIT 
Noone was insulting them (at least not more than others, i mean its hltv LUL) but there were sooo many mibr fans Posting "mibr #1 again, cold #1 and so on Just because of winning a Tier 3 tournament , most delusional fans on this forum.
2018-09-25 01:31
stewie been my least favorite player in the game since he joined cloud 9 also so many annoying na fanboys
2018-09-25 01:06
Twistzz | 
Brazil M0onkay 
Believe even the MiBR fanbase hate the MiBR fanbase
2018-09-25 01:11
Brazil PrettyMuchItt 
Well, the br roster are the most arrogant players in the world. But i think just fer is enough for you to hate a team, actual monkey (not race related)
2018-09-25 01:13
United States ShawnM 
If stew and tarik left and hen1 and kng joined = most Arrogant team ever.
2018-09-25 01:16
United States gtmaniacmda 
fallen- likable, although he started the SKcuse era fer- no personality, I know nothing about him other than his GF was fucked by fnx coldzera- luckzera, baiter and owner of Epitacio "TACO" de Melo, and creator of famous Tweet "shut up faggot kid" tarik- peanut who transformed into a snake stewie2k- left asian duo to become, you guessed it, a snake only fallen subs should like MiBR tbh
2018-09-25 01:17
zonic | 
Germany Get_BaIT 
Most annoying fans by far, im so glad hltv is currently almost mibr fans free (until they win against a Tier 2 Team again and the whole "we are back" Thing starts again). coldzera has soooo much ego even tho hes not even top 5 anymore since Taco left. stewie is Just a onliner who thinks he's the next big Thing because of decent results in rank s/fpl. fallen fer and Tarik are ok tho imo.
2018-09-25 01:25
Hungary Starwii 
i personally had no ill thoughts against them when they were LG or sk but now. 1. i hate stewie2k. this cocky , loud . scummish asian kid annoy me to death. 2. i hate tarik. same as stew but the turk version 3. they ruined the old imt lineup then kicked boltz (2nd time) 4. they are 2 faced as fuck, especially fer . 5. cold's ego is out of this world, i was watching his stream sometime and he hit a lucky wallbang. then the enemy complained "what i did wrong". you know what was cold's reply? "you did nothing wrong, your only problem is that you were born in my world"
2018-09-25 01:26
1. Delusional Fanbase 2. Coldzera is so overrated its actually insane. This man has done jack shit all year and people are putting him in top 5-10 this whole year. 3. Snake2k 4. Nothing really else other than fallen is 2 faced af 5. Think fer and tarik nice guys
2018-09-25 01:37
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