Please god let this be true
2018-09-26 02:30
hallzerk | 
New Zealand Rabb5t 
you need a bump?
2018-09-26 02:36
Risky and potentially stupid move. Im all for liazz and Grat to RNG, but this would leave them without an IGL and their 2nd best player in Jkaem. Should've been USTILO on the chopping block
2018-09-26 02:37
Spain JasonRacism 
The IGL is the only worry for me, I’m guessing they can’t remove Ustilo for Dexter before EPL starts
2018-09-26 03:13
Dexter is also probably nowhere near experienced enough internationally and to make 3 changes is extremely risky for them. Should've just thrown everything they could into keeping Nifty for just a while longer until a better alternative was available
2018-09-26 04:19
Spain JasonRacism 
Dexter is just ass experienced as this other 2 isn’t he? He played in NA in winterfox as a main AWPer and the team went to shit after he left
2018-09-26 05:00
Well Nifty, nexa and Yam all had some decent help from a coach experienced in the IGL role. Right now we don't know what RNG have planned regarding an IGL. Dexter would probably be the best bet for an AU IGL, but a coach would be desperately needed too
2018-09-26 05:43
Spain JasonRacism 
Wouldn’t really count Nexa as an IGL xD Swear he only called for IEM Sydney 2017 then got swapped for Nifty, Yeah they will obviously get a coach, Immi is free and the best option that I can see atm
2018-09-26 08:02
I mean hes doing it in Imperial now afaik, so he mustve learnt something. Immi had VISA issues regarding the US did he not? He was also not really given much of an opportunity by NRG so i honestly dont know how good he is. Surely theres better choices available
2018-09-26 08:43
Spain JasonRacism 
Well Imperial haven’t done anything since Krystal left and was calling, All we know about Immi is as soon as him (and of course nahtE) joined NRG they shot up from tier 4 to tier 2, He must’ve been doing something right, I think Immi could be a good option, I can’t remember any clear cut coaches they should get, As long as it’s not fucking Peacemaker
2018-09-26 08:53
-Renegades sign Peacemaker -Peacemaker : ''We will be a new team and come back stronger than ever before'' -Renegades get 16-1'd -Renegades depart with Peacemaker -Peacemaker : ''I was not the right fit for the team, I will come back soon with news''
2018-09-26 11:43
#102 gets it
2018-09-26 11:49
jks | 
Australia buttpickle 
Pretty stoked about this!!
2018-09-26 02:39
Europe Spoonman20 
Looking at the photo I thought they were gonna sign someone from Gambit.
2018-09-26 02:46
they were never great
2018-09-26 02:48
Norway rogueplayer 
+1 this
2018-09-26 02:49
they were never good or average, they have just always been shit
2018-09-26 02:50
skoolage | 
Other jzargo 
sico, liazz, ofnu, dexter and jks would be the best au team, just saying
2018-09-26 02:50
2018-09-26 02:57
Australia SugDig 
-Sico +Gratisfaction ez
2018-09-26 03:09
Spain JasonRacism 
Gratisfaction > Sico AZR > Ofnu
2018-09-26 03:13
idk about azr, feels like he is not consistent at all, while ofnu even igling for tm was their best player
2018-09-26 03:50
Spain JasonRacism 
Ofnu hasn’t been an IGL for awhile now, They just got Tucks to IGL and before that Yam and even before that ap0c was IGL, Besides AZR is way better than Ofnu even with his occasional off days that only started happening when Nifty took over as IGL, AZR was really good under Spunj
2018-09-26 03:57
Pretty sure ap0c is going to keep on IGL-ing, same way he took the role from tucks when he joined Chiefs.
2018-09-26 08:44
Spain JasonRacism 
Ehhh why would TM get a vac banned player and isn’t anything special as a player individually? Surely not ... I figured they were desperate for an IGL and got him, If you’re right then what a horrible move, So many other options TM could have gone with
2018-09-26 08:56
I've already criticized the move heavily. Im a huge fan of tucks as a player and a person, but he was best placed on the Chiefs lineup with Texta. "in-game leader ap0c mentioned recently"
2018-09-26 10:14
Spain JasonRacism 
Really dumb move then, At least if they got Texta they would be adding some insane fire power that they might not of got from a non vac banned player, DizzyLife wasn’t playing for Chiefs last night and Infreuqent was, DizzyLife to replace Grat once he joins Renegades? Hmm
2018-09-26 10:24
Might be other reasons behind it. I think AU shuffled a bit too early and now that Renegades are poaching again, all the teams are getting fucked again. Im honestly unsure who will replace Grat, but i doubt it will be Dizzy.
2018-09-26 10:26
Sico: 1.31 rating last 3 months, 1.19 all time, 83.4 adr and 0.8 kpr Gratisfaction: 1.26 rating last 3 months, 1.11 all time, 76.6 adr and 0.73 kpr + sico is better in LANs and big events SICO >>>>>>>> GRATISFACTION
2018-09-26 03:48
Spain JasonRacism 
LAN means nothing when you’re playing Asian teams you’re better than regardless, Look at the stats aginast tier 1/2 teams, Gratisfaction has good stats against FaZe, SK, Renegades, Tyloo, Almost every tier 1/2 team on lan Grat has played against he has done really well
2018-09-26 04:02 agreed, but think it just proves that grayhound > order, but still think sico > gratisfaction
2018-09-26 04:07
Spain JasonRacism 
Why does a tweet make a difference?
2018-09-26 05:02
where the fuck is INS
2018-09-26 04:13
United States Cherryyy 
DAMN IT nifty and jkaem should of gone to c9 to replace ska and styko.. c9 whyyyyy
2018-09-26 03:15
Jkaem could go to heroic or something with cromen and nifty can go to c9/liquid
2018-09-26 03:16
Yeah I feel like Jkaem and cromen should team up and be a package deal. Those 2 are sick players and would boost 99% of teams out there.
2018-09-26 03:22
Why on earth would liquid want to pick nifty lol...
2018-09-26 08:13
lul +1
2018-09-26 11:37
BEcause nitr0 is actual dogshit
2018-09-26 13:52
Still like 1000x better than freaking nifty lol...
2018-09-26 13:55
Nifty hasnt had a good team to prove himself. Nitr0 has and hes the reason they are only runner ups and such
2018-09-26 13:56
Nifty is horrible igl. He is completely lost since kassad left rng and he is also horrible player. He isn't able to prove himself even against t2/t3 teams and you want him in liquid? Hahahhaa 8/8
2018-09-26 13:58
Again, dogshit teammates and nitr0 would be in the same situation unless he was only rifler. They have no balls to try out other igls other than nitr0 because they have this loser mentality
2018-09-26 13:59
They have no balls to sign shitty igl and player... What a surprise lol. This discussion is pointless anyway bcs they won't pick him.
2018-09-26 14:01
And thats why they will never win anything and continue to leech off prize pools. At least c9 changed shit up LOL
2018-09-26 14:03
liquid LUL
2018-09-26 08:54
BnTeT | 
Australia reeeee 
Aussie CS is sad to watch
2018-09-26 03:16
This is a downgrade in my opinion. Its good for the org in a sense that they will probably again finish top2 in the Asian minor and get that sticker money for the next major while not spending big money on the roster's wage. But I can see these guys getting worked against NA teams. With NAF they were 4th/5th best team in NA (Including Brazilians), with Jkaem probably around that 7th mark, now they will be out of the top10
2018-09-26 03:30
Spain JasonRacism 
What? With. NAF they were 4th, Without NAF they were 4th/5th Liazz and Gratisfaction are probably upgrades, My only concern is who the fuck is going to IGL
2018-09-26 03:52
yeah this roster definitely feels like an upgrade, im pretty sure grat will be much more consistent than nifty and liazz is also insane. A bntet + xccurate combo could have also been sick and included an igl. Now if only they still had kassad.
2018-09-26 05:15
I would say my NA rankings were like this : 1.Liquid 2.mibr 3.Clown9 4.NRG 5.Luminosity 6.complexity Then you have a pack of teams like ghost, rogue, rng, eunited all fighting for 7-10th etc.. I would put RNG towards the bottom of that pack. I dont even have confidence they could beat eU. Then they could easily get upset by teams like the ex-splyce guys not even in top10 NA. Time will tell but I think you guys are in for a shock.
2018-09-26 05:30
rng were definitely #3 NA at one point but have been in a downward spiral since
2018-09-26 05:42
They were at the peak of their powers with NAF in the team but still behind cloud9 liquid and the SK/mibr guys. Who are you putting them in front of?
2018-09-26 05:47
oh i wasnt really counting mibr, but even then they were pretty back and forth with liquid because they were pretty bad back then.
2018-09-26 05:48
Spain JasonRacism 
There was probably a month or 2 that Renegades was better than Liquid when Renegades had NAF, Renegades just needed to replace Ustilo and AZR for EliGE and Twistzz ...
2018-09-26 08:04
Australia DubL 
Idk how this renegades will do and if they'll even be able to perform well against the NA competition tbh Seems like this team once again is going nowhere
2018-09-26 04:18
They were in a slow decline, they had to do something. I thought USTILO would be cut
2018-09-26 05:33
Australia DubL 
they still have both ustilo and azr in this team - two inconsistent players who have really shown no improvement at all on top of that they dont have a proper igl now either
2018-09-26 06:04
And on top of that I believe it will take some time for the new players to 'acclimatize' to better competition and the different playstyles they will come up against. Everyone saying its an upgrade... I just dont see it.
2018-09-26 07:47
Australia DubL 
jks azr liazz bntet xccurate this would be an amazing team. ive wanted bntet and even xccurate on renegades for ages but it will obviously never happen considering an org like tyloo would never let them go, now theyve secured a major qual spot they have no reason to leave either
2018-09-26 08:10
Yeah that would be sick, bntet and xccurate are also proven against T1/T2 teams. They not only smash Asian region teams but also do well on the international stage.
2018-09-26 08:27
Spain JasonRacism 
This would be awesome tbh, maybe somebody instead of Liazz or AZR just to keep the major spot but I’m digging that lineup
2018-09-26 08:30
Australia DubL 
rest of tyloo are kinda out of question considering their comms wouldnt be great, i'd replace dd or somebody with azr otherwise
2018-09-26 08:33
Raesos | 
Australia cheggin 
-ustilo and you have an instant top 1 team
2018-09-26 05:37
Kicking Jkaem is dumb
2018-09-26 07:55
Spain JasonRacism 
Yeah, Keep Jkaem kick Ustilo and you have really good firepower
2018-09-26 08:05
Maybe get ofnu as an igl
2018-09-26 08:18
Spain JasonRacism 
Dexter best option from AU to IGL imo
2018-09-26 08:28
I dont think its a good idea to ruin Grayhounds
2018-09-26 08:30
Spain JasonRacism 
Gratisfaction is from Grayhound so there already being “ruined” when he leaves for Renegades
2018-09-26 08:36
oh, then Dexter Gratisfraction Jkaem AZR JKS?
2018-09-26 08:46
Spain JasonRacism 
Liazz > Jkaem
2018-09-26 09:04
Jkaem > AZR
2018-09-26 09:29
Spain JasonRacism 
Yeah and AZR > Ustilo AZR isn’t a problem and they want full AU lineup sooo
2018-09-26 09:38
Yeah, rip Jkaem
2018-09-26 09:42
Australia weapon_ 
Soooo.. no igl ??
2018-09-26 07:57
Looks like envyus is gonna be a shit team
2018-09-26 08:02
Australia weapon_ 
Nifty, jdm.. prob the only good two.. maybe get nothing.. shroud.. hiko.. (lol)
2018-09-26 08:07
Nifty and jdm are both primary awpers XD. Team will get fucked. Cutler has never been t2 player, drone some fat rank s kid, semphis is a vegan and nifty can't see past his big nose. Hopefully they kick Cutler drone and semp to add freak Cooper and nothing. At least then they would have some fragging power.
2018-09-26 08:15
Australia weapon_ 
Dekay dnt know shit.. Full oceanic roster = cheaper wages.. a positive for bringing au talent into na...but you need a igl for that proposed roster and to drop ustilo.. Old oceanic roster got raped.. havoc.. spunj.. yam.. so bad.. but with naf/nifty/jkaem was a good addition.. they need some n/a talent.. keep nifty & jkaem.. -ustilo +liazz Liazz is a good addition.. but they need a experienced and knowledgeable igl.. and a coach too they are out of a coach.. some may spunj as coach, he will put the team in shambles as it used to be..
2018-09-26 08:06
Spain JasonRacism 
I think Jks, Liazz, Gratisfaction and AZR is a good 4 man core tbh, Just needs an IGL with it and it would be beyonds better than Havoc, Yam, Spunj ect, Maybe even better than with NAF, The skill is there just no structure
2018-09-26 08:13
Australia DubL 
honestly they should just bring in an igl from eu or na
2018-09-26 08:19
Spain JasonRacism 
Who is available though? FNS? Pronax? Kio? Krystal? MSL? Maybe Hampus? Considering RR is looking dead since Twist left, Not a whole lot of options tbh
2018-09-26 08:26
Australia DubL 
maybe make another gamble on some lesser known talent, have them try out for the epl season or for a portion of it
2018-09-26 08:31
Spain JasonRacism 
I think if they’re going to try lesser talent they will just go with AU scene unless the IGL is proven
2018-09-26 08:35
Australia DubL 
true how do you think dexter would do against competition from NA/EU? from what ive seen he wouldnt be the best performer individually, but assuming they already have enough firepower from the other 4 i guess it wouldnt matter too much
2018-09-26 08:39
Spain JasonRacism 
He’s never really been a libility from what I’ve seen, But it should be fine as Jks, Liazz and Gratisfaction should be the core 3 stars and AZR can easily just have one of those games were he’s on fire, I think AZR played his best cs when he was entrying anyway before Ustilo joined
2018-09-26 08:49
Australia weapon_ 
Renegades prob want a budget igl.. wouldnt be able to afford thoes guys.. so prob a less exp.. maybe au igl but doubtful..
2018-09-26 08:50
Spain JasonRacism 
Most of them are free, Espcially Kio
2018-09-26 09:01
Australia weapon_ 
Rengades wudnt be paying much.. 80-100k a yr.. if your lucky..
2018-09-26 09:34
Spain JasonRacism 
Way more, Don Haci use to always cry that Renegades paid their players more than teams that were better than them
2018-09-26 09:37
Australia weapon_ 
Only ones that wud know is the players.. doubt there salaries wud have been leaked unless he knows someone within renegades.. 100k a yr.. plus sponsor stuff...
2018-09-26 11:26
Spain JasonRacism 
Pretty sure it was Stewie or Autimatic openly told Swag how much C9 made, Easily leakable
2018-09-26 11:36
Australia weapon_ 
Yeah finding a good igl & coach.. hard to find.. wouldbe a good core 4.. Another oce shuffle inc then.. -liazz/ -gratisfaction.. will leave a hole in greyhounds/order rosters.. Whos greyhounds igl ? Dexter/erkast?
2018-09-26 08:23
Spain JasonRacism 
2018-09-26 08:27
Australia starpyur 
what have we done to deserve this nifty plz don't go
2018-09-26 08:09
Australia DubL 
nifty will rise further within the NA scene eventually, too bad it wont be with rng
2018-09-26 08:12
Australia starpyur 
Nifty has been there for us and we were at our darkest time so i suppose its our turn to repay our respects
2018-09-26 08:13
Australia DubL 
if only he gave up igling and focused purely on awping - he has so much potential and its being wasted either he will eventually develop into an na fallen or he'll destroy his career trying
2018-09-26 08:16
QKA | 
Other dsq2ICON 
What about chelleos
2018-09-26 08:11
This roster looks fucking nuts, but I can't help but feel bad for Nifty and Jkaem, cause they are both great players. Oh well I hope it works out for everyone.
2018-09-26 08:13
-everyone but Jkaem +Every norwegian player ez top 1
2018-09-26 08:39
Australia Hythrex 
Decent move, but who the fuck will IGL?? Azr maybe?
2018-09-26 08:47
jks | 
Australia Mosski 
cool cool cool
2018-09-26 08:54
sico :> grati
2018-09-26 08:55
Poland Astoner55 
They should just -Ustilo -Nifty +Liazz +Gratisfaction
2018-09-26 09:33
+1 wtf I agree with Poland what has the world come to
2018-09-26 11:40
Poland Astoner55 
Ikr, weird times m8
2018-09-26 12:51
2018-09-26 11:42
Spain JasonRacism 
2018-09-26 13:40
2018-09-26 10:20
Finland istop1 
rip rng
2018-09-26 11:26
Belarus diehartz 
Jks azr liazz emagine rickeh Emagine is a decent igl and a fragger aswell
2018-09-26 11:46
United States Trump2020KAG 
Would b better nifty went to liquid to be awp.
2018-09-26 12:59
Sweden Asiimov 
jkaem doesnt deserve this faith, I guess its back to the norwegian marry-go-round in tier 5-6
2018-09-26 13:42
Myanmar AstralisGoat 
Nice they become completely irrelevant again after losing their only 2 decent players.
2018-09-26 14:05
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