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Kinguin - 16th in ranking - 27th TAZ WAS THE PROBLEM OMEGALUL
2018-09-26 21:34
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Austria goditi
he just wasnt the only problem :)
2018-09-26 21:35
Oh wait... VP is 28 LULULULUL
2018-09-26 21:35
2028 pog
2018-09-26 22:16
byali ,snax was the real problem (maybe kuben tloo)
2018-09-26 21:36
Europe n0t_today
VP so bad :(
2018-09-26 21:37
The real problem was their mentallity after „pasha bicepsomania” after his streams or stupid interviews. After that VP was more like business than competitive team. Before that (even after in one or two cases) they were able to reach top 4 EVERY single tournament that they were preparing hard. Novadays - HUH WHO CARES WE GOT 2 LEGENDS IN TEAM = EZ SALARY& EZ INVITATIONS
2018-09-26 21:42
Malaysia byaIi
byali to kinguin to play with taz <3
2018-09-26 21:45
United States @Fridzu
2018-09-26 21:49
VP CEO was the problem
2018-09-26 21:50
TAZ IN VP OMEGALUL bot decoy polishseized TAZ IN KINGUIN PogChamp 1.6 Legend <3
2018-09-26 21:51
lol u mad
2018-09-26 22:19
When you play vs tier4 it's not hard to become god on taz level
2018-09-26 23:16
Man.. in VP the biggest problem is Kuben wtf bro he is doing with them... also pasha who should retire like neo and this shittty jose Kubinho LUL xddddddddddddd Virtus Plow? xd Virtus Premier
2018-09-26 21:51
He never was problem. SNAX was the problem. Toxic fatty boy
2018-09-26 22:13
2018-09-26 22:15
Poland dyzio65
byali was the problem.. he is so fu*in toxic... btw the power of old vp was that they were togother all the time in bad days and in good days... this was some kind of family... if something was wrong they just was trying to fix this.... this was one of this kind... there won't be any team to repeat this
2018-09-26 22:57
Poland kick_michu
TAZ irrevelant TIER4 player since got kicked from VP shitting in this online trash tournamnts for how long he play in this Kinguin 8 months ? did he quali to any TIER1 tournmant so far ? leave him alone winning some dogshit DH open ESEA MDV LAN finals is also something XD no more Snax Byali to makign work for him and carry his ass like in old days Kinguin on fucking EU Minor quess what who become the worst player in this quali XD
2018-09-26 23:12
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