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ty draken and xizt
Russia pronax_3_major_s1mple_0_major 
fnatic not professional team any more. rip fnatic 2005-2018...
2018-09-27 02:03
Sad fucking stuff. Until Draken learns to hit basic gold nova 3 shots then he will never be a good player on a dominant team. Xizt is just useless lol.
2018-09-27 02:04
As a certified gold nove 3 im assuming these shots are silver v
2018-09-27 02:27
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2018-09-27 03:45
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2018-09-27 03:49
Australia MatthewJKS 
as a certified wood 4 i can say those shots are wood 1
2018-09-27 04:09
as a certified wood 1 i can say those shots are clay 4
2018-09-27 14:03
Sweden Stockw0w 
as a certified clay 4 i can say those shots are dirt 4
2018-09-27 14:07
as a certified dirty 4 i can say those shots are dirt 1
2018-09-27 14:09
as a certified dirty 1 i can say those shots are cholera 1
2018-09-27 14:10
United States Spermycide 
as a certified cholera 1 i can confirm those shots are aids 1
2018-09-27 14:23
Slovenia nejcek21 
as a certified aids 1 i can confirm that i am now dead
2018-09-27 14:25
as a certified dead master elite i can confirm that these shots are global elite
2018-09-27 15:31
United States Dr1GeR 
as a certified global elite i can confirm that those shots are plastic 4.
2018-09-27 15:36
Ukraine kek1 
as a certified supreme i can confirm that these shots are plastic 1.
2018-09-27 15:36
as a certified plastic 1 elite i can confirm that these shots are stone 1.
2018-09-27 16:51
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2018-09-27 17:27
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2018-09-27 18:00
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2018-09-27 21:03
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2018-09-28 00:27
as a certified dust 9 i can confirm that these shots are dust 2
2018-09-28 00:33
Brazil AnthonySilva 
as certified faggot 1 i can form that these shots are fetus 2
2018-09-28 00:58
Dominican Republic asdawda 
as certified toilet cleaner 3 i can confirm that these shots are toilet cleaner 1
2018-09-28 01:33
Israel TheLoveGuy 
as certified toilet cleaner 1 i can confirm that these shots are ass 3
2018-09-28 11:59
Czech Republic hi_its_me 
as a certified ass 3 i can confirm that these shots are poop 1
2018-09-29 05:54
Australia Lomcharton 
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2018-09-29 05:55
NiKo | 
New Zealand JO$HO 
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2018-09-29 05:58
United Kingdom DRG0502 
as a certified booty cheeks elite i can confirm these shots are booty cheeks 1
2018-10-01 15:44
Not as useless as golden though..
2018-09-27 16:42
Golden led them to a tournament win...
2018-09-27 21:00
Your only point? Xizt has too many trophys to count, one being a major btw.
2018-09-27 21:27
when was the last time he won?
2018-09-27 22:47
4 months ago.
2018-09-27 23:43
2018-09-27 23:46
2018-09-27 23:48
Getting carried by FaZe doesn’t count lmao.
2018-09-28 05:00
Hes rating was much higher then that of golden in Katowice.
2018-09-28 11:56
who gives a shit about rating, we're talking primarily about IGLing, Xizt was not the IGL for FaZe when they won, but Golden WAS the IGL when they won...
2018-09-29 05:32
Golden was a great IGL and has a good style of IGLing. Xizt was kicked from NiP for a reason. His IGL style doesn't work and it leads to a problem with players starting to underperform. He can't aim as an IGL and his style isn't appealing enough to be worth picking him up anyways like Golden. Fnatic haven't won a single time since they booted Golden and Lekr0 and that was a horrible choice from them.
2018-09-28 00:28
Kicking lekro was a stupid move for fnatic. It worked out great for nip though so in a way it was a good move, just not for fnatic. Kicking golden was good, hes overrated shit player tbh. Put this team behind xizt and they will be better then they ever was with golden and lekro. xizt,twist,krimz,jw,olof. Done.
2018-09-28 00:36
I think Golden is a far better IGL than Xizt. I think some people give him too much credit and others too little. Golden was someone whom Fnatic needed as a way to encourage them to keep driving on forwards. He is a relativley new player who is still fresh and hungry for a win. He managed to bring out the best of his teammates while he was in Fnatic for the most part and his IGL style with the other's increased performances led to 2 trophies. For what I say with Xizt's style. He knows the game well and that is about it, there are other IGLs who can frag and call better at the same time and nothing about his style is unique and in fact it can be downright shit sometimes. Xizt veto memes exist within NiP fanbase for a reason. This is coming from someone who has been watching NiP closely for a while now.
2018-09-28 00:39
Well golden got to play with fnatic for 1 year and with a much better team. They accomplished absolutely nothing up until the end. Xizt has played with them for 4 months only and with a much worse team then golden got to. Give them more time and a better team and i can assure you xizt can also be carried to a tournament win just like golden was. But not as carried ofc.
2018-09-28 00:47
They also won ECS Season 4 Europe and ESL Pro League Season 6 Europe alongside the Katowice 2018 and WESG 2017 wins. They played 3rd in their last tournament together and then it all went downhill because they saw Xizt their old pal and got a downgrade. Xizt was given a worse team even tho he has the same core of players Golden mainly played around, yes I know Lekr0 is gone but you are just trying to protect Xizt there. He isn't a good IGL and that stance isn't going to change for me.
2018-09-28 00:58
What has xizt got to work with anyways, flusha could leave the server and no one would even notice. Draken is not a fit for this team at all, they should have a more traditional awper like twist. The team hasnt worked because it shouldnt. Not xizts fault, he doesnt have the right pieces to work with. But i guess its easier for you to make him the fall guy then to realise the bigger picture.
2018-09-28 00:58
I realize the bigger picture and have analyzed this myself a lot. Kicking Golden was a bad move and I still say that is the case. I'm not dull I know the problems the entire team is having, part of that stems from the swap of the roster with Xizt and Draken. They have no drive to win and with no one really wanting the drive to win Flusha became more negative and got into arguments hence why he left the team. Tell me it is a coincidence that Flusha just so happened to become shittier and stayed shittier right after the newer blood got benched because they wanted their old buddy Xizt!!!! Xizt does this to players constantly, happened in NiP with Friberg, Pyth, Maikelele, Allu, etc. who each stopped having a drive to win being under Xizt long enough with many of their careers forever more ruined afterwards. Try to change my mind on the idea that Xizt is a bad IGL and then insult me for not 'realizing the bigger picture' I can see the bigger picture you bloody clod, Xizt is a part of that picture and I think is a source of problem for the team.
2018-09-28 01:06
Can barely comprehend the stupidity you just unleashed. Basically a conspiracy theory based on a personal vendetta. Can easily debunk you, just like your friends did when you told them you wasnt a virgin.. So xizt makes players bad. Bottom line. Maikelele hasnt played with xizt for a very long time and he is at his career low, every highlight of his career is with xizt. Wow that sounds familiar couch*pyth,allu,friberg*couch. How come every player you mentioned is at their career low when they arent playing with the destroyer xizt. I know! They have a "xizt wound" that stays with them, is that it? Its hilarious you mentioning these player who has all had the hights of their careers with xizt and career lows without him xDDD
2018-09-28 01:28
Seriously thank you for your comment, it was a pleasure reading it. Im gonna print it out and put it on my fridge. Awwh good times.
2018-09-28 01:33
flusha | 
Germany felo 
Draken god stfu
2018-09-27 02:12
god vs mge or dmg?
2018-09-27 02:23
ropz | 
United Kingdom Roarhaven 
Maybe MG2, on a good day
2018-09-27 02:31
Im mg2 and i can hit more shots than him on a bad game
2018-09-27 14:56
sergej | 
Finland Miksubb 
Dont lie only globals on HLTV
2018-09-27 15:33
Even Zeus better and it says a lot.
2018-09-27 02:44
Sweden rawrxdd 
+1 best awper to touch csgo
2018-10-01 15:43
2018-09-27 02:16
haha and sign vp squad after? xd
2018-09-27 03:18
2018-09-28 00:19
Norway spenc 
The second fnatic got rid of golden they removed their chance of being a top tier team
2018-09-27 02:20
shox | 
Korea dev2ce 
they actually gained a chance to become a top tier team but ruined it by getting xizt golden is shit
2018-09-27 02:31
autimatic | 
United States j_k 
2018-09-27 02:24
shox | 
Korea dev2ce 
tell me what golden has achieved with c9? 1-3 in major with only win against winstrike? LUL dead last at eleague premier? LUL
2018-09-27 02:41
What fucking players was he playing with? (The team legitmatly had one competant player and 3 supports) + he's a fucking IGL shit takes fucking time And what did he do in his short time with fnatic? He made fnatic win 2 tournoments eith player like fucking flusha and jw
2018-09-27 02:50
shox | 
Korea dev2ce 
he had nothing to do with those wins lmao. "player like fucking flusha and jw" are you retarded? flusha was mvp of katowice and JW was consistent both tourneys. stop saying retarded shit and admit that golden is a terrible igl. you must think Happy is an amazing igl.
2018-09-27 02:51
golden is a bad fragger but atleast with him fnatic had a structure aswell as a plan coming into each round. They didn't look lost each round like they do with xizt where all they do now is make individual plays with no coordination or teamplay whatsoever, xizt uses his old school shitty loose style that worked in 2013 with NiP, well guess what the fnatic players aren't that good so that shit won't work. I'd gladly replace xizt (who isn't even a god fragger) with golden just for the team to alteast have a real IGL with and actual plan.
2018-09-27 03:24
He is just baiting you
2018-09-27 06:21
Nah, alot of people underestimate golden
2018-09-27 14:01
yeah and they're all dumb
2018-09-27 16:38
wtf are you saying rofl? if it wasnt for golden leadership fnatic would not win wesg or iem , he was a decent fragger and a good igl we could see that fnatic actually had a structure when golden was playing with them , now they just run around with no igl to control them , bringing xizt was a suicidal move
2018-09-27 14:12
shox | 
Korea dev2ce 
decent fragger LUL when did i say bringing in xizt was a good move? hmm?
2018-09-27 14:19
Finland Jansk1h 
Pretty much this. Fnatic needed a real ingame-leader. Running around with tec9s headshotting people doesnt work anymore but they wanna play for the kills and fuck around
2018-09-27 02:23
United States 51438 
+lekro dude
2018-09-27 02:51
yeah, but they probably could of done it with draken instead of lekr0 (lekro0 didn't show during finals n shit), but they couldn't have done it without golden
2018-09-27 16:37
There was a disturbance in the force when that happened
2018-09-27 14:53
gla1ve | 
Bulgaria chzn1337 
poor analytical skills
2018-09-27 02:22
jokes | 
Brazil on_you 
JW CeRq ScreaM KRiMZ karrigan Fixed fnatic thank me later
2018-09-27 02:23
Hungary burdiii 
2018-09-27 02:24
Get the fuck out with KARRIGAN. He has showed nothing but a lack of competence when it comes to leading a top team.
2018-09-27 02:28
United Kingdom Jeremy_Kyle 
Man before karrigan came along faze were as good as dead, and he brought them to the top. Not only that hes the one who brought astralis to the top as well. Maybe hes not the best igl when it comes to the top of the top tier but 100% hes the best at bringing a team up to be a top contender.
2018-09-27 02:48
United Kingdom Jeremy_Kyle 
all im saying is maybe fnatic can be his next 'project' team
2018-09-27 02:49
jokes | 
Brazil on_you 
2018-09-27 03:38
what about this 1v2 clutch fucking bitch?
2018-09-27 02:24
Im still waiting for the clip or something. Are we supossed to imagine it? im confused
2018-09-27 14:57
the pistol round when fnatic were T, draken was left in 1v2 situation and he clutched for 10:6
2018-09-27 15:24
this forum is full with idiot kids who are triggered after 1 misshot to some player. how stupid can some people be
2018-09-27 02:25
2018-09-27 02:36
720 | 
Poland Skrra 
i agree with the "idiot kids" part, but "1 misshot"? i've seen draken missing more than "1 misshot"
2018-09-27 03:55
Slovakia Chaoooss 
go watch mirage game from last major against HR lol one round he missed 5 or 6 ez shots in a row
2018-09-27 14:26
every pro player misses shots. you cannot put that fact as a reason for a player to be bad?
2018-09-27 15:25
Slovakia Chaoooss 
But draken is missing more than any pro player. He is trying to go for flicks all the time and then he is just missing shots he should hit 10/10 times + these miss shots cost often his team rounds. He is not good enough for this level of pro cs. He can play for T3 teams max.
2018-09-27 15:28
Now 1 miss shot is like me saying WW2 was a kiddie war where no one died, blatant lie. Draken can hit flicks but he is constantly missing easy and vital shots for his team when he is AWPing. It doesn't mean anything to be an AWP if you are only flashy and not able to hit the shots that matter.
2018-09-28 00:31
Without Krimz , they may even have trouble taking down tier 2 teams.
2018-09-27 02:41
stupid rus kid....
2018-09-27 02:42
Hiko | 
Turkey vVoLF07 
i think jw was the problem. not flusha
2018-09-27 02:44
United Kingdom Jeremy_Kyle 
Quick Cheat to Tier 1: Do a G2 and bring back pronax
2018-09-27 02:45
is it a coincidence that this has happened as soon as they add xizt and draken?
2018-09-27 02:46
No, they benched Golden and Lekr0 in place of NiP's problems lmao. The 2 teams who got them are better off than they were before now too. C9 was in a rough spot to the point they were going to fall out of Top 30 but Golden managed to start getting a bit out of the players to keep them going and might actually be able to do something with the -STYKO +flusha if he can get flusha motivated. Lekr0 just surpassed Fnatic for the best Swedish team and showed off well considering he has been IGLing for so little of a time and contended even a bit with top teams. Xizt and Draken were removed for reasons buddy.
2018-09-28 00:34
that was my point too , why did u write such a long essay
2018-09-28 02:25
United States 51438 
back when golden and lekr0 are in the team, they can still put up a good fight against top contenders. winning rounds with excellent firepower. now fnatic basically can only depend on luck+gun rounds lol
2018-09-27 02:52
i like how u said gun rounds because with golden they were winning many pistol rounds + eco rounds as well and rarely lost anti eco rounds. with xizt its opposite , the rarely win pistol or force buys and lose anti eco after almost everytime they win a pistol
2018-09-28 02:27
United States 51438 
back then with lekr0 alone, as long as one of the trio show up then they can be really scary. its almost like s1mple+electronic combo. but they decided a MM/puggy style awper would be the better choice, now only they realized they lack of firepower thus decided to test scream lul. fnatic already know they made a huge mistake
2018-09-28 02:43
United Kingdom Jeremy_Kyle 
They need karrigan. The man has no role as an igl at the level of faze and astralis, but hes 100% a big reason why both teams became so relevant now. Without karrigan faze would be long disbanded and who knows is astralis would have ever even happened (he made them btw). THe dude needs a new project team to turn into killers, even if he cant push them all the way to the top he can get them pretty damn high. I think fnatic would be perfect
2018-09-27 02:53
karrigan mb not bad as igl, but they also need firepower. scream, twist or k0nfig not bad decision imo
2018-09-27 03:05
United Kingdom Jeremy_Kyle 
i don't think k0nfig because of attitude problems which would make a team starting out crumble, but maybe kio and aizy again? the old faze boys lmao
2018-09-27 03:09
They need time
2018-09-27 06:29
-xizt +hampus -scream +brollan -draken +any awper
2018-09-27 06:32
Germany Constikdw 
+twist and +Olof -brollan
2018-09-27 14:24
Olof is not leaving faze for a shittier team lul
2018-09-27 14:58
i wanted to add twist but i saw on the interview that fnatic offered twist the contract even before draken got on but he rejected it.
2018-10-01 15:40
Germany Constikdw 
-Xizt -scream -draken +Hampus +Olof +twist
2018-09-27 14:23
i think no chance to get olof
2018-09-27 14:25
Germany Constikdw 
Well if faze is going to restructure he might be left out although yes it’s unlikely because he played very good recently
2018-09-27 14:55
2018-09-27 14:29
he are big sucko
2018-09-29 05:46
When fnatic removed Lekr0 from they roster.. Also Golden I knew that they're really retarded
2018-09-27 14:31
>CringeAlert< Thank you NiP for destroying Fnatic!!! Finally they are gone and destroyed while NiP is one the rise again, what a time to be alive. Let them suffer!!! Mu-hahahahahahhaaha
2018-09-27 16:39
Russia accn 
what a smart trade was made by nip
2018-09-27 16:41
sad but true draken is the biggest choke I've ever seen in teams with big history
2018-09-27 16:43
Yes feels bad they represent such legendary org Draken must be Luckiest talentless guy who got to play with nip n now fnatic He ain't even good for epsilon rn Xizt lol he said he wanted to play on top teams when kicked from nip Fkin washed up loser
2018-09-27 16:45
Snax | 
Tunisia Dupix123 
the sign of xizt and draken was the worst sign evvver fnatic had made and now they are just getting eliminated in every tournament ,sad fnatic wont get flusha* back but i can see another opportunity for these sweedish LGB or godsent jw krimz olooof dennis and lekro and for nip get_right forest rez xizt and draken or replace draken with friberg and get forst 1st awp
2018-09-27 21:08
-xizt -draken +twist +pauf or pronax ez professional team again for you
2018-09-27 22:51
xizt was part of fnatic a long time ago in 1.6 as well
2018-09-28 00:21
Germany volt =D 
Flusha couldn't play under xizt.
2018-09-28 00:46
2018-09-28 02:50
Korea XigNw0w 
2018-09-28 11:57
EliGE | 
Argentina lucif 
Agreed. +1. Count me in. Sure. True.
2018-09-29 05:43
draken and xizt ended the fnatic legacy. krimz, flusha and JW. never to be seen together again. xizt chasing paycheques and draken is swedish sixer.
2018-09-29 05:44
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