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fnatic 8-16 navi (train)
Russia pronax_3_major_s1mple_0_major 
boring to watch
2018-09-27 02:25
2018-09-27 02:35
2 rounds left
2018-09-27 02:37
2018-09-27 02:40
what more were u expecting? if they had beaten mouz they wouldve reached the playoffs but it just wasnt meant to be. fnatic is never going to beat navi
2018-09-27 02:38
CIS cjuyt 
"fnatic is never going to beat navi". actually it's hard to believe to these words, imagine someone said that 3 years ago everyone would've been mad and stuff like that
2018-09-27 02:44
2018-09-27 02:45
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