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Greatest Career destroyers of ALL TIME
gla1ve | 
United States LoverOfAllCountries 
Vote for who you think below: 1.) Fifflaren ~ Victims: Getright, f0rest. Crime: lost them DH winter 2013 and kato 14. Somehow played worse than another BOT (xizt) 2.) Xizt ~ Victims: getright, f0rest Crime: lost them Dh winter 2013, dh winter 2014, kato 14, and kato 15. Costed them their entire 2015 year and prevented them from recovery in 2016-2017 3.) SmithZZ ~ Victims: shox, shox, shox, shox, shox, shox Crime: got shox removed from envy in 2015 becoz shox wanted to play with him. prevented 2016 g2 from becoming great. Currently ruining kennyS and shox in current g2 along with his partner in crime, ex6. 4.) Edward ~ Victims: s1mple, electronic Crime: Cost s1mple basically every tourney this year that navi didnt win because he literally cant do anything significant for the team. Cost elec the same amount. Outplayed by zeus even tho zeus is horrible at fragging aswell. 5.) Karrigan ~ Victims: NiKo, Guardian, Rain, Olofmeister, Device, Dupreeh, Xyp9x Crime: Cost TSM/Astralis so many finals since he is the biggest choker of all time, was kicked, astralis finally started winning. Brings his choking ways to Faze clan and is currently tarnishing Niko, rain, and guardian. Olof is hurting too but his legacy is already set
2018-09-28 04:30
Personally I'd say 2 since Xizt costed 4 majors. cant really top that
2018-09-28 04:31
+Continuing to ruin the team for a long while and then ruining and burning out Fnatic players who have been there for half a decade. He really does destroy careers for a living.
2018-09-29 06:56
now who's alt are you?
2018-09-28 04:32
I was replying to my own post, no alt, no shame in anything
2018-09-28 04:33
NA brain
2018-09-28 04:33
2018-09-28 04:34
2018-09-28 05:38
Cud've just edited your OP and given your opinion there. Or is it too hard for NA brain to comprehend that many steps?
2018-09-28 13:49
+1 too hard for NA brain, ask your sister for me. WAIT, nvm she was abandoned sorry Understandable have a good day
2018-09-28 15:23
2018-09-29 06:17
probably 5 because he took down so many people
2018-09-28 04:36
good pick
2018-09-28 04:36
KNG. He basically destroyed an entire tier of Brazilian CS.
2018-09-28 04:44
none of them were great anyways
2018-09-28 04:45
Runner up at a major to none of them having a career is a pretty drastic shift.
2018-09-28 04:48
sorta i guess +0.5
2018-09-28 04:49
Not an s class team, but that imt lineup was pretty good for not having any of the top 5 Brazilians
2018-09-28 05:12
in 2018 do you consider tarik and yung stew brazilians? i do
2018-09-28 15:35
both of them shouldnt be since they destroyed brazillian cs
2018-09-28 15:36
i mean br cs has been bad for a while now, so i cant see much of a difference, HOWEVER, ynk being brought into mibr lineup seems really promising imo
2018-09-28 15:37
REZ | 
North America f^rax 
Agree, but I mean the twins sorta helped, their choice to leave. Twins and steel in luminosity now and can't even qualify for tourneys. Hope boltz comes back soon
2018-09-28 06:59
2 3 5
2018-09-28 04:49
Id say my top 3 aswell, but if u had to choose 1?
2018-09-28 04:49
Brazil Thg2K 
FalleN? boltz and fnx were kicked twice and he kicked taco too
2018-09-28 04:55
taco never got kicked he wants to retire when he leaves
2018-09-28 05:14
Malta aidsss 
2018-09-28 07:28
Brazil vass28 
more like fallen save brazilian cs dude stfu
2018-09-28 15:38
he also made their career
2018-09-28 15:48
Australia CaZeR01 
U the big dumb
2018-09-29 07:01
tsm won 5 titles in 2015 he made them from a team who made a single final in all of 2014 in to a team that could win championships
2018-09-28 04:59
how many of them were 200000+ tier 1's? None
2018-09-28 13:40
and dont say that money was less back then. 200000 back then was like esl pro league and majors. Astralis's eleague premier, 2 majors, 2 pro leagues, and 2 ecs would be over 200000 even back then. and the scene is more developed and competitive now
2018-09-28 13:41
Developed yes, competitive not really.
2018-09-30 18:14
you forgot FNS the one who kills CLG, Immortals and C9
2018-09-28 05:15
LOOOOOL tarik should be number 6, because he killed C9, OpTic, CLG, and FNS's careers. Absolutely despicable snake
2018-09-28 05:39
he won a major for c9 wtf
2018-09-28 05:43
Fuck him still. C9 could have done more whether people agree or not. It was not the end. they just needed a break. But no, in the most NA fashion possible, they just went to where the easiest wins were.
2018-09-28 05:45
This. They thought that since they won a major they're gonna be unbeatable, immediately went into slump and split up because Fallen is twofaced and kicked boltz for this bot. Now their asses are carried by Janko, God bless his soul for trying to fix this shit team
2018-09-28 06:11
REZ | 
North America f^rax 
fallen should put his brain back in his head and kick them both and either sign HEN1/LUCAS1 or trk and kscerato
2018-09-28 07:02
Chile hyveur 
fifflaren : probably xizt : wtf, he was good before, he started to play very bad after kawotice 2015 smithzz : LOL, envyus kicked shox, also shox is the retard that kills his own career edward : he was decent and now he is playing well karrigan: lmao niko is the real choker and device, xyp9x, dupreeh, were known as chokers before karrigan joined tsm
2018-09-28 05:34
Chile TheInF3rNuS 
+1 Nice Country/Team Combo
2018-09-28 05:47
Chile hyveur 
+1 ty
2018-09-28 05:49
agree with all except edward, yes he was decent but his time is over imo, you can sometimes see the vintage edward but he's very inconsistent. imo he should either be kicked or train twice as hard as the rest of the team to catch up with them (maybe zeus too but he's igl and doing his job good enough i guess)
2018-09-28 07:47
Xizt was never good, if you point out his top 20's, it is a simple result from getright and f0rest carrying nip to so many victories that xizt just looked better. Imagine having 2 of the 3 greatest players ever on the same team, their IGL would get unnessesary credit. Look at Xizt's map vetos in major finals, it was horrible
2018-09-28 13:46
Honestly, xizt is decent when he's playing as a stand in. Ok, fragging ability and could probably work in a tier 2, close to tier 1 team. Idk who the fuck though he was a good igl tho. Whenever he's at the helm of a team they instantly become retarded bots who seem to give away the easiest frags possible. Nothing was more depressing than watching NIP matches before the end of the original lineup.
2018-09-30 00:39
+1 for Smithzz, shox consistently fucked his own career over just so he can play his washed up loose style. And now he's in a team where the IGL is known for micro managing each player. But yeah it's Smithzz fault.
2018-09-30 02:31
2018-09-30 03:40
Yes and you should also add DEVIL, he ruined career of Happy and the entire nV squad.
2018-09-28 05:39
Nope, they were falling off anyways. Also Happy is not on the same tier as most of the victims i have up there. The only one up there close to him is Electronic and maybe xyp9x but I'd say both of them are still better
2018-09-28 15:25
Not even close! Happy is the best french player CS:GO ever knew, Major MVP and many more. Of course his downfall should be the most significant in your amateur list. Rethink.
2018-09-28 15:26
Incorrect, so much wrong with your statement but I'm unwilling to argue with you, have a good day
2018-09-28 15:26
You might not agree with that but you've no right claiming that all incorrect, it's all begun with your opinion of the things happened even though you have no clue how has it been in fact. So, behave up to your level of appearance Have a good time.
2018-09-28 15:28
Ill tell you right now that you lost all credibility when u placed happy above shox and kennyS, really a fanboi arent u. Also, happy may have been HLTV major mvp at dreamhack winter, but forest was the mvp at the event himself (look it up). And LDLC lost to fnatic that event fair and sqaure but thats a different topic
2018-09-28 15:29
Patrik's mysterious MVP has no value if the Major's MVP is still and always will be Happy. Fnatic abused the map's pixel bug and should have been disqualified right away but props to them to keeping justice alive and forfeiting. Happy is better than both kennyS and shox, may not be in a raw skill but that's not the only criteria for this pick. He's the IGL, a very prolific one, second sniper, also successful, iconic lurker, a great clutcher and overall carry for the teams he ever played. Always having a good stat and playing on the level of his mates and higher despite the calling responsibilities. Of course he's the best.
2018-09-28 15:33
pls tell me your joking, LDLC used a boost that violated the same rule that FNatic did, it wasnt as game breaking but it was the same rule broken. Same rule = same punishment map shouldve been restarted and given their history, fnatic wouldve won. Im done arguing with u if u really believe shox and kenny arent as good as happy. Have a good day
2018-09-28 15:34
and the fact that you claim his downfall is more significant than forest gtr, and shox makes me cringe truthfully, take your bias elsewhere, my favorite player is twistzz but im willing to admit all of his and liquids issues. If you cant take any critisism to ur favorite team then stay off HLTV
2018-09-28 15:30
I haven't heard any critisism yet, you didn't even mention them bandwagoning the old guard who haven't been just as good as any of today's headliners.
2018-09-28 15:34
You literally bandwagoning Happy, even more washed then gtr and forest. Also im not bandwagoning them, they are simply better than happy that is indeed a fact find any non biased person and ask them
2018-09-28 15:35
What's this irrelevant comparison? Who ever said they weren't better than Happy? Better at what? You didn't even mention them you little blind yank. I'm not talking about who's better and who ain't. And still very arguable for there's no unbiased person, only stats could tell.
2018-09-28 15:38
"his downfall should be the most significant in your amateur list. Rethink." Your exact quote, claiming his down fall is more significant than shox, gtr, and forest. End of discussion
2018-09-28 15:39
And it's true, his downfall came out all of a sudden and he fell from a Major winner to a Minor dropout. No one ever has fallen this hard and this low... You didn't even clarify at what they were better, such a silly approach to this kind of topic. Now it's the end of discussion.
2018-09-28 15:41
jks | 
Australia buttpickle 
5 lul inb4 draken on 2018-2019 list
2018-09-28 06:07
already making his way
2018-09-28 13:42
Hear me out: olofmeister/dennis combo for replacing pronax because they didn't want to stick to pronax's trainings and tactics.
2018-09-28 06:12
thats not the reason pronax left, he left because everyone in fnatic hated each other
2018-09-28 13:42
Finland James Nelson 
2018-09-28 06:22
Didnt do any damage, in fact him getting banned helped LDLC since they got a better team
2018-09-28 15:25
fancy1 (now, Summer) ~ victims: captainMo, somebody, DD, AttackeR
2018-09-28 06:24
who the fuck?
2018-09-28 13:42
Australia CaZeR01 
Some chinese noob playing for flash (i think)
2018-09-29 07:23
2018-09-30 00:32
United States stephcurry30 
valve - destroyed ibp, future col, fxy0 and friends skadoodle - destroyed c9 by wanting to retire after major
2018-09-28 06:24
c9 had no legends. iBP didnt either
2018-09-28 13:43
maybe dont throw next time if you dont want to get banned
2018-09-28 15:45
Y'all forgot happy who destroyed screaM's and other french players' confidence and career by his leadership style
2018-09-28 06:37
Australia MatthewJKS 
2018-09-28 07:11
many victims
2018-09-28 13:42
Malta aidsss 
Almost every1 from ibp
2018-09-28 07:27
pyth: after he joined NIP they started to go down
2018-09-28 07:34
they were already on a downward path due to XIzt
2018-09-28 15:26
2018-09-28 07:41
2018-09-28 15:26
gj.... a list full of honorable players who play/played top level CS and won many trophys with their teams xD here is a real career destroyer list, with players/ppl/groups of ppl who deserve to be there. - kqly (destroyed the titan org and the titan team) - troubley (:D, basically killed every german csgo team, he is one of the main reasons for the terrible weak pro scene !) - the "brains" behind the NA matchfixing - all the shady fucktards over the years who kept prizemoney, scammed their players etc. and finally made them lose their motivation/forced them to leave the pro/semipro scene.
2018-09-28 07:53
ez clap
2018-09-28 08:03
0 IQ, KQLY ~ his departure helped LDLC, so him getting banned had the largest fucking silver lining of all time. Troubly ~ who the fuck, definately didnt ruin any legends iBP ~ no legends involved
2018-09-28 15:28
iBP could have had legends if they didn't throw. That's what ruined means. If you're already a legend who TF cares. No one ruined Get Right and Forest they've already achieved everything.
2018-09-30 02:36
Germany volt =D 
I still remember the Troubley and tizian story :D
2018-09-30 02:46
Denmark Xipingu 
Agree with everything apart from Edward. And especially about Karrigan. How the fuck do you keep choking rounds in finals where it really matters? Sure they won some of the tourneys, but with an IGL that doesn’t choke, it would have been way more tournament wins. Heck, they would probably even be #1 or #2 now consistently.
2018-09-28 07:57
FNS Victim : Half of the brazillian CS scene
2018-09-28 08:06
Canada Surzz 
dumb thread, doesn't even know the meaning of career destroying.
2018-09-28 08:12
Crime: got shox removed from envy in 2015 becoz shox wanted to play with him. holy fux are u dumb
2018-09-28 13:42
Paraguay HighAIching 
no s1mple, kng, thorin? 0/8 list
2018-09-28 13:45
Turkey Rjea 
Eminem he destroyed MGK's career
2018-09-28 13:45
2018-09-28 13:46
award goes to "proof it or i kill you" that destroyed kng
2018-09-28 13:47
he, nor the rest of his team werent great anyways
2018-09-28 13:47
dont have to be the whole team, just his personal is enough too. Also iBP fixing
2018-09-28 13:48
iBP wasnt great, IMT wasnt great, purpose of post was underwhelming players ruining great players
2018-09-28 13:48
topic is "greatest career destroyers of all time" not " underwhelming players ruining great players"
2018-09-28 13:50
Brazil ovomexido 
Karrigan lost faze their entire last year, mibr won all finals against them when both teams were almost equally matched
2018-09-28 13:50
They weren't equally matched, FaZe had more talent simple as that. Thats why karrigan is on the list since FaZe had more pure talent yet could never win
2018-09-28 15:06
Brazil ovomexido 
what? sorry that's just wrong, SK was always a step ahead but even when they looked shaky faze could never overplayed them, just because they brought a lot of star players with weight on their names doesn't mean they have more talent, Fer and Cold were destroying faze and fallen beasting too, those 3 winning almost every trade, clutch, you name it.. being labeled as star team is just that, a label. SK were as talented winning everything with a competent igl and game structure, Karrigan is on the list because Astralis got stronger without him and even getting all the players he could ever want he still didn't won almost nothing, no majors and no winning a trophy over their formal rivals, SK
2018-09-28 19:20
read carefully, i said FaZe has more pure skill, which is true. SK has better strats, chemistry, and mentality. Biased fans are annoying as shit
2018-09-30 00:31
No happy no party xd
2018-09-28 13:53
At least happy was pulling his own weight during 2014-2015
2018-09-28 15:06
I’d say Xizt, he helped to ruin friberg further, helped ruin pyth, Maikelele and all the 5ths that kept getting kicked pretty much. Xizt ruined their careers like he is ruining Fnatic now.
2018-09-28 15:18
+1, friberg, maikelele, and pyth are not all time greats but true, current fnatic is also an example though with Krimz, JW, and flusha
2018-09-28 15:22
Croatia mds818 
2018-09-28 15:33
4 majors, definately agree
2018-09-28 15:33
So is Edward fault that s1mple scored like 10 frags per map vs Astralis?
2018-09-28 15:37
One map, and no that is not his fault, It was his fault at dreamhack marseille, at starladder s4, at eleague premier, at pro league, +others
2018-09-28 15:37
Russia xtkjdtr01 
2018-09-28 15:38
lol fan of astralis, you should be voting Carriedforhisentirecareer igan
2018-09-28 15:40
EmiliO, he is sooo fucking good he would easly be top player if he werent banned
2018-09-28 15:40
2018-09-28 15:41
yxo | 
Ukraine yxo7 
2018-09-28 15:46
+0.5, wasnt as big of a bot as some of them but def bad
2018-09-28 15:47
Zeus —Buries pro100, buried seized and starix
2018-09-28 15:51
fair, not as bad as some of these guys tho
2018-09-28 15:51
i dont agree with edward, or karrigan either really but admittedly i havent watched faze that much in important matches this yr. smithzz i would agree with - having both ex6tenz and smithzz seems pointless. it's ironic that no teams would pick up smithzz yet he is in the best french team with potential for top 5 with shox, kenny and body in good form (already shox in god form and kenny decent)
2018-09-28 16:12
He is only on the team because hes shox wants him to stay around and he was in charge of the lineup... though the big boys at G2 seem to be mad so we might see a roster shuffle there soon.
2018-09-29 06:55
2018-09-30 00:32
Sweden plikz 
Zeus is the problem not Edward
2018-09-28 16:13
both are problems, but zeus proved himself in another team, edward has not
2018-09-28 16:15
1, 2, 3, 5 are all valid. I think edward is fine
2018-09-28 16:50
+ ngiN
2018-09-28 16:56
no one on SS has ever made a top 20, nonetheless are all time greats
2018-09-30 00:33
El Salvador pink_dildo 
2018-09-30 00:35
Emilia Hult (._.')
2018-09-30 02:39
Germany volt =D 
xizt. Victims: GTR, f0rest, flusha, JW, krimz
2018-09-30 02:47
2018-09-30 03:43
Godsent idea
2018-09-30 02:50
-100, they were washed when they attempted it
2018-09-30 03:43
thoorin destroyed kngv
2018-09-30 18:16
Vp fucking smashed nip ,no player wouldve made any difference and same goes for the dhw final im pretty sure they got obliterated on the last map . Shox got kicked from envy because he wanted to igl and smithzz followed him are you retarded ?
2018-09-30 18:17
rain | 
Norway Sn0w___ 
Prob funniest post this year
2018-09-30 18:19
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