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I'll guess what your future job will be.
GeT_RiGhT | 
Serbia NoPeTV 
Right, so Answer these questions and I'll answer with what your future job will be. Interests & Hobbies outside of Gaming: Interests & Hobbies inside of Gaming: Your Best School Subject/What You are studying in college: Nationallity: Age:
2018-09-29 19:43
Norway rogueplayer 
Sports Business & Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship my Bachelor thesis about business and technology Norway 12
2018-09-29 19:44
Possibly Successful game developer, possibly work at a technology company, Depending on how good you are at a particular sport you could go pro in that.
2018-09-29 19:47
Twistzz | 
United Kingdom Sh4dez 
Sitting in my room alone living life vicariously through others fps Business U.K 16
2018-09-29 19:44
You'll probably own a small company in your local town and make a liveable income on that.
2018-09-29 19:45
Watching sports, smoking weed CS, LoL, SWBF2, OW Math,Biology,IT german and tunisian 16
2018-09-29 19:45
That one hungover Maths Teacher/Professor
2018-09-29 19:54
2018-09-29 20:09
United Kingdom alcaz4r 
nothing flaming in csgo maths uk 16
2018-09-29 19:46
- Interests & Hobbies outside of Gaming: Makin' beats. - Interests & Hobbies inside of Gaming: Don't have. - Your Best School Subject/What You are studying in college: English. - Nationality: Estonian. - Age: 19. - The director of the funeral agency of wifi, wifisfuneral.
2018-09-29 19:51
I don't have much to work with here, so I will say you could be a music producer depending on how good you are at 'makin' beats.'.
2018-09-29 19:52
Dj wifisfuneral -The director of the funeral agency of Zahidabdiqadirazizabdulrahman, Zahidabdiqadirazizabdulrahmansfuneral.
2018-09-29 19:58
Hungary Rollie 
1. : Having fun and partying with friends, reading about economics 2.: Strategy games 3.: English, History, Maths 4.: Hungarian 5.: 17
2018-09-29 19:54
Albania blizaardy 
Editing videos(real life footages), doing animations I studying nursing(I hate school) I am Turkish minority living in Kosovo 20
2018-09-29 19:55
Doctor/something in medical things, If you get a lucky break and are good at editing maybe become an editor of a big content creator.
2018-09-29 20:04
Albania blizaardy 
I just created my own company I will keep doing this thing cuz I am really good at it. @xcodemediaks search instagram if you wanna check some stuff made by us
2018-09-29 20:06
Nothing Nothing Literature Ukrainian 18
2018-09-29 19:57
Literature is hell though
2018-09-30 03:57
Partying, Politics, Stocks and Making Projections, Basketball and Rugby. Admining NA’s largest CS community server, ESEA/Faceit, COD Zombies? Idk. Hltv also. Economics, Maths, Politics and Government, History British 16
2018-09-29 19:59
Ukraine TrickyFox 
Learning plaing guitar,walking with friends,improving english skills and trying to learn some new languages(results are XD) Cs,Paladins,funny multiplayer games English,literature,well improved history Ukrainian\quarter Korean 15
2018-09-29 20:00
World Traveller with part time jobs to fund travelling the world. (Long shot but maybe :P)
2018-09-29 20:03
Ukraine TrickyFox 
Thx can u make another scenario?
2018-09-29 20:06
2018-09-29 20:31
Ukraine TrickyFox 
ahahhaahahha luuul u made my night
2018-09-29 20:49
growing cannabis fps , mmorpg history finnish 16
2018-09-29 20:02
Drug Dealer
2018-09-29 20:03
well i do that already sometimes :D
2018-09-29 20:07
2018-09-30 04:04
Interests & Hobbies outside of Gaming: music, tech, cycling, cooking Interests & Hobbies inside of Gaming: xD Your Best School Subject/What You are studying in college: was kinda aight at web design (hate programming tho) Nationallity: latvian Age: 23
2018-09-29 20:14
Pretty much anything sport related, running, gym, swimming, cycling and in the winter skiing and ice hockey Realistic shooters like arma, rs2, insurgency and good story games like life is strange and bioshock Well i studied to become an electrician but i did like english and geography back then finlando 19
2018-09-29 20:07
music and weed smoking, cooking inside of gaming cs everything around the top level scene including podcasts like btn and counterpoints, play fortnite when having a beers and a johnny at night with a friend was always good at languages pretty much germany 26
2018-09-29 20:09
Belgium KYC 
technology, gym, business pretty much like all genres in gaming industrial engineer flag 20
2018-09-29 20:12
2018-09-29 20:12
United States Rod0lfo 
Politics, race, conspiracies, economics, watching American football Hearthstone, overwatch, csgo (once in a while now), runescape Industrial engineer American 18
2018-09-29 20:18
Brazil k1mkeid 
Interests & Hobbies outside of Gaming: I like to draw manga, I like to watch and read manga/anime, Iike to play RPG of table dunno how to discribe in english.. I'm a well musician and kind of that all.. Interests & Hobbies inside of Gaming: RPG and fps Your Best School Subject/What You are studying in college: biology / portuguese and english Nationallity: brazillian Age: 21 so??
2018-09-29 20:18
Netherlands Removed 
Interests & Hobbies outside of Gaming: no Interests & Hobbies inside of Gaming: yes Your Best School Subject/What You are studying in college: I am studying Polish pre-renaissance theoretical dance and pottery and the correlation thereof to the fall of the Byzantine empire Nationallity: Dutch Age: 11
2018-09-29 20:21
United States J3nks 
Sports (Track & Field, Cycling), music (piano, singing), acting, partying, watching movies/shows Singleplayer: RPGs and adventure games mostly Multiplayer: CS:GO (also following the pro scene), Divinity, Civilization Maths, Sports, Latin, English; gonna start studying Aerospace Engineering soon German 18
2018-09-29 20:25
Interests & Hobbies outside of Gaming: Join humanity organisation, tech, badminton, politic Interests & Hobbies inside of Gaming: CS:GO , R6, Roleplay game, Flight Simulator Your Best School Subject: English, Civic, History, It, Sociology Nationallity: Indonesian Age: 16
2018-09-29 20:29
2018-09-30 03:53
Myanmar Lemo2K 
Outside gaming: YouTube Inside gaming: Csgo Best school subject: I only got good grade on math, the rest I suck/ no interest Studying "Administration" Nationallity: swe/Thai Age: 17 next month
2018-09-30 04:01
Music, CS:GO with buddies, English language, Russian, 21!
2018-09-30 04:02
Philippines legbreaker 
Interests outside: Oceanic exploration of depths (bathyscape-hadal zones), public transport reseach, running, sneakerhead, war/political analysis, mathematics, Fußball scene (clubs-national teams) Interests inside: DOTA 2, R6:S, CS:GO (formerly), follow pro scene) Hearts of Iron 4, Payday 2, Town of Salem, Destiny 1 (formerly) Best Subjects: Mathematics/Science (interest-grades) English (grades)/applying for UCLA Nationality: German/Filipino Age: 18
2018-09-30 04:05
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