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Zowie EC2-B lol?
Hungary AlexLeMeme 
2018-10-01 22:07
s1 | 
Ukraine mpletop1 
Zowie overrated af
2018-10-01 22:08
pronax | 
Russia ShadTH 
2018-10-01 22:25
s1 | 
Ukraine mpletop1 
zowie good but not best logitech best
2018-10-01 22:27
pronax | 
Russia ShadTH 
2018-10-01 22:28
Croatia mds818 
idk regarding the mouz but comparing g430 vs revolver s logitech feels like 5$ headset
2018-10-01 22:42
all logitech mice are so fucking uncomfortable its actually scary
2018-10-01 23:19
its very good for CS but that built quality you see in the video is obviously garbage
2018-10-01 22:09
have 3 zowie mice never broke, but talk to zowie. I'm pretty sure they're going to replace it.
2018-10-01 22:38
United States nohj 
rival 310 best
2018-10-01 22:10
did you try to unplug and plug it again?
2018-10-01 22:11
everything works perfectly on the mouse. all buttons, scrollwheel. its full functional but it has that annoying sound
2018-10-01 22:14
well, next time dont throw it against the wall
2018-10-01 22:15
Sweden wnsz 
you probably raged too hard
2018-10-01 22:15
World spaaace 
is it better than your logitech?
2018-10-01 22:16
it is really hard to answer. What I can say for sure is logitech has better built quality and material usage but that zowie probably is more controllable. Comfort wise logitech is a bit better imo. For hardcore/tryhard gaming zowie is a bit better but if you want the comfort, quality and the honey you should go for the Logitech. I could write an essay about it but overall for my be-pro purposes zowie is better but the g502 is very good also. (a bit heavy, a bit thick and harder to control it perfectly and it tires your arms faster) I dont have a good grip bcs my wrist hurts a bit when keeping up 110-120 kpm on yprac xD Both on logitech and zowie but it comes earlier with the logitech. Its not medical problem i just strain on wrist but when I relax my wrist it goes out immediately. Back in ages I used: MX518, Deathadder v2, G5, G500, G502, and that EC2-B.
2018-10-01 22:37
sergej | 
Finland niklaSjj 
just open it and see what's going on
2018-10-01 22:16
having warranty and my computer shop gonna change it immediately.
2018-10-01 22:38
ok nice
2018-10-01 23:16
been using zowie for 2 years no problem at all
2018-10-01 22:17
Norway sAvageOG 
same Zowie EC2-A
2018-10-01 22:18
i have fk1
2018-10-01 22:18
Someone put M&Ms in that???? xaxa
2018-10-01 22:18
Poland sthEn 
Don't lift it like flusha then.
2018-10-01 22:20
Netherlands RaVersoN 
I have both mouses from this video =D
2018-10-01 22:21
good taste
2018-10-01 22:42
dont smash your fucking mouse on the desk when you die in fortnite you noob
2018-10-01 22:23
Canada PolarApoc 
2018-10-01 22:38
you are a bot lmao com 1v1 xddd
2018-10-01 22:42
see I knew it you fortnite weeb
2018-10-01 22:47
i meant come 1v1 in CS 1.6
2018-10-01 22:47
maybe css
2018-10-01 22:49
im 1.6 guy sry :(
2018-10-01 23:07
Slovakia zzzkkkyyy 
unluko maluko, mine is working like a charm, I've been mashing it like crazy when I was tilted, no problem at all.
2018-10-01 22:29
maybe i had the error margin in the manufacturing :D
2018-10-01 22:38
Canada PolarApoc 
You could probably return it most electronic things have a month warranty on purchase.
2018-10-01 22:40
You should be a big rager if your Zowie mouse looks like this after one month..
2018-10-01 22:36
Canada PolarApoc 
I'd say, I've had my Ec2-a for a year now and mine is absolutely perfect, no problems at all.
2018-10-01 22:39
it doesnt look like that. Its scratch free from outside lmao. Maybe I had the waste.
2018-10-01 22:39
Sweden X-rAy 
stop smashing your mouse when you die. that fixes your problem
2018-10-01 22:39
im not smashing it when I die xD my logitech worked perfectly after smashing it like the monitor was almost falling down from table. having that g502 for 3-4 years soon and everything is perfect on it even the scrollwheel.
2018-10-01 22:41
With the b Series the quality got worse, overall it still is a solid mouse but i probably never buy something again from zowie
2018-10-01 22:52
felps | 
Poland flikx 
You must've been smashing it every time u died in a match lul (original joke). Or else you weren't lucky with your purchase, cuz I don't think Zowie's quality got that bad after the release of this model.
2018-10-01 23:14
deserved for using a razer headset
2018-10-01 23:16
SileNt | 
United States rad1ey 
had mine for almost year, literally no issue, Maybe he should try not slamming his mouse when he dies?
2018-10-01 23:17
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