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/ - Instead of saying: Are you kidding me? say: 8/8 (as you are rating a supposed bait) / - When you get someone praising so much some bad player, like steelega for example say: nt steel / - Everytime a team you dislike lose you have to create a thread called "(team-name) Laught thread" / - When someone drive you really crazy, don't answer him with sweet words in a open thread, you have to open a private message then you can say whatever you want (sweet words, remember). / - Don't roast people who open you thread and say: "who cares?", you can get banned by being intolerant to brain ill people. / - in HLTV You can create threads sending teams ways to get out of bad results, are you silver? do you play CSGO less than 5h a day? it doesn't matter, cause when you become a HLTV user you can fix the world by saying: "-something +something"
2018-10-02 04:52
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Denmark oskarsports 
first thought when I was reading "Are you kidding me?" HIKO ARE YOU KIDDING ME???
2018-10-02 04:54
oh I don't know this meme :\
2018-10-02 04:55
World mad25100 
2018-10-02 04:57
/ - Everytime you see a shit thread created by a brazilian just comment on it with a M16r post.
2018-10-02 04:54
kraut go eat a schwein dung
2018-10-02 04:55
but when the brazilian is a navi fan you have to comment N1´6I
2018-10-02 04:56
LMAO no way this shit was almost 2 years ago
2018-10-02 04:58
when guardian was from na´vi you were not even born
2018-10-02 04:59
that wouldn't even allow me to write right now manki logic
2018-10-02 05:00
maybe na´vi had to BUG doing jumps without showing their heads like they were using wall.
2018-10-02 05:01
sorry but i can only remember quick 0:2 on eleague major boston against faze
2018-10-02 05:02
Hello i thought its freedom in here?
2018-10-02 04:55
if you dont have an answer just write "0/8" its the easiest rekt
2018-10-02 04:57
United States VRGcarsonqi 
yeah but anyone who is reading knows that u don't have an answer
2018-10-02 05:01
2018-10-02 07:28
who cares?
2018-10-02 05:02
United States Idoitforlols 
Fuck you guys and fuck the admins on this site. I pray I get banned. Honestly I have never thought myself a nationalist until I came on this site and seen how stupid you fucks are, and my god you guys are stupid. Seriously each one of you dumb fucks (Especially Sweden and Germany) come on this website and talk all the shit in the world because your country is better and how our countries can do better "you Americans are so cocky" irony you swedish fucks. Goodnight, fuck you HLTV.
2018-10-02 05:10
United States TriHardSeven 
Cya tomorrow
2018-10-02 05:12
United States Idoitforlols 
Sadly probably.
2018-10-02 05:14
Denmark Twick_ 
Don't leave me men :/
2018-10-02 07:38
Brazil stewArt1 
2018-10-02 05:11
2018-10-02 05:13
18:00ECLOT vs Brute
18:00paiN vs W7M
22:00paiN vs DETONA
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