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Who should host the next Major?
Australia EzKK 
The last Faceit Major was a complete disaster, the major wasn't great and I certainly didn't enjoy it myself, but who do you guys think should host the next major? For me, I really was BLAST to host a major, that'll be really interesting to watch, but other than BLAST, Epicentre is a really nice choice too. That's all IMO so feel free to comment down what you think.
2018-10-03 02:24
2018-10-03 02:25
Australia EzKK 
*Eleague, but ye, there not bad.
2018-10-03 02:27
Sweden ConaN007 
The CIS region deserve a major, both Starladder and Epicenter could pull it off. I personally wouldn't mind a DH major in Sweden tho ;)))
2018-10-03 02:32
Australia EzKK 
Oh yeah, that'll be great
2018-10-03 02:32
United States TriHardSeven 
Pls no, the timezones would fuck over NA viewers even more. I'd be fine with a Sweden major though.
2018-10-03 03:18
Brazil Eneas56 
So what? Cis get fucked when the tournament are in the US, why can't they have at least one major ?
2018-10-03 03:36
United States TriHardSeven 
London was perfect, for both EU and NA
2018-10-03 04:54
Canada Timings 
2018-10-03 08:42
ZywOo | 
France ZywHere 
But it was shit
2018-10-03 10:32
Brazil Eneas56 
I know it but how is it related to what I say ? Do you want every major to be hosted in a country with that timezone? I said cis could get one major and fuck us just like it happens to them every time the major is in the US...
2018-10-03 15:34
Don't be so self centred. fat burger fries
2018-10-03 08:47
Do you realize that Moscow is +2 ?
2018-10-03 10:41
Starladder would be similar to FACEIT. Lack of hype, cheap production (compared to ESL, ELEAGUE). Maybe less tech issues and surely there wouldn't be FPS problems at fucking major. EPICENTER is just a cringefest that should never be a major. Russian announcer with wrong team pronouncation and bad in general, weird stage decorations, weird opening with stuntmen and bad acting, massive and epic looking plastic trophy. Everything looks like a bad show for children.
2018-10-03 03:23
+1 EPICENTER is a shit-show.
2018-10-03 15:36
I don't think blast can host a major because blast is owned by the same company that owns astralis and also heroic I think
2018-10-03 09:39
Indonesia Not_A_Carry 
Yes, that's correct
2018-10-03 10:07
Australia EzKK 
Oh ok, but only if they could, that'll be awsome.
2018-10-04 00:37
I really dont care, just be in europe and not overseas.
2018-10-03 02:27
I want PGL to get a 2nd chance, I know their 1st major had a lot of problems but I still remember their PGL season 1 from 2015 which was one of my favourite events ever when it comes to production value.
2018-10-03 02:28
Australia EzKK 
The PGL Major was great, I loved it
2018-10-03 02:29
Sweden ConaN007 
+1 PGL will get an other chance in cs for sure, they have legit hosted 7 Dota 2 majors at this point together with Valve. The next PGL CS major will be awesome! The PGL Krakow major playoffs was flawless from a attendee perspective, but they had some major delays and issues with the group stage which left all the online viewers with a bad impression. Which is why cs fans dislike pgl, the krakow major was kind of a fluke with the games also, Immortals vs Gambit in the grand final lul
2018-10-03 02:42
Pgl actually revolutionised csgo production more than anyone else. Pgl were the first to have the floating camera thing and also the first to show instant replays from other perspectives than what was stream. ( let's say someone gets and ace and camera wasn't there during the stream. The replay after the round would instantly show his perspective)
2018-10-03 09:42
That's exacly why I loved their PGL season 1. They don't deserve all the hate they got for the major.
2018-10-03 12:27
Worst major ever...please no
2018-10-03 15:37
Brazil TEUS1 
2018-10-03 02:29
Australia starpyur 
The next major is already being hosted by iem in katowice man first major of next year. After that iem is usually a good host so is dreamhack.
2018-10-03 02:29
Epicenter has always been a very good event so far. I'd give them a try at hosting majors
2018-10-03 02:30
2018-10-03 04:09
Yeah, it would be cool to see BLAST or Epicenter, first time hosting major of course, in ties with valve. I would like to see an Eleague major again, maybe we could have a dreamhack before, but I've always like Eleagues production. And, who do I think it will go to? Honestly no idea. Just hoping for the usual one NA, one Europe, and if they had a smaller (valve sponsored, but not major system, like normal tournament but maybe some stuff in game) tournament in Asia/Oceania
2018-10-03 02:33
What about a Major hold in Africa or in South America?
2018-10-03 02:37
Sweden ConaN007 
Africa? Top kek
2018-10-03 02:43
Your arguments? Why not?
2018-10-03 02:44
Sweden ConaN007 
0/8 garbage tier bait, what part of Africa even have some what of a cs scene expect for South Africa? What would the fucking crowd consist of? A bunch of Nigerians getting paid 2$ every hour?
2018-10-03 02:48
tarik | 
Canada ypc_1234 
nice comment with a lot of bias idea and racism
2018-10-03 02:55
Sweden ConaN007 
Bias idea and racism lol, then tell me where I'm wrong Mr.Brazil? The Nigerian part was obviously a joke.
2018-10-03 03:23
tarik | 
Canada ypc_1234 
I understand what you mean, but I think you're sending a bad image of Africa.There are a lot of cs players in africa and in north africa there would potentially be an audience ready to come and watch the major. Not racism but bias idea yeah
2018-10-03 03:33
ez report
2018-10-03 08:49
Other WorldIsAFuck 
Would Morocco be a possibility? Seems like a cool city
2018-10-03 10:15
United States jaeger_steam 
Africa has a combined total of THREE round wins in all majors combined. Only one team has ever played at a big event because they got invited. It would have to be held in south africa, which besides the fact has practically no scene, is about as far away from any other developed scene as possible. Name ONE good reason to have an african major. There are none besides the fact no tournament has been there (for very good reasons) And while UK has no relevant teams either, at least it is in Europe, surrounded by other developed scenes, and home to one of the bigger event organizers. South america i could see an argument for, but i dont think right now is a good time based on the state of the scene.
2018-10-03 03:19
tarik | 
Canada ypc_1234 
It could bring visibility to Africa and help their scene to develop.
2018-10-03 03:39
tarik | 
Canada ypc_1234 
You only see the bad points , i'm not an event organizer , i dont even know if it's possible to do it , but i know that if it's possible it's a great idea.And it could be different from the other majors.
2018-10-03 03:42
United States jaeger_steam 
Then have something like an IEM event (sydney and shanghai as examples), not one of the two BIGGEST events of the whole year... the major is supposed to be the biggest tournament there is, not a "lets bring attention to a scene with no competitive team" event
2018-10-03 03:43
tarik | 
Canada ypc_1234 
I hadn't thought of that since we were talking about the major, but yeah it's a great idea
2018-10-03 03:48
Brazil Eneas56 
If people actually go to the stage I don't see any problem at all. Every years both majors are hosted in NA and EU, I would be fun if they decided to host one in Asia or Oceania, idk Ofc they can't host a major in a country like Eritrea but countries like South Africa are very capable. "South america i could see an argument for, but i dont think right now is a good time based on the state of the scene" This phrase is cancer, na was always shit 'till like 2015 and it always gets majors, (if that is what u meant) last year vp was fucked up already and poland got a major.
2018-10-03 03:47
United States jaeger_steam 
#46 Also, based on cluj, it is HIGHLY unlikely south africa would fill out. And cluj was next door to other scenes compared to south africa. Also, no need to pull out the "thats cancer" card, we can have a conversation without getting like that. You do have a good point with NA not being good when we got Columbus. I feel it was a bit different as NA does host a number of other big events, but there definitely was a lot of (understandable) pushback when it was announced. It ended up being fantastic, and a SA major could very well be too. I would be a little worried mibr's slump and the secondary team (whatever they are called these days) being pretty much memes of the community at this point negatively impacting perception of the event, but maybe with mibr's recent resurgence it could be a good time.
2018-10-03 04:03
Brazil Eneas56 
The determination point of a country hosting or not a major is simple: sponsorship. As e-sports are not popular in Africa they (with they I mean the organisations like esl mlg etc) do not find sponsors for the event, that's why they don't host any big event. Na is simply the biggest (idk if Korea have taken this position over) e-sport market in the world, so even tho they are terrible at certain game, people will still go the stage and cheer, sponsorship will be good etc. It doesn't make any sense when you say that br teams are/were "memes", first of all mibr never dropped down the top 10, I think that's good enough. And considering the lack of events here, the search of a ticket for a major would be gigant. And ofc, e sports are already a big thing, so getting sponsors is not a bit of a problem. I really do believe Australia, Brazil, Denmark and France deserve a major over US, Sweden, Poland etc
2018-10-03 04:22
Esl belo horizonte, ez best crowd ever
2018-10-03 02:41
Why BH again? Should be SP
2018-10-03 03:05
Brazil Eneas56 
+1 even tho I live in BH it'd not make any sense if they decided to host a fucking major here
2018-10-03 03:47
United States TriHardSeven 
Would love to see a major in Brazil, one of the best crowds I've ever seen.
2018-10-03 03:16
Other WorldIsAFuck 
EZ spitting on big
2018-10-03 10:16
2018-10-04 00:40
Sweden plikz 
I like Eleague alot
2018-10-03 02:42
Kush | 
Netherlands protiny 
you mean after ESL (IEM Kato 2019)? MLG definitely MLG but that's probably not gonna happen cuz of ties with Shitivision. Another Dreamhack Major would be awesome and Eleague has proven to be a competent host as well so wouldn't mind them either. Personally I'd like to see a major fully hosted by Valve (ala the Internaional) not just sponsored by them. As for locations: Berlin (Mercedes-Benz Arena), Paris (AccorHotels Arena), Rotterdam (Ahoy), Amsterdam (Ziggo Dome or Amsterdam ArenA), Nice (Allianz Riviera Stadium), Monaco (Salle Gaston Médecin), Toronto (Air Canada Centre), Brussels (Brussels Expo), and finally Munich (Audi Dome). Those are all locations which I would think make for great venues.
2018-10-03 03:00
United States duckkcs 
+1 DH and MLG are both top tournament organizers
2018-10-03 03:01
2018-10-03 15:39
2018-10-03 02:49
smooya | 
United Kingdom fal36 
2018-10-03 02:53
2018-10-03 10:14
CEVO major 2019
2018-10-03 03:03
United States TriHardSeven 
MLG Columbus again, amazing crowd and great production. If not in the U.S, then how about a Canada major in Toronto. And if not in NA then how about a Copenhagen major, Denmark is long overdue a major. I personally want ESL One NY to be a major, but I'm biased as I live in NYC.
2018-10-03 03:11
We already know that ESL will be hosting the next major through IEM (Which means there is no Facebook deal to hold to lucky for us viewers) I'm actually super excited for this one, though outside of ESL which would've been my top pick anyways I'd certainly have to say, MLG, Eleague, and Dreamhack are all very competent. I think I'd only want to see a Blast tournament if they put a good format in place, they're production quality is actually pretty good outside of that. Only ones I can think of off the top of my head.
2018-10-03 03:10
Australia DubL 
MLG wont come back to cs
2018-10-03 04:16
Of course they wont, doesn't stop me from dreaming though :>
2018-10-03 05:48
Australia DubL 
i'd personally want to see how epicenter or starladder could do when hosting a major i wouldnt mind seeing a dh major again tho, its been so long since i witnessed one
2018-10-03 05:51
Personally I think ESL handles them the best and I'd prefer to get a well handled event for this next one after the shitshow of the major FACEIT's was. For ones I want to see TRY it out, StarLadder, BLAST Pro Series, and EPICENTER are all interesting. I'd say with the production quality BLAST has I'd be most interested to see one from them with a decent format. Starladder after and then EPICENTER, never really got to watch much EPICENTER stuff so that might be why.
2018-10-03 06:31
Australia DubL 
we've got iem kato next yr so it'll be fine starladder has organised csgo events for a long time - its time they took a shot at hosting the major I honestly doubt any of the organisers we've mentioned would host as poorly as faceit did
2018-10-03 09:06
Australia DubL 
I agree, blast has some great production
2018-10-03 09:07
shox | 
India iejesus 
2018-10-03 03:14
Infinite | 
Japan @0x0 
ESL if they dont do facebook bullshit, esl had problems but they never fucked up a major like faceit, eleague or pgl
2018-10-03 03:24
United States crulix 
1. Eleague 2. ESL 3. DH
2018-10-03 03:31
United States (Fr0st) 
Cs Summit 3. Put all the players in a 3 sided booth, and have all the fans come in their rooms and bang on the glass.
2018-10-03 03:37
yes 10,000 fans banging on glass great idea xD
2018-10-03 10:34
I'm thinking DH, ELEAGUE, or Starladder. They should have it located in maybe Canada, USA, Ukraine, or have Cologne again.
2018-10-03 03:38
ESL have the best crowds and productions most of the time imo, but I guess they won't get a 2nd in 2019. I'd like to see starladder or epicenter
2018-10-03 03:38
Brazil Mentecapto 
2018-10-03 03:38
Australia DubL 
Starladder or epicenter would be my choice for the second major of 2019
2018-10-03 04:19
Estonia ropzsports 
ESL One Cologne
2018-10-03 04:28
Finland Smoonah 
Starladder would be a budget scene, dunno why people keep saying Starladder. Eleague doesn’t do a bad job and you got dududududu, or DH
2018-10-03 04:38
Well since ESL is getting IEM Kato 2019 obv for the second major I hope for one of the following: A return of MLG that sadly won't happen because of shitivision Eleague event here in the states again DH event in either Sweden or maybe Denmark :) Epicenter event in CIS (honestly worried starladder would cheap out on production for their event)
2018-10-03 04:44
Somewhere in Australia or NZ so everyone will be fucked by the timezones and no one would complain Look at the next TI in China, dotafags doesnt care about the timezones
2018-10-03 04:52
Lithuania andy_ 
Eleague for sure
2018-10-03 06:33
Peru vaniIIa 
2018-10-03 06:35
Epicenter maybe in CIS
2018-10-03 06:37
chrisJ | 
Finland Motori 
Major in Asia or finland would be cool
2018-10-03 07:22
Blast pro copenhagen
2018-10-03 07:25
probably never gonna happen since there's a conflict of interest with rfrsh owning Astralis
2018-10-03 08:29
United States Contii 
Of course it should be MLG but it can't be, so I guess ELEAGUE.
2018-10-03 07:43
Already decided katowife
2018-10-03 07:44
United States Contii 
katowife LUL guess they don't have spellcheck in 3rd world
2018-10-03 07:45
This is the best roast u have and u can possibly do Good job ferb *Katowice
2018-10-03 07:46
PGL,EPICENTER, IEM Probably will be host in US or EU, but I want them to be host in CIS and Asia
2018-10-03 07:50
Nepal permyxd 
Valve major with gaben on stage MAKE IT HAPPEN
2018-10-03 07:54
cs_summit EleGiggle
2018-10-03 08:00
Blast run major would be rigged as fuck in the favor of astralis
2018-10-03 08:32
Paraguay HighAIching 
i predict its gonna be iem katowice
2018-10-03 08:38
Czech Republic ZajiiCZ 
Eleague Major Prague 2019
2018-10-03 08:48
Poland Obolenski 
IMO we need to see major in CiS, Denmark and Sweden for sure this places deserve it
2018-10-03 09:13
Poland Obolenski 
cis - Epicenter, Sweden - DH, Denmark - Blast
2018-10-03 09:14
United States Degree|CSGO 
I think epicenter or blast would be the best just because the production quality is tier 1 right next to eleague and they understand what fans like.
2018-10-03 09:13
Portugal sToleNcs 
I would love a blast major, epic crowd
2018-10-03 09:15
WIsh to see eleague again ;c
2018-10-03 09:16
DH Malmö or ESL Cologne
2018-10-03 09:29
n0thing | 
Netherlands om1t 
The eleague major is fine, i wanna see a ESL ONE Cologne major back and a BLAST major
2018-10-03 09:33
esl on facebook hopefully
2018-10-03 09:41
Zeus | 
Ukraine One1ove 
Starladder in Kiev ;)
2018-10-03 09:43
Dreamhack or starladder/epicenter
2018-10-03 10:03
Blast major in Denmark. x)
2018-10-03 10:07
Sweden Liquid_fan 
that would be insane
2018-10-03 10:42
Other WorldIsAFuck 
Anyone but eleague, most boring majors ever. Pgl or epicenter would probably be my favorites. Also please make Amsterdam major happen
2018-10-03 10:18
World Tenshi_R 
whatever, i just want to see major in China, it would be interesting
2018-10-03 10:25
Canada CappinCS 
ESL in Katowice.
2018-10-03 10:37
Sweden Liquid_fan 
wtff two major in a row for katowice and ESL? nt
2018-10-03 10:43
Canada CappinCS 
2018-10-03 10:44
ESL Cologne best Crowd
2018-10-03 10:40
no more major, we need ti...valve plz save csgo:D
2018-10-03 13:46
United States Bill_Bait 
Next major should be in International Space Station funded by both SpaceX and NASA.
2018-10-03 13:48
Sweden SQUTZY 
Blast are not allowed to host a major my friend. They are associated with Astralis
2018-10-03 14:33
Dududududududu Eleague Dududududududu
2018-10-03 14:37
Blast pro . I like Eleague production but shit NA crowd .
2018-10-03 14:40
Epicenter, Starladder or Dreamhack Dreamhack events are never bad
2018-10-03 15:35
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