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Hey everyone ! :) Today I am reviewing a complaint I received on LinkedIn ! :) Here is the complaint below: hello lady and gentlemen of i have been doing very big thinking recently and the thought about how many fantastic players are currently bench warmers right now, have retired or have befallen some other terrible fate for whatever reason makes me very angry ! >:( let us start with some retired talent which was promising Alexandre "xms" Forté most recently played for team EnVyUs before their initial disbandment and then resurgence recently as some MDL team lol. the French EnVy lineup never really had a very good run and i feel like as a new tier 1 player, xms never really got to show off his true potential. the only other notable team being LDLC which isnt very notable. xms also had a sick ace which i personally think was the most impressive ace i have ever seen. xms is now more interested than Fortnite than CS. Michael "shroud" Grzesiek, reddit's favourite planted his last bomb quite a while ago now and became a full time twitch streamer and with good reason, why stick around on a team where you are underappreciated, under performing and clearly the best player on the team earning mere sheckles when you can stream solo playing PUBG and earn like $10,000 a day. this is big meme however, shroud decided to leave Cloud9 because he was an ass trash player by the end was forced to play a role where he wouldnt get many kills. shroud wasnt always trash, back in 2014 he was a very good player and was one of NA's finest, the only wasted potential was that he was putting 0 effort in to CS and holding himself and his team back. he just expected to still be the best. sad and selfish end for a once great player. next we have players who have suffered an unfortunate fate. Josh "steel" Nissan, steel has very big brain and is quite a good fragger for an IGL, hes been in the scene for a long time and is very experienced in many ways, but of course he will never be allowed to perform on the big stage due to being one of the iBUYPOWER members banned many years ago. Ghost Gaming has done some impressive things for being just an NA mix team such as EPL and some Dreamhack events, as long as steel is allowed by those organisers the team can play. there are many events he cannot partake in however. alas as many events as steel and his team can take part in, there is one thing steel cannot control, time, steel's prime is long since past, he is getting older and is now 28, there is only so much an older player can hope to accomplish. Braxton "swag" Pierce, just like steel, he was also banned many a time ago for being part of the iBP scandal. swag was the most promising of much young talent back when he was first banned and he has achieved nothing in the recent years apart from standing in for Cloud9 are cs_summit and flexing his clout a little bit. swag currently plays for Swole Patrol which is an active team in MDL, they have fine talent right now and probably are in with a good shot at getting something done in MDL. that is as far as swag will really be going however. benched talent, HOLY SHIT THERE IS SO MUCH HOT TALENT ON THE BENCH RIGHT NOW IM SURPRISED IT HASNT FUCKING MELTED ALREADY, LET US BEGIN ! Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt and Dan "apEX" Madesclaire i am comboing these 2 together as they are likely to be joining the new French team Vitaly at some point in the near future and have been together for the past 3 years also, NBK- in my opinion is one of the GOAT support players and apEX is an incredible support player, the only reason these 2 players are benched is because they didnt fit in with G2 and there were too many disagreements, they did not get benched because they are bad and that is very important to note, both have had many options to join teams so far and the only thing stopping them is their own contracts and the fucking nazi's over at G2, NBK- for example wanted to play at the major under a certain team but G2 did not allow them, this ruined NBK-'s major streak. G2 also set their buyouts at ridiculous high prices, if i remember it was $800,000 for each of these mutant frogs, that is fucked. they are both sick players but they arent $800,000 a piece good. they are just punishing these 2 for no reason and they are stuck like this until their contracts end. Fabien "kioShiMa" Fiey, kioShiMa has been on the bench since the disbandment of French EnVyUs, kio has been benched many times before and im pretty sure his spot on the bench has central fucking heating and a jacuzzi at this point. poor guy cant catch a break, he gets kicked when hes bad, he gets kicked when hes good, he gets kicked when his org Y E E T S out of CS. to be honest i think kioShiMa could have honestly found a new team by now if he was looking hard enough, hes just chilling right now for whatever reason. perhaps he is waiting for an offer from Vitaly?. big love for king kio, i hope he comes back soon. Martin "STYKO" Styk, i was so angry when STYKO was removed from mousesports a month or so ago. in my opinion team chemistry is sometimes more important than having the maddest fucking fragger. they had very good chemistry and STYKO wasnt even a terrible player, he just sometimes under performed but his supporting abilities were fantastic and he was also Tomas "oskar" Stastny's best friend :(. he proved that he is no fool during his short stay with Cloud9. Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert, big man n0thing has been teamless since being benched from Cloud9 along with shroud quite a while ago, since then he has played with mousesports as a stand in and did quite well to be honest, it does surprise me how he doesnt have a team right now and i think its a similar situation to kioShiMa where he isnt really looking to hard and is just chilling right now. im sure there are many others to be listed also, here is just a few players who skills are going to waste also stay tuned for part 2 of my interview hosted by Mr The_Grey_Wanderer coming soon! :) Now I don't think this is very nice and attacks my race and my support of Bolsonaro 2018 !!! :) Please PM me nice messages from now on or I will leak Karrigan's new team !!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
2018-10-03 14:59
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copied from h2mn0m.
2018-10-03 15:00
No copy he sent it to me as PM
2018-10-03 15:13
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Finland sadmen 
yes i agree
2018-10-03 15:02
Thanks ! :)
2018-10-03 21:15
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