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Star ladder
North America Crazzed 
What the crap has happened to it it use to be a lot of really good teams in the first two series now its just a couple good teams and teams that you haven't seen and lots a big tournaments.
2018-10-04 13:01
just unlucky coz its bigger tournaments at the same time
2018-10-04 13:02
Finland James Nelson 
what bigger tournament is going on now ? Starladder is 300.00$ prize pool its pretty big
2018-10-04 13:05
the other top teams preparing for Epicenter plus teams like astralis had 3 tours in a row, they need some rest
2018-10-04 13:06
Finland James Nelson 
Agreed for astralis, but I dont understand why is epicenter bigger. More teams and more history with star ladder. Same prizepool and they both last a week ?
2018-10-04 13:09
The Starladder will go from 07.10 to 14.10 I think its too long for top teams, plus started online leagues
2018-10-04 13:16
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