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Astralis boring?
United States Lucaslyoko 
Astralis doesn’t lose because they are well structured, they have good players but don’t only rely on them. They’ve created a synergy where anyone can top frag and no one is really surprised. Couple that with great strats and you have almost an unbeatable team. The reason they are boring, is because the nutty plays their players get, are mostly because of strats, meaning people find them less interesting. Seeing shox or Niko get a 4K is more interesting, because it’s impromptu, whereas Astralis is at such a higher level, that it doesn’t mean anything when they get a 4K, it’s all calculated. I would compare this to soccer, specifically France 2018 squad (ez World Cup lol), they didn’t play a super risky style. They played to win, and that’s why people find them uninteresting, because they don’t do stupid plays. The logic for France and Astralis is that stupid plays have a low chance of success, and they just play a more logical game. This is why I hate seeing all these Astralis comments. TLDR - Astralis only boring because tactical and not retarded, all players perform, all risks calculated so 4k is never that cool, that’s what makes Astralis interesting and boring at the same time.
2018-10-07 08:18
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Finland PostBack 
Khabib is boring
2018-10-07 08:18
haha hltv all up in mma now, :D
2018-10-07 08:19
yeah lmao well be going for 4 hours like this, expect some aftermath threads from internet explorer users tho.
2018-10-07 08:22
United States Lucaslyoko 
Khabib is also kind of like Astralis, extremely tactical, doesn’t rely on some crazy fucking play. Well structured, etc...
2018-10-07 08:23
France SynkroZ 
Don't think Astralis players become retarded after some trashtalk.
2018-10-07 08:54
United States Lucaslyoko 
“kind of like” also Astralis players don’t try to beat up people after winning
2018-10-07 08:55
fake flagger cuz real Americans don’t know anything about soccer
2018-10-07 08:25
United States Lucaslyoko 
half French half American, dual citizenship but live in America x)
2018-10-07 08:26
United States Artifactz 
Was about to say why are you talking to yourself then I looked at the name XD
2018-10-07 09:00
Ahh, that makes more sense
2018-10-07 18:22
Czech Republic Prdola15 
2018-10-07 08:28
Namibia nawledge 
I totally agree with you, YES they are the best team in the world, YES they are dominant. But that doesnt change the fact that they are literally boring af to watch
2018-10-07 08:30
United States Lucaslyoko 
Yeah if u read my TLDR you’ll see I’m kind of split. It’s so interesting to see how they dominate and calculate literally everything, but watching their actual game is kind of boring.
2018-10-07 08:33
Namibia nawledge 
2018-10-07 08:41
Indonesia Astranesia 
2018-10-07 08:31
McChiken boring only loses
2018-10-07 08:32
+1 I still find Astralis just as exciting personally
2018-10-07 08:32
"interesting and boring" lmao
2018-10-07 08:34
United States Lucaslyoko 
Their method is interesting, seeing them calculate everything to the maximum. Planning every single move their enemy makes. Actually watching that is boring, it takes away from the risky plays that you see other teams make.
2018-10-07 08:37
Kazakhstan tomik0 
dont find theyir plays boring team with god level teamplah
2018-10-07 08:42
United States Lucaslyoko 
I mean to each their own, their team play is interesting, but since they do it so well there’s not that much individual spark.
2018-10-07 08:45
Denmark Alphamon 
I find their cs beautiful to watch. Blame other teams for being subpar, not Astralis for literally doing their job.
2018-10-07 08:46
United States Lucaslyoko 
I’m saying that Astralis is on a level of their own, they are incredibly calculated and tactical. However, the means that individualality doesn’t have a chance to flourish like s1mple or Niko. That’s why i don’t find them to be the most interesting team.
2018-10-07 08:53
Denmark Alphamon 
I see great individual feats from the team in each match. Xyp9x with his clutches, device awping, dupreeh being a solid rifler etc. Sure you don't really have a one-man army as you mentioned, I think it's because everyone pulls their weight equally. Perhaps that's why they are so dominant. I personally enjoy watching them play, it's like a well-oiled machine. Not everyone's cup of tea though.
2018-10-07 08:58
2018-10-07 18:26
United States Lucaslyoko 
2018-10-07 19:15
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