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Hltv Downfall
Brazil ElBurrrito 
Now this site is full of libtards and ppl talking about how horrible their depression is Where is once great "Fuck your nation" hltv? What happened?
2018-10-11 08:14
2018-10-11 08:15
I am already doing my part
2018-10-11 08:49
Iceland fatboislim 
how does ''Manitoba Hang Gliding Association'' have anything to do with this conversation?
2018-10-11 08:53
stupid it's so obvious
2018-10-12 13:38
My Husband Gay Again!
2018-10-11 09:00
Reported for nonsense post, cya in 10 years
2018-10-11 09:07
you done good deeds me friend. Hope we can get rid of them normies
2018-10-11 13:38
United States eldrexe 
2018-10-11 14:08
2018-10-11 14:51
United States SlushyCup 
2018-10-11 17:54
cyx | 
Other jNkey 
2018-10-12 13:07
Andorra |Borowcy 
> Edgelords everywhere > Great Pick one. Maybe some of them grew out of it.
2018-10-11 08:17
Brazil ElBurrrito 
I am not talking about [+18] grill or r8 my gurl I am not thinking about NAZIS PARTY or my contry bad I am talking true greatness like Stick to cleaning toilets or America fat and stupid I share a single tear every time i member
2018-10-11 08:22
Denmark Mah1 
you get 10 years now for it
2018-10-11 13:27
its still here, but more diluted
2018-10-11 08:20
Canada Manikhat18 
modern liberalism is a disease /thread
2018-10-11 08:21
ropz | 
Czech Republic rusteD 
post 2000 born kids are taking over. the generation of depressions, anxienty and fear... the generation that lives in the richest and safest world ever. the world where all the minoroties have right to speak and they speak so loud the majority takes steps back.the world where none has to be afraid of their believes. the world where gayness and other sexual deviations (gender issues) are being promoted. and still this generation suffers from mental illneses and is fear of acceptance. would like to see these pussies growing up during the wild 90s (in my country)
2018-10-11 08:32
stfu snowflake
2018-10-11 08:36
Wild 90s :D?
2018-10-11 08:46
Martin, have you read the latest poem?
2018-10-11 08:52
2018-10-11 17:53
2018-10-11 17:53
2018-10-11 17:53
Ukraine f0wlie 
One question, why did my comment get removed..
2018-10-11 09:05
90s were wild in CZ because it was right after communism, the government and police didnt fully recover until like 2004, so CZ was at peak in terms of murders and crime, it pretty much became budget Palermo
2018-10-11 13:48
Thx for explaing br0ther.
2018-10-11 13:48
i sent you pm from my other acc. he is more or less right. it was a little shit show until late 90s but nowhere near a "budget palermo" got banned for a day by some of your friends (or you xd)
2018-10-11 18:19
+1 they will never have what we had, especially in Eastern Europe
2018-10-11 08:51
lmao ur so salty cuz u have no real life like new generation ps i born in 1997 but new generation is LASTEST HOPE OF WORLD
2018-10-11 12:47
Russia eleweth 
they call it "wild 90s" outside of russia(and neighbours) too? :o
2018-10-11 13:48
Cant agree more
2018-10-11 17:34
Norway analpain1337 
00generation has arrived
2018-10-11 08:40
Cyprus Jardeet 
Don't call us libtards dude I bet you're transphobic too and hate non binary genders aswell... Disgusting, you are making me so depressed right now.
2018-10-11 08:48
It's scary how accurate this represents them...
2018-10-11 13:25
2018-10-11 13:28
United States SlushyCup 
2018-10-11 17:55
people are getting older dude, especially the oldfags. i mean from the highest peak of 1.6 to now is more than 10 years, even more all the newfags nowadays are boring, even the bait threads are not funny anymore
2018-10-11 08:49
Cyprus Jardeet 
Ye people born in 2000 are 18 now... I was playing cs in 2000
2018-10-11 08:57
Ukraine f0wlie 
Didn`t know 2 year olds can play cs
2018-10-11 09:04
Faroe Islands memento_1 
it only takes two hands.
2018-10-11 09:06
Ukraine f0wlie 
Everyone has 2 hands, not everyone has a brain tho.. And I get it, you have to go deep in every sentence that someone wrotes..
2018-10-11 09:08
more than 70% of the players were playing cs casually after the beta, it was nothing like now
2018-10-11 09:13
Faroe Islands memento_1 
oh suddenly we get serious about this?
2018-10-11 09:20
Cyprus Jardeet 
I wasn't 2 f0wlir wtf
2018-10-11 09:24
Ukraine f0wlie 
sorry then..
2018-10-11 11:58
nice fake :P
2018-10-11 09:08
Cyprus Jardeet 
Wtf I'm not fake I'm from Cyprus
2018-10-11 09:21
Sweden Akoulad 
HLTV has never been as good as it's now! #This is fact
2018-10-11 09:11
Ukraine f0wlie 
Can`t say the same about fnatic
2018-10-11 09:14
Sweden Akoulad 
NaVi trash n lucky
2018-10-11 09:44
Ukraine f0wlie 
lol, why are you bashing navi now? truth hurts doesn`t it
2018-10-11 11:58
Sweden Akoulad 
Because you"bashed" Fnatic when I didn't even mention them, so I just returned the favor. Ukraine brain at its finest
2018-10-11 12:41
Ukraine f0wlie 
NaVi #2 in the world there is no such thing as "luck" fnatic #19 what are you talking about?
2018-10-11 13:22
Portugal nakbarone 
Swedes taking over huh
2018-10-11 12:07
RighTards think that they are any better than LefTards. In fact RighTards are even worse... LUL
2018-10-11 09:26
Claiming the moral highground without earning it doesn't make your statement a fact, dipspit. Typical lefttard
2018-10-11 12:04
Typical mad righttard. Always mad on someone LUL. Try to be less extremist. Try to let the rightardness fly out of your small head.
2018-10-11 12:35
Delusional lefttard
2018-10-11 14:05
Nice arguments. Typical RighTard.
2018-10-11 14:48
Insults aren't arguments, just so you know. So i'll say it again, Claiming the moral highground without earning it doesn't make your statement a fact.
2018-10-11 15:07
Ikr cant stand these depressed sadsacks polluting hltv with their stench of failure. They rly bring the mood of the place down.
2018-10-11 11:33
hahaha +1, what absolute pussies, just be happy fggots :D:D:D
2018-10-11 11:59
Only spoiled millenial kids. If a civil war starts, which i higly doubt, leftists liberetards will be demolished.
2018-10-11 12:01
There gonna be no war at all, with these "leftists liberetards". But your brain is to small to understand it. So just keep being extremal rightard.
2018-10-11 12:37
Who said Im rightard ??? Kkk. Just because I think mostly millenials leftists snowflakes crybabies on twitter are retards, that doesnt make me a right winger.
2018-10-11 17:26
Cucked by libertards
2018-10-11 12:05
Belgium HLTVnewfag 
This is so sad Can we hit 50 upvotes?
2018-10-11 13:40
i visit hltv almost everyday since 2009 the site was kinda dead in 2011-2012 its wayyyy better now, even with all the trolls
2018-10-11 13:42
Its not about trolls,b8ers are making this site alive but admins are too omfg how to talk truth to don't get ban lel :D
2018-10-11 17:34
tbh i think the admins are good. i've been banned a couple times and i believe i deseved them all
2018-10-12 11:44
My main acc is banned for 9 years and I know that I didn't deserve it at all :D searching much for girl pics,making 5 threads sometimes and getting bans for making "pointless" threads.But why are r8 girl threads pointless,I didn't get answer.
2018-10-12 12:53
theres more people from reddit atm. hltv org forum was pretty big like 2 and more years ago Jonathan E removed racists, altrights. Now leftists, libtards many here
2018-10-11 13:43
United States TriHardSeven 
We're still here, but if I say anything considered bad I'll get a 10y again axaxax
2018-10-11 17:30
this not bad only leftists and liberals is bad
2018-10-12 13:37
shut up
2018-10-11 14:49
Canada haroonscape 
cancer spreads doesnt it
2018-10-11 17:32
What is everyone talking about? HLTV is in its all time high. You don't like it-you know where the door is!!!
2018-10-11 17:55
And most of the ppl are thinking, that they have 200 IQ , they know everything and can do everything. 12 years old kiddos talking for History and the life, without working any single day.
2018-10-11 17:58
what happened hltv wat happnd
2018-10-12 13:42
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