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Which IEM Tickets?
Poland Ayer. 
I want to buy IEM Katowice tickets on 2nd wave but I don't know which one to get. Are the "full premium experience" tickets really worth it over the normal 4 day entry? I am not bothered about the goodie bag/complimentary drinks but you do get premium seats. But are they worth that much?
2018-10-12 18:59
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I bought the sitting home and watching it on twitch ticket, worth the 0$
2018-10-12 19:00
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my man
2018-10-12 19:02
nice, but I want to go to at least on tournament to experience the atmosphere.
2018-10-12 19:02
Why double post. Well idk. Is there any difference , w/o goodie shit
2018-10-12 19:17
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