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MM uprank
Vietnam WhoWhatWhatWhatWhere 
i think to join a team my minimum should be supreme. im now hardstuck in LE since 20 games. had 8 wins in a row, no rankup, since then 4 defeats-3 wins-4 defeats. getting normal teammates is really fucking hard. i will probably switch to faceit and try to reach something there, since most of the teams want people to be high lvl in faceit.
2018-10-13 11:05
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"i think to join a team my minimum should be supreme." 0/8 unless you're talking about female cs
2018-10-13 11:06
i know many people who have been very successful in 99damage leagues, even tho they never really reached global
2018-10-13 11:10
those are the people that couldn't care less about mm ranks, if you're basing your skill level on a mm rank, it's very likely you're nowhere near as good as them
2018-10-13 12:33
these are the requirements that teams give. im not the one who decides them
2018-10-13 13:02
then it's probably a very shitty team xd
2018-10-13 13:02
99damage is a good community, i once played in a good team but i left cs because of it becoming too boring for me. i looked at 3 teams and they all required supreme. theyre in the same league as i was before
2018-10-13 13:03
everyone in 99dmg thinks they are gods even though they are shit and have mad requirements
2018-10-13 13:10
assumed that too but since having that good experience with my first team, i thought good of the 99dmg community
2018-10-13 13:16
don't do that, otherwise you will find out yourself soon
2018-10-13 14:13
hecker | 
World heck9r 
listen to Asthon Clutcher...
2018-10-14 15:22
But they got out of LE.
2018-10-13 16:42
Europe tweekzter 
everyone can play in 99damage league
2018-10-14 14:21
sure, but not everybody plays in div2 :)
2018-10-14 14:41
Europe tweekzter 
kk, but I'd say anybody in div2 is skillwise at least global in MM and probably lvl10 in faceit.
2018-10-14 14:42
which is exactly what i want to achieve. still not happy with faceit. i carried lvl 7 easily but cant find the urge to play so many a day
2018-10-14 14:43
Europe tweekzter 
Yeah, it takes a lot of time to get good... even with talent. You gotta invest lots of time, spending hours of DMing to really improve on that level. In that regard it's really like a sport. You can do it for fun, or you can invest into it.
2018-10-14 14:47
Ik bro, my biggest problem is that i get demotivated real quick.. i can play DM for a solid hour, hitting sexy shots, but then i hop onto MM and i go out 24/18.. solo MM is a struggle, but i think i can learn way more, when i play solo MM than with premades. as said before, its way easier to rankup with people that communicate and know simple things that still fuck up the enemy
2018-10-14 14:49
We R Who We R
2018-10-13 11:07
Bulgaria Ju7y 
I did the mistake of playing a lot of PvPro and faceit, now my trust factor is soooo low and its impossible to rank up from supreme
2018-10-13 11:16
stop wasting time with randoms. pracc ur individual level and with a team your first scrims. the earlier you begin the better. fuck MM
2018-10-13 11:18
ik, hard to find good teams with good players that can teach you a lot if your only thing to show is some team games before and only LE in mm.
2018-10-13 13:05
just look for players around your level LE-LEM and grow as a team. teach each other and have fun playing 5vs5 scrims. that's what it's all about. you don't need to try to become the next fucking Astralis...
2018-10-13 16:47
not my plan, i just want to step up individually and win some competitive games. im in comparison very young, so i dont want to become the new s1mple.
2018-10-13 17:26
CIS imretarded 
idk, low skill idiot like me rank uped to supreme easily, maybe i have some luck but still
2018-10-13 11:30
Denmark Xipingu 
MM ranks doesn't matter fuck all, unless you are silver/nova.
2018-10-13 12:35
smooya | 
United Kingdom 1ARMgod 
8 wins lmao, I've been supreme with 27 wins in a row no rank up. GLHF.
2018-10-13 12:36
lmao thats just mad unlucky
2018-10-13 13:04
i still think that supreme is enough to join a good team, at least in 99damage standards
2018-10-13 13:05
smooya | 
United Kingdom 1ARMgod 
I did get global eventually but it just took a lot.
2018-10-13 13:21
what are you doing now? not going for semi-pro?
2018-10-13 14:37
smooya | 
United Kingdom 1ARMgod 
I'd love to do that but I've just started university and grinding faceit/esea again doesn't comply with the little amount of time I get.
2018-10-14 12:00
unLuko i have enough time on my hands, but im getting tired of mm. playing Solo mm vs with some premades is a totally different story. i drop 30 bombs with premades but solo i hardly get above 1.2 (even tho kills dont determine how good a player is)
2018-10-14 14:20
Faceit - cant find other maps than cache or mirage..
2018-10-13 13:11
+1 and when you pick nuke, everyone cry "i don't know the map help me"
2018-10-13 14:15
Once I picked overpass or something else and everyone moaning :D
2018-10-13 16:08
LMAO man feels you. You play on a pick & ban system so assume to play on any map
2018-10-13 23:24
Europe tweekzter 
most of the time someone just doesn't connect - classic faceit
2018-10-14 14:55
Europe tweekzter 
haha... true
2018-10-14 14:54
rain | 
Estonia raynster 
2018-10-13 14:16
Portugal RKO23 
wins in a row, sure mate.
2018-10-14 14:42
If you want to join a team, fuck MM and play premium faceit where people actually care about winning matches. Will be a lot better for your own improvement and imo the average lvl 7-8 faceit player or higher is way better than the average global on MM Only reason why MM might even be worth playing is to practice clutching and playing off of your teammates actions, but then again, faceit is always going to be better for this
2018-10-14 14:48
You said it and its sounds like some advertisement :D just saying :D Faceit and MM, have something in common, very often 0 teamplay, 0 communication - when u solo ofc and ofc some toxic guys :)
2018-10-14 15:40
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