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Not the end of NiP.
Twistzz | 
Portugal Machado_GTR 
They are going to comeback.
2018-10-15 13:16
come back to win hearts lungs kidneys but not trophies....
2018-10-15 13:20
United States Bill_Bait 
NiP = Ninjas in Garbage
2018-10-15 13:22
f0rest | 
Russia 1.6 FTW 
i am sorry, but are you fuck you?
2018-10-15 13:23
Hey.. Astralis see u tomorrow
2018-10-15 13:25
Listen up boys , as the time passes cs go becomes more and more competitive having more teams And not only the ordinary world renowned teams playing for a tourny. With that being said nip I cant rly see them comeback cos they never cameback. There is no line up, no stracture no legit igl the only thing that they got is aim( individual skill ) and that depends on the circumstances ( kind of tournament, if they win or not , past resulst against this team ) When I see Ence starting from the bottom of the ladder and now being champions with all the good teams (mostly ) competiting . Sorry boys but nip needs new members with motivation with mentality
2018-10-15 13:26
Maybe if they kick GTR and/or Dennis and bring in a proper IGL/AWPer
2018-10-15 13:27
India stiwa5k 
Yes if they can get krimz from fnatic too, it's not the end
2018-10-15 13:28
North America AlanSmith 
of couse they are
2018-10-15 13:29
Dont kick gtr.. Believe.. He is an important member on the team.. But Dennis can be kicked
2018-10-15 14:36
Someone send the OP to gulag, he is clearly not mentally sane.
2018-10-15 15:22
Spain elskio 
No IEM Oakland no Nip
2018-10-15 15:25
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