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Can't see trade offers
kennyS | 
Portugal JA11ty 
I can't open my trade offers on steam, solution ?
2018-10-17 01:37
oskar | 
Czech Republic Trolic18 
Open them ?
2018-10-17 01:41
Germany HRP_ls_Boring 
trade link ?
2018-10-17 01:43
drink a beer
2018-10-17 01:43
Bwills | 
United States hdz` 
cancel all your trade offers. log out of steam app on your phone log back into steam app on your phone resend trade offers. do it in that order and you'll be good.
2018-10-17 01:50
kennyS | 
Portugal JA11ty 
Bro i can't cancel them if i can't see them, i just see that i have them but if i try to open them, it occurs an error. I tried logging out of the app on my phone but it's still the same :/
2018-10-17 02:50
Europe potatomato 
maybe because of weekly Steam maintenance?
2018-10-17 02:53
Sweden Dino1 
Trade all your skins to me, i can trade for you kappa
2018-10-17 02:56
csgo skins in 2018! OMEGALUL
2018-10-17 03:01
Just open your eyes bro
2018-10-17 03:03
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