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Brazil Vstectity 
even though they are good I do not think this team is adapted, I still follow my idea of -yel -NEKIZ + Boltz and maybe + Fnx (depending on the way they are willing to play because he has his life won)
2018-10-17 03:41
flusha | 
Germany felo 
Just disband and let INTZ have #2 spot
2018-10-17 03:43
Denmark EU_LOVER69 
they are not good wtf
2018-10-17 03:44
Brazil Vstectity 
There are people who argue with me saying they are...
2018-10-17 03:57
fnx | 
Austria I_love_Hltv 
Boltz = good player, expensive maybe? fnx = retired +trk?
2018-10-17 08:34
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