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United States Httrdc 
Its just one continuous roster move that's makes zero sense
2018-10-18 01:45
Get better CS players.. Where is the great american ones? You have so many people in the country, it must be possible to find talents.
2018-10-18 01:46
United States Httrdc 
We had a couple but then they fcked off to Brazil cause apparently winning isnt fun
2018-10-18 01:48
Denmark Asstralis 
China, india
2018-10-18 01:48
I'm not even sure if CS Go is possible to play in China.. Never seen a chinese player
2018-10-18 02:30
WTF? Are you drunk? Somebody, Captain Mo, DD, AttackeR and much more.
2018-10-18 04:08
Norway analpain1337 
2018-10-19 00:19
2018-10-18 04:40
United States TriHardSeven 
CS is not very popular in the U.S, esports in general.
2018-10-18 02:33
I know.. But still. Denmark has 5.6 million people, USA has 325 million people. We have 3 teams in 3 teams in top16 and 16 danish players on top16 teams. USA has two teams with only 9 players in total in top16. It’s not like CS Go is a big deal in Denmark, so should be possible to get more out of the US. I know it can’t be compared at all, but I have played with american players in matchmaking. Most of them either don’t know tactics or are dickheads. Sorry to say since I like americans in real life.
2018-10-18 03:43
United States TriHardSeven 
Idk if it was your PM that tweeted and congratulated Astralis on winning the major, but that would never happen here and parents over in Denmark I'm guessing are more likely to support their kids that go into non-traditional fields like esports. I know the U.S has a large population, but most people who game in the U.S I would guess use consoles. Note this is all anecdotal evidence, I remember in high school most people my age that played games were on consoles, and only a few used PC's to game, and most people in my high school didn't even play video games all that much.
2018-10-18 04:06
Esports in the US are dominated by consoles. I don't know why people don't get this. Halo and CoD were the beginning of American interest. As well as fighting games to a certain extent. Why doesn't Denmark have the top CoD teams is my question? Like seriously is so obvious I don't know why we have this revolving conversation. Where you people think Faze and Optic came from?
2018-10-18 04:04
They're there, they either won't leave their teams or people don't want to take a chance on them. They rather try out an AnJ rather than a Infinite
2018-10-18 04:20
Germany Cyasera 
Yes, outside of NRG and Liquid at least. But that's just when a bunch of Tier 3 teams try to find the perfect combination to at least make one of them Tier 1/2.
2018-10-18 01:49
United States Httrdc 
But even liquid and NRG are so inconsistent. They show up just enough to stay relevant and nothing more
2018-10-18 01:50
United States Httrdc 
Actually liquid is very consistent in terms of going out to astralis in the semi finals of literally every tourney
2018-10-18 01:52
very true
2018-10-18 01:54
except it was mainly finals
2018-10-18 01:55
United States LyNcHiE 
Team Liquid has been inconsistent ? hmmmm............ (2018) 2nd ESL One: New York 2018 3rd - 4th FACEIT Major: London 2018 2nd ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018 2nd Esports Championship Series Season 5 - Finals 2nd ESL Pro League Season 7 - Finals 1st cs_summit 2
2018-10-18 01:56
Germany Cyasera 
Eh I think ESL One Cologne is missing in there xD
2018-10-18 09:31
United States LyNcHiE 
shhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhh you didn't see anything
2018-10-19 00:17
truth | 
Norway ludvik33 
NA CS and SWED CS is very similar atm
2018-10-18 04:03
No it's not bro. Sweden will get better because Sweden is still reaping its own talent. NA is shit and will forever be shit because they want to shortcut everything by just buying good EU players all the time. A region that just imports all of its talents will never be good on the world stage
2018-10-18 04:21
United States AN_yB_DETIAB 
dude legit neck yourself. You are a fucking baby back bitch always crying about NA scene. HLTV's biggest bitch
2018-10-18 04:49
2018-10-19 00:37
Canada Bucket0 
Good players in NA: Twistzz Naf Elige Nitro Autimatic Rush Wardell Tarik Stewie2k Brehze nathe cerq(i know idc) stanislaw shazahm yay androidx23 sick Taco or any brazilian/european that is good and speaks proper english now either make a team that doesnt choke, or stop choking in the good teams
2018-10-18 04:18
CeRq is not NA you should care about that. Brazilians are not NA Europeans are not NA. You still have an expansive list of talent to work with in NA.
2018-10-18 04:22
Canada Bucket0 
yeah but anyone who speaks proper english or has lived in the NA region long enough works fine in an NA team, for example optic won eleague with Mixwell
2018-10-18 04:22
Yes sure but bringing in EU players hurts the NA region. We might be good short term but thats a spot that some NA player could have taken. Then the team that said player left would have to sign a new, younger NA player and the cycle repeats, with young talent being funneled up into the scene. TACO might be an exception since there are no notable NA support players in MDL. I could search but right now I'm focusing on looking for AWPers and other rifle talent.
2018-10-18 04:24
Canada Bucket0 
the thing is, there are not too many veteran NA players that know what it takes to win the big lans and not choke. That is why I think it is important to bring in more experienced EU players. For example, Taz was a good addition to Kinguin because he brought experience. Once players like the Liquid and NRG players learn not to choke then they can be the ones who teach the youngsters on how to stay in the mental game, but for now they need people like Taco who have the experience in the big ones.
2018-10-18 04:28
There are plenty of veterans in the NA CS scene. EnVyUs - jdm Cutler Semphis + Eley their coach coL - stanislaw + Rambo (I mean, coL brought in this young guy yayster and yay has popped the fuck off for them. Seemed to work good) C9 - Skadoodle flusha RUSH Ghost - steel + JamezIRL (Surrounded by super young players, still has done really notable things with his lineup) NRG - FugLy daps + ImAPet (Took young guys Ethan CeRq and Brehze and made a massively successful for NA standards team on the international stage. Still some choke problems but we aren't expecting perfection as there is no team in NA that is perfect. Not even Liquid) Rogue - kRYSTAL Hiko Pretty much every NA pro team has a veteran who has seen tons of stages and has played amongst massive crowds.
2018-10-18 04:33
Canada Bucket0 
thats my point, the vets you named consisted of flusha and krystal who were brought from eu. As for jdm cutler and semphis, just because they are old does not mean they know what it takes to win and close out a series. stanislaw famously choked at big lans, same with daps and fugly. Hiko and Steel are kinda legit i guess
2018-10-18 04:38
That EnVy roster will not be existing for long, so we can always replace flusha and kRYSTAL with someone from one of those teams. Could also replace Golden with FNS (you probably think hes shit, I think hes highly underrated). Where did stan choke at LANs? On Liquid? The Liquid that is still choking even when he left? On OpTic where they won big events? On compLexity with much worse firepower compared to the teams he was facing? To reduce choke doesn't suddenly make you able to beat the likes of FaZe MiBR Liquid or top teams with any sort of young talent. If we took the four youngest, best up and coming talent in NA right now and taught them the means to reduce their choke to the lowest common denominator, they probably still wouldn't win anything.
2018-10-18 04:44
There are a ton of vets. Elige, Nitro, Autimatic, Tarik, Stewie2k, Hiko, JDM, Fugly, Daps etc etc etc If you've been playing for three years you are a vet. Almost all these players have won trophies or been in huge spots as well. Losing doesn't mean you choked necessarily.
2018-10-18 05:29
Americans don't have high enough iq to compete with Aus cs, renegades will thump nooblid on cache today mark my words
2018-10-19 00:31
you guys can't even say cache right ffs
2018-10-19 00:45
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