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Is he still contracted with MIBR? If that’s the case he must be just chilling at the beach and getting paychecks every month for nothing
2018-10-18 02:21
2018-10-18 02:22
I wish I could do the same. Getting paid for doing nothing. Fucking amazing life he lives. Same thing happened to fnx when he was benched in SK. He would just go to night clubs, spend money on chicks, buy expensive clutches, enjoy his life and don’t worry about anything
2018-10-18 02:32
refrezh | 
Sweden meistr0 
Ofc he is? Hes benched.
2018-10-18 02:22
I knew he was benched but how am I supposed to know the date when his contract expires? That’s why I said “still”
2018-10-18 02:25
refrezh | 
Sweden meistr0 
Hes in BR with his family.
2018-10-18 02:27
Good to know I guess lol
2018-10-18 02:28
Spain JasonRacism 
2018-10-18 02:25
salary is significantly reduced
2018-10-18 02:25
Still more than enough to live properly and buy some useless expensive stuff Considering pros have like 10k$ salary (even if he gets 5k$ a month now, it’s still a fucking insane amount for doing nothing)
2018-10-18 02:27
fer | 
Brazil Drezim1 
-gla1ve +boltz
2018-10-18 02:26
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