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Malta worstplayerr 
imagine only 90% of all influencers on instagram would actually commit for a good cause and not promoting stupid shitty products :(
2018-10-18 11:00
we have the best technology ever and we are basically wasting it away to reach out a msg to the world.
2018-10-18 11:01
i am influencer aswell. i drive BMW and wear beard. now everybody drive bmw and wear beard. wtf
2018-10-18 16:27
i dont bmw
2018-10-18 16:28
i bmw dont
2018-10-18 16:30
i think there are alot of positive influencers but they are rarely looked at mayb 50k max 100k followers while booty showing godess will have 50 millions this shows why humanity is going down the drain.
2018-10-18 11:03
Norway analpain1337 
We are made to fuck, the rest we do is retarded
2018-10-18 16:31
we see that this is kinda not working anymore when 50% of 8 billion ppl have a kid every 9 months.
2018-10-19 09:56
Norway analpain1337 
we are not made to live forever we are a virus made to win. We win when everyting is dead. Not fun but its the reason for existense
2018-10-19 10:40
kids need new rolemodelz cuz lil pump aint gucci.
2018-10-18 13:59
+1 yeah Right best example was Tupac he gave a minority a voice and used his rang for good things
2018-10-18 14:04
no he was the voice of a gang and his music was used to launder drug money. the whole "giving a minority a voice" was just the lie to cover it up and get the ppl to buy his music. if he actually just gave a minority a voice he wouldnt have been shot. its no different to today only that today any talentless fool can do it.
2018-10-18 15:20
calling 2pac talentless is dumb and delusional cuz he had it all when it comes to music. what he did in his private life we should not care man was a legend.
2018-10-18 15:24
when did he call him talentles?
2018-10-18 15:27
id didnt call tupac talentless i called nowdays most famous rappers talentless.
2018-10-18 16:29
What About Martin Luther King he doesnt got shot? The List is endless !
2018-10-18 16:26
dude......... was tupac shot by a kk member or got drive by'd by another gang? hmmmmm
2018-10-18 16:27
rumours are hes in argentina with hitler and under cia protection.
2018-10-18 16:28
call me tin foil hat all you want but it was a gang war over drugs and territory control.
2018-10-18 16:31
Who cares, and with Martin Luther King it was a political war ! hmm...
2018-10-19 08:23
If they would do such things, no one would watch them because people don't want to see that
2018-10-18 15:23
they are same, nolifers like HLTV baiters and praying all day to get free products
2018-10-18 16:29
wtf u sounds like gay
2018-10-18 16:32
im actually gay lol
2018-10-18 16:33
2018-10-18 16:34
believe or not fakeflagger im not gonna tryhard
2018-10-18 16:34
Yeah. But you people are sometimes too ignorant to realize that need to have more money. It’s just to save after your die for kids, other businesses, etc. I’m not 100% sure if you’re talking about this (wasn’t very clear) but if I’m wrong, send a message of what you’re talking about!
2018-10-18 16:37
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