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girls help
Zerocool | 
Palestine Al_Pacino 
aight hltv lads need ur help, started working at some shitty work and theres a girl whos working there. She was litteraly laughing at every little joke i said,i sometimes even said things which are not funny yet she still laugh. I was sure that means we can have something between us,besides the fact she laugh at my jokes she always touched me and talked to me meanwhile were working. Now we have talked on instagram and everything was fine,i sent her a photo and now she dont respond for like 24hours. Should i say anything? or maybe it means im just retarded and laughing at my jokes doesnt necessarily means we have have chances. Thanks yall
2018-10-18 12:54
message her: "i sent you my dick, pls respond"
2018-10-18 12:57
no i didnt,i sent funny photo of relationship goals...
2018-10-18 12:57
should have sent a furry photo instead
2018-10-18 12:57
whats that
2018-10-18 13:04
if u plan on working longer tthis shitty work u better dont hook up with your co workers.
2018-10-18 12:57
she will quit job in 2 month anyway she has to go to uni.
2018-10-18 12:58
She only there for clout
2018-10-18 13:06
is there a "seen" mark under your last message?
2018-10-18 13:07
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