Poland Fridzu 
2018-10-18 17:55
TAAaGGGbSSSehhhnnaaaNN What a ugly voice
2018-10-18 17:57
flusha | 
Netherlands davin 
how do u hear TAAaGGGbSSSehhhnnaaaNN
2018-10-18 17:59
Netherlands shavedballsack 
yes sounds like a turk
2018-10-18 17:59
His voice is good imho, Germans always sound cool! What's the weird sound post-round, though?
2018-10-20 09:50
All this kid does is just hold a gay ass off angle with his deag and one clicks people in the side of the head CT side. Fucking terrbile player tbh.....1.4 sensitivity 400dpi using trashcan. Anyone who uses a low sens does not have the dexterity to properly play FPS games on PC. All the shitty baiters use a low sens to click people on the back of the head, or they are equally worthless and use the telescope gun and one click people in the body. I bet this kid doesn't even play FFA Dm's cuz he'd throw his arm out of his socket checking corners. When was the last time you've seen Niko popflash through a smoke, and flick too two people to open up a site??? All this dude does is hold shift and prefire common angles. like wow dude, ur fucking nuts. you can have parkinsons disease and play on 1.4 sens if ur just baiting and clicking heads on common angles. this is why forest and get right are sick players. they play on higher senitivities, and can do more than bait and off angle one click.
2018-10-18 17:58
Netherlands shavedballsack 
all this kid does is kill people
2018-10-18 17:59
CIS C9_Nikoldzera 
2018-10-18 18:00
very old my friend.
2018-10-18 18:01
u r right mate becoz low sens have an issus and low sense also have her problem every player should play with the sense he make him fell gud :) :)
2018-10-18 18:03
Germany 1112Leon 
Maybe it is a low sens?
2018-10-20 09:38
Algeria RunGo 
2018-10-18 18:09
f0rest | 
Europe facecs 
2018-10-18 18:04
Disgusting language
2018-10-18 18:05
sadly they lost because of bot b but i agree tabsen and nex rekt them but you cant play 4v5 in pro games
2018-10-18 18:05
Denmark Asstralis 
Envyus vs mouz 4v5 No excuse
2018-10-18 18:11
It's always a good day when NiP get shit on
2018-10-18 18:06
Brazil FunnyDank 
why german stream tho
2018-10-18 18:07
NiP rekt NiP*
2018-10-20 09:39
German casters are pure cancer
2018-10-20 09:43
Germany GODsuNny 
+1 pure cringe
2018-10-20 09:45
Diese Ratsche.... Don't understand how any German can watch this... Oof
2018-10-20 09:55
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