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Global Elite
L.K.S | 
Brazil Exfm 
Is it possible to reach it by just solo queing?
2018-10-19 01:35
zonic | 
Denmark KrynexCS 
2018-10-19 01:37
Canada p100n 
not every one is gifted in CS like danish ofc no
2018-10-19 01:40
k0nfig | 
Denmark nalleB 
Well obviously if you're not good enough, then no, but definitely possible. You just have to endure quite a lot of cancer on your route there.
2018-10-19 03:32
2018-10-19 03:49
+1 but u come out a reformed man, i barely get tilted at cs after my solo q global journey
2018-10-19 03:51
Denmark beastkiller84 
yes? why wouldnt it?
2018-10-19 01:38
Because you get toxic teammates that flashes you and knife you in the beginning of the round.
2018-10-19 01:48
Denmark beastkiller84 
if you just focus on yourself and treat other nice, they usually act nice 9/10 times
2018-10-19 01:54
I wish so. I‘m usually the first saying hello to guys befire we start and try to make a good teamwork. Because I know I cant win a game by myself. I rarely get in fight with teammates, because I dont want to. But I have times had to ask people to not fight each other on the team or asked teammates to actually listen to the team and not just play competitive as a individual game. Have to say that I don’t live in Denmark right now and when I played from Denmark I got matched with a lot of Danish, German or Swedish players. Know I play a lot more with Russians, Spanish, French and Portugese people. There’s a big difference in how people behave.
2018-10-19 02:19
If you dont pay attention to the assholes, focus on ur game and getting individually better you will at one point win the games on your own.
2018-10-19 03:45
Only if you are ranked way too low. I have games from time to time that I can dominate. But it’s usually a problem as T. Because it’s almost impossible to take bombsites alone, when people know where to position themself, so you have to take 1 vs 2 duals or your toxic teammates rushes the bomb and dies in the middel of a bunch of CT guys. Basicly, when I play with people in competitive all I expect is that they try to give information to each other. But some people are just jerks. Good example I met an american that I helped level one level up. A few weeks later (this week) he invites me to play with his friends. In the beginning I miss a shot and get killed a bit lucky for the opponents. Suddenly one of his friends is yelling at me in every round. A few rounds later I’m in a 1 vs 2 as CT and they had planted the bomb. Got no information about where they were. I look around with a smg and wins the first battle. While I search for the second guy that idiot just keeps screaming, so I couldn’t hear anything inside the game to distrect me. I managed to find the second guy kill him and defuse. After that I told him to shut up and nothing happened, so I of course muted him. A few rounds later he knifes me so I loose like 70 HP. Then later again he wait a minute and so.. Then he team kill me as well. Then at the end at the game I had the best score line and we get the bomb planted. Pretty sure that we gonna win. That guy I muted makes vote to kick me and I get kicked from the game. I didn’t even argue with others on the team. It’s just how idiots can be. You help someone level up by playing a couple of maps. You do a good effort in a game with his friends. He let’s his friend behave like a little child and kick you at the end. I blocked that guy right after, and reported his friend for griefing.
2018-10-19 04:37
Finland James Nelson 
Imo its hardedr as a CT, as a T its not too hard get 2 entries in some bombsites, but try to play as a ct when they got 2 entries and u have to go retake against multiple enemies. I play mostly aggressive ct because of this.
2018-10-19 08:02
Finland James Nelson 
Imo its hardedr as a CT, as a T its not too hard get 2 entries in some bombsites, but try to play as a ct when they got 2 entries and u have to go retake against multiple enemies. I play mostly aggressive ct because of this.
2018-10-19 08:02
Global isn't some top tier cs mate, you can easily get to the level where global is way too low for you, you just have to work on your mistakes. You can easily work your way into bombsites alone and get agressive picks as ct
2018-10-20 00:08
+1, this is my key to mm.
2018-10-19 03:26
Other VladimirLucas 
because premade teams are always better than solo queue
2018-10-19 02:41
2018-10-19 01:39
still better than faceit trashyard lul
2018-10-19 01:45
true unless you play stacks.
2018-10-19 03:07
yes ofc, I got to Global by mostly solo and occasionally with another friend.
2018-10-19 01:39
Paraguay HighAlching 
NA global = EU gn1
2018-10-19 01:49
nt prokda
2018-10-19 01:50
Paraguay HighAlching 
nt trump
2018-10-19 01:51
nt kpop oh wait....
2018-10-19 03:08
gabesson | 
Hungary Envo. 
yes i did
2018-10-19 01:43
no, bc youll get match up with 4 random boludos, and theyll annoy you saying things like 'sopa do macaco uma delicia kkkkkkk' and 'macaco preto' and things like that
2018-10-19 01:44
Chile hyveur 
I can confirm
2018-10-19 02:07
ez lol
2018-10-19 01:44
2018-10-19 01:50
United Kingdom ChrisFroome 
who have not done that yet? way to ez for hltv
2018-10-19 01:50
thats how you actually master the game because you have extra shit to deal with when you play with randoms. but its almost 2019 who dafuq plays casual cs anyways , not to mention competitive matchmaking lol. i did this in 2014 when i wanted to prove myself that i can but in before and after very rarely i have played mm at all because the infrastructre is trash on official valve servers.
2018-10-19 02:13
The majority ? Lmao
2018-10-19 07:41
I never was global
2018-10-19 02:13
United States mook_ 
yes but way easier queuing with ppl
2018-10-19 02:14
Finland em8 
yes i did
2018-10-19 02:15
I wonder if the general skill level rose over the years? I was supreme back in 2016 and got matched against globals couple of times but then my friends lost interest in cs so I had to start solo queueing. I did okay but stopped playing because I just didn't have time for csgo. Now I'm struggling to stay on DMG while solo queing which is weird because I tryhard even more than back in the day.
2018-10-19 02:19
you literally described the definition of a boosted player ( you in 2016 )
2018-10-19 02:23
1. there was a valve de rank shift at some point. 2. Your matchmaking rank does exacly describe your skill lvl it is more of how you would compare against other people. For example if all of the players would become 2 times as good as they were (idk how to do it so lets use magic) then everybodys rank would stay the same. 3. As I said it looks at how you compare against all other players so when you had been afk for 2 years those bad bois been lifting up shooting on aim_botz and getting better. So you weren't boosted. I think the community as a whole had improved on their lvl.
2018-10-19 02:38
Thanks for the answer. You know it's easy to just say I was boosted back in the day but I was usually top fragging and honestly back then even LEMs felt weaker from time to time than DMGs these days.
2018-10-19 11:36
It is possible. I would advise you to play in a full lobby of friends but if you don't have any steam friends that are on your lvl and you go for solo que try to hand pick the good guys in your team. This way as you work up through couple of matches you will have already establish some new teammates making the solo que problem obsolete.
2018-10-19 02:21
Malaysia byaIi 
global elite is really hard
2018-10-19 02:31
Other VladimirLucas 
in general no RandomRambo does solo queue to global with pistols idk how he does it, most pros struggle at matchmaking because it's so random
2018-10-19 02:40
i mean he isn't a pro, so he's not used to playing vs ppl with actual brains
2018-10-19 03:52
Other VladimirLucas 
true that
2018-10-19 03:59
ofc it is, why shouldnt it. global isnt that good man, i see loads of braindead ppl and usually i just play music nowadays while playing and im still doing better than the avg global. i reached it by soloQ aswell without any problems
2018-10-19 02:43
Portugal NotRlyPT 
+1 ure so right a lot of globals are trash
2018-10-19 03:58
2018-10-19 02:45
2018-10-19 03:04
yes i think even if you get unlucky if you play well should be ez
2018-10-19 03:05
yes i am not talented at all but reached it easily carrying 95% of da games
2018-10-19 03:09
Greece deST) 
Forever soloque , max i achieved was Supreme.Then i quitted and i play 1 game per 3 weeks just to keep the icon.I have another smurf that its Supreme also,i dont give a fck about its rank but its possible that i will get G.E there and not in main lul
2018-10-19 03:19
I reached it with pistols and scout only 3 times, it's so easy, but really. SoloQ.
2018-10-19 03:22
Canada Emperor1e 
*Joins Server* Me: Hey, guys, how are you all doing? Teammate1: STFU Noob Teammate2: Cyka Teammate 3: Free Quebec Teammate 4: *silence* (no mic) That is why you don't play MM in general, let alone soloq.
2018-10-19 03:25
Algeria Genatix 
I don't understand why would they want to free Quebec, it's already almost free, they want an army ?
2018-10-19 07:41
2018-10-19 07:48
Portugal NotRlyPT 
its possible even tho i only got supreme, my pc just broke and i stopped playing for 2 months but trust its rly rly possible and u dont have to be that skilled, just never be toxic and never give up
2018-10-19 03:57
shox | 
Latvia kebab_b 
yes, but its so fkn useless
2018-10-19 07:26
wdym put it on your resume = ez hltv admin position
2018-10-19 07:32
shox | 
Latvia kebab_b 
2018-10-19 07:43
I love CS but solo queuing made me pretty much stop using the in game competitive mode at all. I was into face it for awhile. People are generally better but after a while just wasn't feeling it. Mostly just keep up with the pro scene nowadays. Solo is just fucking awful on Valve servers. You have some truly brain dead people. Like not clearing sites, not clearing obvious corners. Buying two to three AWPs on T side. It slowly takes your will to play. For me to really get into CS again I need a new game. Or a major overhaul of the current one. CSGO Source 2 or whatever. I get it's an esport and they want it to be able to run on most people's systems but an upgrade in graphics and netcode would be nice.
2018-10-19 07:36
yes, after about 700 wins i got my global.
2018-10-19 07:37
No, people barely play serious in valve mm. Not a chance. And most probably you'll meet a 4 man lobby that'll kick you in the end just cause they can.
2018-10-19 07:45
Yes , i got global at 1.7k hours with a pretty shit pc so yeah. Now at 4k hours globals are pretty weak if you ask me.
2018-10-19 07:47
It is. Atleast i hope so. I have got Supreme by soloque. Though i would love to get more good teammates to play with. Not toxic ones.
2018-10-19 07:51
Europe isaimaxy4 
i think global is about the same as faceit level 6.. most average level 10's should drop 35 kills every MM and win the game
2018-10-19 07:55
2018-10-19 07:59
acid | 
Estonia MC_Ride 
i managed to do it, took 750 comp wins but i accomplished my goal
2018-10-19 07:59
Hey. Im not completely sure of your question. But i guess the question was if you could solo quee upto global elite. Matchmaking is nearly broken when it comes to the valve-anitcheat system. So if you play unprime matchmaking, where the people does not need to verify their steam account with their phone, email and steam guard. You will mostly meet 99% cheaters. So to sum it up. Solo quee unprime. Is not possible, nearly. Maybe if you are lucky, and play with a full friend lobby, it may work out for you. Prime. I reached global for fun, like i use to play faceit. But for 1 week ago, or something i played alot MM, in 1 week, ishj. And i reached global with two friends in the lobby. I didnt meet cheaters more then 2 times i think. So i would recomend to play MM Prime, if you want to reach global. If you aint level 21-22 yet, i recomend you to play deatmatch, etc. To get it before starting a grinde.
2018-10-19 08:05
Takes lots of luck with teammates. It's impossible to win a match if you have to do 1v3-4 retake every round.
2018-10-19 08:19
L.K.S | 
Brazil Exfm 
That's the kinda of situation I'm going through, exactly lol
2018-10-19 14:09
use cheats
2018-10-19 14:10
Russia sneakyboy 
yes i did
2018-10-19 14:10
Russia sneakyboy 
btw i've got a supreme on soloque non-prime with 300h lul
2018-10-19 14:11
If i can you can
2018-10-19 14:12
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