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Can you help my friend?
Brazil Skbestteam2017 
He is a wheelchair, a law student, and needs a motorized chair to continue attending college. Watch this video : He says "Hi i'm Leandro, my friend told me to record this video, proving that i'm disabled, you can see my legs, my wheel chair, the book vade mecum proving that i'm studying law, I need the chair to attend the classes.... That's it, if you could give me a wheel chair, a good one, since this one is old and it's failing. Thank you"
2018-10-19 04:26
United States Idoitforluls Try that site. You're just gonna get a bunch of trolls and kids here.
2018-10-19 04:34
Other Bobylon 
what made you think hltv would be the best place to share this?
2018-10-19 04:36
Brazil skbestteam07 
We have many people who can help in euro and dollar which is worth 4x more then R$. Or maybe someone who can help otherwise by providing the chair. Why do you think here is not a good place for it?
2018-10-19 04:40
Other Bobylon 
i know you're baiting but there's a bit chance of you be serious, so i'll not say nothing more
2018-10-19 04:41
Brazil skbestteam07 
This is serious. I would not make jokes with things people who have problems of this kind. This guy is my friend.
2018-10-19 04:47
Cuz mostly people wouldn’t believe that. It’s not mean you’re lying but your credibility is questioned.
2018-10-19 04:50
Europe PHOM 
ur asking in one of the most toxic sites of the internet, theres anothers sites and social medias wich will help you if its scam , you gonna pay the price sometime, if its true i wish him good luck
2018-10-19 04:58
Brazil skbestteam07 
Which sites would help?
2018-10-19 05:28
Brazil skbestteam07 
My friend. Buy the chair and send it to him. do not need to send money.
2018-10-19 05:33
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