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coldzera | 
Czech Republic M1kY28 
forsaken is big warning for all other players from "pro scene" Do you agree with that?
2018-10-19 21:19
Myanmar xdcc 
yes, big warning to cheat smart. forsaken is the Jesus of pro cs.
2018-10-19 21:19
Italy steven513 
That's why Flusha stopped cheating a while ago, he knew it was coming, so he got good money and now is just hanging in the pro scene for the steady income LUL flusha 300iq When he donated to Kabum he also gave them his cheats, and fallen used it to win the two majors, he's no longer cheating either. Flusha provided these people with a living tldr: Flusha 300iq
2018-10-19 21:22
Andorra Octopus1 
d0cc cheats about to be vacced then it’s gg and Richard Lewis reclaims his legitimacy as my favorite csgo newsman!
2018-10-19 21:20
Italy steven513 
LUL no fuck RL
2018-10-19 21:23
it's so easy to cheat nowadays it's called "gently lock" ! btw an ARM processor in my mouse has more technology than the computer used on the moon's landing !
2018-10-19 21:23
Mongolia FoxOutOfGlocks 
Wouldnt say so, he was only caught cuz his cheat was bad
2018-10-19 21:24
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