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What year had the best CS POLL
United States Venom_ didnt include 2013 because no team was good
2018-10-20 03:52
United States VRGcarsonqi 
U did include 2013 lmao
2018-10-20 03:53
United States Venom_ 
i did oh am retarded
2018-10-20 03:54
United States Venom_ 
i meant 2012
2018-10-20 03:55
United States VRGcarsonqi 
oh lol
2018-10-20 03:59
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2018-10-20 03:59
United States Venom_ 
Ez report
2018-10-20 04:10
send me 10$ to paypal
2018-10-20 04:14
easily 2015. most players were at their peak, best majors, csgo peaked in popularity in 2015
2018-10-20 04:11
2018.. never been as many good players as now. Individual dont win things, but teamwork does.. Shows that there’s a lot of people around the same level.
2018-10-20 04:12
nah its just all top teams slumping and only astralis sustaining a dominant level its boring af
2018-10-20 04:15
But look besides Astralis. All teams in top40 can beat each other any given day. That shows that the level is equal and high for many players.
2018-10-20 04:16
its not the other teams slumping its just astralis is this good that the others dont have a chance its a lowkey excuse for their godlike performance, no no no, it wont work
2018-10-20 04:17
imo its both just look at faze getting rekt by tier3ers, mibr being tier 4 throughout the whole year, mouz with their roster-dramas liquid and navi choking, no VP, fnatic, Nip its just astralis show which did a good job but thats not the only thing the other teams should've countering them already
2018-10-20 04:24
yes its true but i mean those teams are now the past? new teams came along and replaced most of them you see there are ence, big, optic, north.. its not the same as astralis but surely better than vp, nip and other its a circle and the best teams manage to survive throughout times, this time it is astralis while the others struggle
2018-10-20 04:27
yea but still you cant compare a scene with ence big optic north to a scene with nip vp fnatic envy tsm navi luminosity etc etc the scene is just weak rn and only astralis out of all top teams are motivated
2018-10-20 04:32
i would add big with the way they try passionly, they really want it but they cant get there yet faze faded, navi still cant recover from the finals and they will be mediocre sensation with zeus and edward forever mibr destroyed themselves, mouz might probably get back to the top we'll see but the fact is, astralis are undisputed leaders
2018-10-20 04:34
sadly but yes no hype when you know astralis are going to wipe everyone and lift the trophy i agree about big but they're not enough talanted individually to be a consistent top team
2018-10-20 04:37
yes all true, sad times upon us
2018-10-20 04:37
astralis totalitarian regime will oppress us untill some brave team light on the spark of revolution and bring back the democracy to the cs scene
2018-10-20 04:45
i dont really mind a good ole order that keeps us with a peace of mind but i want to elect another king, astralis take the throne for much too long... worn out faces
2018-10-20 04:46
+1 impeachment for astralis !
2018-10-20 04:49
soon brothers!
2018-10-20 04:53
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