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I Have 2 Bans Already
JW | 
Austria AustrianLesbian 
Should I make a new account? It's very sad that Jonathan E has to ban me because I'm a lesbian. This is not nice because I like girls.
2018-10-20 19:19
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God | 
Poland henlo 
i mean u can still like girls when ur banned
2018-10-20 19:19
3rd ban inc. Prepare urself
2018-10-20 19:20
I already have a 3rd account ready.
2018-10-20 19:21
Then prepare 4th
2018-10-20 19:22
pretty bad shtick you got
2018-10-20 19:21
Sosa | 
Europe Wtfmenn) 
2018-10-20 19:23
its ok bro im gay
2018-10-20 19:24
Please don't call me bro. I don't even look remotely close to a guy. But it's cool to meet another member of the LGBT community. Do you currently have a BF? If so, how is it?
2018-10-20 19:25
Myanmar xdcc 
Are you sure you wish to report this thread?
2018-10-20 19:25
Flair checks out!
2018-10-20 19:26
Europe BanMeIfYouCan 
thats nothing
2018-10-20 19:26
I lose track of my bans, I never break rules just tell the truth and Mr Jonathan E. Does not approve sometimes
2018-10-20 19:26
I agree with this. Jonathan E is very homophobic, and it's 2018.
2018-10-20 19:27
Yes very sad you get ban for having lesbian
2018-10-20 19:30
He will not divide us!
2018-10-20 19:31
jkaem | 
Lithuania GayPride 
Sad day for us.
2018-10-20 19:34
We must start a revolution against Jonathan E
2018-10-20 19:44
how many bans do you have to get to get a 10 yr
2018-10-20 19:36
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