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Still think gambling is good for CSGO?
United States h0Gan64 
2018-10-21 04:18
Gambling is fun
2018-10-21 04:20
checkmate gambling addicts
2018-10-21 04:24
2018-10-21 04:25
jks | 
Australia 0iq_man 
owner of skinhub, went live on their twitter account, leaking all this guys personal info, his face and all expressing that hes scared that vlad (owner of skinhub) is gonna keep doing worse like trying to get him killed.
2018-10-21 04:32
2018-10-21 13:26
wow feels bad for this guy
2018-10-21 04:28
Europe potatomato 
2018-10-21 04:28
why didnt he contact the authorities first. this guy is either an idiot or hes also hiding something
2018-10-21 04:35
anomaly deleted vids after this was released lul
2018-10-21 04:35
What does this have to do with thinking gambling is bad for csgo? You have to be utterly stupid to believe that betting didn't help csgo grow to what it is today. Viewers = Sponsorships = Money = More players. A noname game in CEVO could have 70k viewers because people had placed bets on the game, you can't call that bad.
2018-10-21 04:57
With money comes the scammers. And btw: betting =/= gambling (technically at least)
2018-10-21 09:00
For decades people have watched CS for the pure enjoyment of watching a 5 man roster play constructive CS against another constructive 5 man roster and gambling was never in the equation. In 2002 I witnessed 40k viewers inside an hltv server spectating 3D vs SK and knew the game would be a world phenomena in the years to come. Gambling =/= Betting hasn't helped diddly. Sure it brings in sponsors and things of the sort but nothing will beat the sheer fact that people will still continue to watch this game even when the con artists are gone.
2018-10-21 21:51
So betting and gambling = con artists? That's a cute view you have of the world.
2018-10-22 04:02
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