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Free musicians who can work for pay
Hello people once again I still didn't receive help I desperately needed I explained in my previous thread But now I want to wide it up and find some musicians who would work with me on constant basic for monthly pay/job-done-pay I go to recording studio pretty often since this summer and I need to have my own compositions be done and ready, cant hang on by covers i write lyrics and melodies, i even do add music, chords and stuff but i cant play myself all you have to do is to record the music for me so i could sing to it additional offering: if you can write solo parts for my songs and add more instruments like bass and drums you will be co-authoring my tracks and the credits will have your name I know here's lots of musicians, you came to me yourselves lol what do you think? we'll work it out the prices
2018-10-21 10:23
2018-10-21 10:25
Help me?
2018-10-22 07:35
2018-10-22 12:12
think about it i need session musicians
2018-10-30 04:31
Sorry I'm into photography. I think hltv is not the best place to ask these things...
2018-10-21 10:25
its fine, i met some people here who i couldnt find in other places it'll do just fine, i hope so photography is very nice, good luck lad
2018-10-21 10:26
Yeah good luck to you too
2018-10-21 10:27
Yeah, I'm beatmaker, talk to me if you need me
2018-10-21 10:27
i need real instruments fellow! like, guitar, bass, drums, you know, i dont need beats
2018-10-21 10:28
I am a musician but a dog shitting sounds better than my music
2018-10-21 10:27
what you can play
2018-10-21 10:28
i can play the 'dickslap' it's when I slap my dick on the table at different speeds to produce different notes my favourite scale is a-minor
2018-10-21 10:37
you're too young yet to have a dick of required size go back to kindergarden fool
2018-10-21 11:20
Go to Reddit r/WATMM r/Composers and some other subs.
2018-10-21 10:28
there are too many to find someone and its really like rap and trap are the only genres right now, i rarely see any actual musicians there i tried though, maybe i should more
2018-10-21 10:29
r/composers is mainly classical type music. WATMM is everything from Rock to Hip-Hop.
2018-10-21 10:30
havent been there but ok i'll try, i still learn basics so i have a little time but i need them right now
2018-10-21 10:30
You can try r/piano if you have something written. I'm sure someone would like to play it for you especially when you offer money.
2018-10-21 10:33
good idea, thank you, will search down there
2018-10-21 11:19
p l e a s e
2018-10-21 11:39
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