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CSGO French Scene is a joke
Laos cum_on_evribadi 
Why? Because one cannot play without another LUL If some organization wanted to buy a french player smithzz apex kennys shox and etc its 80% chance these retards wont go alone to that team and will "need to bring their buddy too" The results of this retardedly shitty attitude is clear to all of us: best french team is barely tier 2 team lul G fucking G
2018-10-21 14:38
Slovakia gayzera 
French scene=bad scene But hopefully they will improve
2018-10-21 14:39
Not until the half of washed up shitplayers from french scene retire
2018-10-21 14:42
MUTiRiS | 
Portugal Tugas19 
I agree with you. Smithzz is a bot and so is bodyy, if Shox isn't able to see that, then it's time for Kenny to look for an international line-up... If they can't solve simple problems like chemistry issues then they don't even deserve to be a top 5 team...
2018-10-21 14:47
2018-10-21 15:25
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