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how to download???
2018-10-21 19:29
Europe pencilvester 
It comes with microsoft
2018-10-21 19:31
ask forsaken
2018-10-21 19:32
microsoft website?
2018-10-21 19:32
Europe no_u 
click on download button
2018-10-21 19:32
Sosa | 
Europe wtfmen)) 
Deleting hacks infront of admin just inda things
2018-10-21 19:34
not fucking funny. a poor individuall lost his job and will most likely live in very poor circumstances because of a little mistake he has done... his life is fucking ruined its not funny
2018-10-21 19:34
yeah bill gates fucked up when he released word 2013
2018-10-21 19:35
Denmark JustYes 
retard? He fucking cheated his way to become a "pro", he never deserved it to begin with. His own fucking fault for cheating at a lan event
2018-10-21 19:35
Greenland dAnjel_ 
"little mistake" "cheating on csgo events to earn money"
2018-10-21 19:35
it is funny xD
2018-10-21 19:36
He ruined his own life. Back to India he goes.
2018-10-21 19:38
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