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s1mple vs dev1ce in STATS
Australia Br3akn3ck 
Big Events: Top 5: Top 10: Top 20: Online: Top 5: Top 10: Top 20: Majors: Top 5: Top 10: Top 20: Overall s1mple is statistically better in every category, Though top 5 at big events has a bit of lenience to dev1ce as he has played around double the amount s1mple has played in that filter. Now as for majors. dev1ce does have the MVP... but his major rating his fairly low. Also consider that s1mple and electronic both had higher ratings overall for the Faceit Major (Honestly, if either had stepped up and brought it to 3 maps, one of them probably would've been gifted the MVP instead given the difference between them and dev1ce). That being said, s1mple in my opinion is the best player this year... but dev1ce has 6 tournament wins to s1mple's 3 (With the MVP count being 5-4 in s1mple's favour, though dev1ce has some EVPs and a major MVP) Overall, HLTV will probably give dev1ce the #1 spot at THIS STAGE. The remaining 3-4 tournaments they will each attend will be critical to the determination of #1. Why do I personally dislike the idea of dev1ce being #1? Because he wasn't virtually non-existant in the Top 10 list for the first 4 months of the year. He has done a tremendous job to pick his game back up, but when you consider in the past 3 months he still only barely beats s1mple in some categories, you realise the difference. Especially when s1mple had an untouched left of form in the first 6 months of 2018. I mean no offense to dev1ce, but the only game I saw from him this year where he looked anywhere near #1 was his monster performance against MiBR on Train. TL:DR By stats, s1mple >>>> dev1ce by a landslide. By team achievements, s1mple =< dev1ce barely. Okay post is over. remember this is my opinion, you may disagree if you wish
2018-10-22 14:06
Ukraine Najara 
who cares dev1ce >>> s1mple
2018-10-22 14:06
Latvia tibr0 
Wtf nice navi fan dalbajob
2018-10-22 14:10
Ukraine Najara 
stfu noob s1mple -12 dev1ce +12 astralis top1 navi top3 s1mple can carry only with tier3 teams like MIBR vs tier1 navi always lose
2018-10-22 15:20
France Uexo 
finally a smart Navi fan
2018-10-22 16:20
Wow a smart navi fan. grats!
2018-10-22 16:25
take off that falir now
2018-10-22 16:27
Russia NOD777 
Because only dumb people cheers for navi
2018-10-22 16:29
Just like only glory hunters cheer for Astralis
2018-10-22 16:34
+1 all my respect, Sir!
2018-10-23 06:39
Fake fan boy GO to hell mf
2018-10-24 09:14
Ukraine Najara 
I'm not a schoolfanboy I believe in Navi but they are not top1 right now and s1mple isn't top1 right now s1mple it's like Xantares or Scream just a good aimer If they will work hard they can became really top1 We will see
2018-10-24 09:30
2018-10-28 21:58
France Leskines 
Go play in 2vs5 vs tier 1 fucking low iq
2018-10-24 09:31
Ukraine Najara 
>lose game >blame teammates very smart logic, mr. genius
2018-10-24 09:33
Ukraine Najara 
The real best player carry his team to the victory If you don't win - you aren't the best player
2018-10-24 09:34
nt dev1ce
2018-10-22 14:14
2018-10-22 14:19
was* not wasn't. level* not left
2018-10-22 14:08
There's another factor you didn't compared them. Excitement to watch. Device is a boring player to watch most of the times, whereas simple is entertaining
2018-10-22 14:09
Honestly, I agree with you, but I won't discredit dev1ce for playing more role-based towards just getting the necessary kills. (even if a fair few are low impact or exit frags)
2018-10-22 14:10
Im not, just added another factor. Both are great players but as a viewer i prefer some audacity in playing style..
2018-10-22 14:14
Very fair
2018-10-22 14:15
Besides, simple has far more pressure on him to perform then device, Navi is 75% built around him. Astralis are more balanced in that sense, but it makes simple even more impressive.
2018-10-22 14:17
k0nfig | 
Germany Trax_ 
The title even says "facts" playstyle =/= facts
2018-10-22 16:31
United States Jamila 
That's not a factor
2018-10-24 09:22
India NoAimNoGame 
you mean s1mple had the whole year and dev1ce had just 8-9months to get to the top. hmm i wonder who put in more effort.
2018-10-22 14:10
Lol. I said that s1mple dominated from virtually day one while dev1ce made great strides but ultimately came by virtue of probably the most dominant lineup ever. To say dev1ce works harder than s1mple is actually almost laughable when you consider how much s1mple practices and dedicates to himself. Though I will still credit dev1ce for his own devotion and incredible consistency in the game's history. Think of it this way, at SS4, when NaVi were really entering the Top 5, s1mple was still crazy dominant. When Astralis was still putting the pieces back together they were incomparable. Astralis just found the ultimate system that works and dev1ce's rating gets inflated because of how dominant his TEAM beats opponents.
2018-10-22 14:14
India NoAimNoGame 
S1mple may work harder but device and co work smarter. They know aim duels is not the only way to win. They brought in the revolution of nade usage. "Ultimately came by virtue of his team". He is one of the reasons the lineup works. I empathize s1mple for being in a team with players who are almost at the end of their stretch. To say him and electronic are carrying the team is not overrated. Edward and flamie shine now and then but it's these two who are constantly fragging left and right to keep the teams head above water. Props to him for that though, and electronic too.
2018-10-22 16:17
Fair. Astralis definitely revolutionized the scene with the nade usage. Honestly I would probably call them the best team in history rn (Fnatic was great but the Top teams at that time were competitive for the level at that time; which ultimately wasn't very high). Edit: As in the best peak in history, this astralis needs one more major and at least 4-5 months of dominance to truly attain that. But the core of Astralis is probably the best in history when you consider how long these players have been able to compete at the very top level. Fnatic dropped off in 2016 and has had only a few minor resurgences since. MiBR only became relevant in 2016 and has been very weak when they aren't in good form. NiP.... well.... that speaks for itself
2018-10-23 05:54
India NoAimNoGame 
Yes, I agree, the core has been consistent since the fnatic era. And with the form they're in rn no doubt they'll be in peak in no time.
2018-10-23 08:03
must be simple, cause you have to deliver the stats consistently. if you do one Event with 2.0 Rating and top all categories you arent the #1 Player of the year.
2018-10-22 14:21
India NoAimNoGame 
Both device and s1mple have had played below average cs in some matches. Can't say that s1mple has been consistent in every match he played. He's had a few matches with rating<1 too. Same with device, but device has had more turnover if you look at it. Being out due to health issues for a quarter of the year and then to hold 4mvps and a 1.26 rating is not an easy task. It's safe to assume that if both him and simple had started at the same point, the stats would be pretty neck to neck. We still have another 2 months with plenty of matches to be played, let's see what happens.
2018-10-22 16:21
Bosnia and Herzegovina im_not_toxic 
dev1ce: 2 major s1mple: 0 major close/
2018-10-22 14:11
so pronax >device
2018-10-22 14:15
Pronax>anyone actually
2018-10-23 05:56
jw and flusha > pronax
2018-10-23 06:54
cj | 
Other undeadc00l 
br logic
2018-10-22 14:15
simple is way more skilled than device, and does frag more for sure. But theres so many other factors people forget about, like teamplay, decision making, calling/communicating where in most of other categories than pure skills, device is supperior
2018-10-22 14:16
That is fair and I respect that entirely. I dunno. I'll agree with you in teamplay 100%, though s1mple is actually a really smart player... well most of the time (looking at the times where he just runs out to try get more kills than he needs). But eh to each their own, I still personally think that s1mple this year has been better but I respect your reasoning.
2018-10-22 14:18
if teamplay is a factor, no Player can be #1 in this. just because teamplay defines the whole team, not a single player.
2018-10-22 14:22
s1mple top1 , device top2 , niko top3
2018-10-22 14:16
Honestly im not sure if twistzz shouldnt be 3rd..gotta see what they got for last few months of 2018 but seems right
2018-10-22 14:18
yeah , but s1mple top1 & device top2 is 100% sure
2018-10-22 14:19
2018-10-22 14:19
k0nfig | 
Germany Trax_ 
probably Dupreeh #3
2018-10-22 16:32
Ok Rez better
2018-10-22 14:17
cant really compare them since they have totally different playstyles s1mple goes for risky but very high reward plays dev1ce can just hold a couple angles and shut doen an entire execute
2018-10-22 14:19
Portugal fatheroffive 
top 1 for s1mple this year and next 6 years
2018-10-22 14:20
United Kingdom mullacp 
don't forget s1mple has 2 absolute bots of teammates while device has pretty much the best player in their roles as teammates
2018-10-22 16:24
who cares, device >>> p1mple p1mple worst ADR in major final, even zeus better than p1mple nobody cares when p1mple gets eco/exit kills against tier 3-4-5 teams against tier 1 he is garbage hence why device is top1 2018
2018-10-22 16:27
s1mple most overrated player ever
2018-10-22 16:35
Ukraine  Pasha 
says who cares but then gives statistics about ADR xD Nice logic
2018-10-22 16:37
I see you're very good at interpreting comments
2018-10-22 16:45
salty hater, nothing new here..
2018-10-24 09:36
boss | 
Cambodia THEBO$$ 
' By team achievements, s1mple =< dev1ce barely.' rofl you deserve to get killed for this together with your family Astralis: 5 t1 tournaments and 1 t2 tournament NaVi: 1 t1 tournament and some trash lans like CAC and starseries s5
2018-10-22 16:35
Let me rephrase then. When I said team achievements I meant, considering team achievements to be above all else. Truth is that s1mple's statistics allow him to still be relevant with dev1ce despite the major difference in team achievements. Also if you are calling SS4 (NaVi didn't attend S5) a trash LAN, then surely BLAST would fit the same category given the level of teams at BLAST was Astralis, and MiBR who peaked in the second and third map against Astralis who started underperforming and still won. BLAST was the same or worse than BLAST in terms of the tiers in some cases. I agree on CAC though.
2018-10-23 05:55
oskarJ | 
Czech Republic y0fl0w 
NaVi won SS5 and it wasn't a clear t1 tournament in contrast to SS4 which mouz won
2018-10-23 06:17
Wait lol your right lol I mixed up S5 and S6 xD
2018-10-23 06:19
Indonesia linekerrr 
'some' EVPs is an understatement. he has 6 to be exact, while s1mple has 1. you're completely biased in your comparisons. team achievements : device >>>>> s1mple by miles. also, device has 81 maps against top 5 teams, while s1mple only has 49 maps. SO you can say that his stats is inflated by playing lesser teams. If anything the overall stats is more lenient to s1mple
2018-10-22 16:38
Ehh. honestly I'm fairly certain s1mple should have a second EVP in there from the Major in January but he doesn't because logic. And your second comment is what I was trying to reference. as in in Top 5 competition, dev1ce's statistic is more impressive given the difference in maps. TBH I'm surprised s1mple doesn't have more EVPs. When you think about it, NaVi were top 4 at all but 2 events this year, s1mple almost always being at the top of the scoreboard, yet he has a singular EVP. Meanwhile some players at different tournaments had similar placements, lower ratings, yet still achieved them. IDK
2018-10-23 06:00
Indonesia linekerrr 
What tournaments are you referencing to (where s1mple deserves the EVP but doesn't) ? Eleague and Pro league his rating was 1.19, at major 1.23. All of those doesn't warrant him getting the EVP while placing semis. At eleague only the finalists were given EVP, at pro league he didn't even make top 8 at the overall leaderboards, at the major, the EVPs were given to the finalists with the exception to flamie(1.39)and krimz(1.29), who are respectively number 1 and 2 on the statboard. In order to have an EVP, you'd have to reach the final (higher chance of recognition) or reach the semi or qf while performing very massively (like flamie and krimz did) 1.19,1.19,and 1.23 arent massive
2018-10-23 08:22
Indonesia linekerrr 
also, EVPs value playoffs rating higher than group stage rating. at playoffs, s1mple has a 1.11(x2) rating in the match against QBF and 1.07(x2) at the match against FaZe at ELEAGUE major. Even though KRIMZ only has a 1.07(x3) rating against SK at eleague and placed quarters, his group stage rating was higher than S1mple's. Remember that they have a limit for EVPs, and KRIMZ (last place EVP), who had 1.29 rating (while making playoffs) as opposed to s1mple's 1.23, still deserves the EVP more than s1mple because s1mple's playoffs rating isn't much better than KRIMZ's.
2018-10-23 08:33
True. That makes more sense now.
2018-10-23 09:43
Ukraine beaztoff 
so ez top1 4 s1mple
2018-10-22 16:37
"By team achievements, s1mple =< dev1ce barely." are you sure about that? barely?
2018-10-22 16:44
Nice post, lot of effort and well explained.
2018-10-22 16:46
Brazil cadik 
comparing stats hunter aka s1mple aka eco/exit fragger and carry player who does impact
2018-10-23 05:54
Br logic again Btw pronax 3 majors fallen 2
2018-10-23 05:58
Brazil cadik 
pronax IGL and FalleN IGL fair comparison pronax was doing his job better +1 i are agree so device doing his job better than s1mple device >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> s1mple
2018-10-23 06:00
Maybe device is better than s1mple But is he Olofmeister?
2018-10-23 06:24
he was non existent at the beginning of the year cause of stomach issues.
2018-10-23 06:48
shox | 
United Arab Emirates R4SH4SH 
Reasonable comparison.
2018-10-23 06:56
Denmark AskeRoger 
Nice post, I would agree with you BUT!! The thing is stats just not everything, look at mouz and the whole STKYO - Snax thing. If you look at the stats Snax is better then Styko, but they switched because he was the better teammate, they had the role he needed and such. Maybe you disagree but I believe to decide the best player for 2018, you have to look at the stat that says "the best teammate" as well. I'm not saying simple is not a good teammate, and even if he is known for being just a tiny bit toxic, then he improved A LOT when he was with liquid and Hiko was his mentor. Simple is very good and 100% is number 2, but I would say although stats say something else right now, then Device is 1#. There is also the fact that when you play on a team with bots it's easier to carry and look good cuz you just bait the bots. (kinda joke)
2018-10-23 08:56
Well I can't argue with your logic. I still personally think s1mple deserves #1, but to each their own. I'll admit part of me wants s1mple to be MVP simply because of how hard he worked to get where he is. I'll say dev1ce is probably the better teammate but I'd wager someone else on Astralis would get the 'best teammate' achievement XD. Nah but I respect your opinion. Again, this is looking at it right now. Depending on the remaining 4 events in the year will give me my best idea of who really deserves it. Like, say NaVi wins Epicenter and s1mple is MVP, sure it doesn't have Astralis, but it has Liquid at least. Also ECS is a no NaVi playing zone, so it will be interesting to see who would get the MVP if Astralis played. Then there are is Chicago and Blast as well as the Pro League Finals (which both Ast and NaVi are pretty much guaranteed at this point). These 3 in particular will decide for me who deserves it. If dev1ce really does outshine s1mple or at least his team wins 2 of the 3 tournaments with dev1ce being impressive, I will say dev1ce wins. Just keep in mind, NaVi aren't the same team as Astralis, Edward and Zeus may be bots, but it doesn't take away too much from s1mple and electronic
2018-10-23 09:49
Denmark AskeRoger 
I mean yeah, you're right. At least we know for sure that it's going to be an interesting topic to keep an eye on.
2018-10-23 09:53
s1mple > device > FalleN > GuardiaN > kennyS
2018-10-23 09:47
Dev1ce is honestly just an average player, who's role gives him good stats. His talent doesn't lie within his aim, but rather a safe playstyle and ability to play very well with his teammates. If he didn't get lots of freedom, and the best team in the world working for him every round, you would see just how mediocre he actually is. Good player, but not great.
2018-10-23 09:48
Indonesia linekerrr 
I love how conveniently people forget TSM/OLD astralis
2018-10-24 09:40
Netherlands @Deji 
s1mple > device in impact by round
2018-10-23 09:51
It's hard to compare stats like that with players from different teams. You could argue that device has it easier because his team is better. That means there's less focus on him and his team can better help keep him alive. On the other hand, you could argue simple has it easier in terms of getting good player stats. Because his team isn't as good, they're less likely to 'steal his kills'. The other players also often just act as bait so that simple can get the kill.
2018-10-23 09:57
United States MoneyGoo 
Device has so many more big event MVPs including the major
2018-10-24 09:37
Cyprus devvezera 
s1mple 0 major
2018-10-28 21:59
United Kingdom ChrisFroome 
S1mple king of number 2 So device >
2018-10-28 22:08
Device not good enough to be n1,s1mple so much better
2018-10-28 22:11
This is totally biased...wasteland
2018-10-28 22:15
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