Press F for all those dead threads
2018-10-22 18:06
Too many to name, your data wont handle
2018-10-22 18:08
5x last
2018-10-22 18:08
I dont play by your rules chap 😎
2018-10-22 18:10
Pasha London School should've tought you how to count to five.
2018-10-22 18:11
lmao yeah thats true
2018-10-22 18:12
I've been watching live concerts of some of this bands yesterday, because i miss this type of music. Legendary bands, everybody should know them, i guess i already got sick of extreme metal.
2018-10-22 18:19
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey nice Rock lives in history forever.
2018-10-22 18:20
Led Zepellinnnn
2018-10-22 21:32
what the fuck is this, go delete this or ill stone you to death
2018-10-22 18:20
I'm not afraid. And i have high ground.
2018-10-22 18:21
You underestimate my power
2018-10-22 18:28
*cuts your legs and calls you gay*
2018-10-22 18:30
name checks out
2018-10-22 20:53
Cambodia Libtard 
all of them in 1 vid
2018-10-22 18:22
Good taste!
2018-10-22 20:56
Ukraine Edddddd 
2018-10-22 20:57
Very soothing music with lil' touch of depression, very nice.
2018-10-22 20:58
Russia avocadosatlaw 
thx bro i showed this tracks to a lot of ppl from my environments and nobody liked it(
2018-10-22 21:04
Pfff My best friend's friends which i happen to speak with only interested in russian rap. Just human taste in music may differ a lot. Although i don't like trend of russian rap being that popular.
2018-10-22 21:06
Russia avocadosatlaw 
2018-10-22 21:08
fixed i see
2018-10-22 20:59
World ///fuck 
2018-10-22 20:59
Really? 5x Lana songs? OOF
2018-10-22 21:00
World ///fuck 
I know it is gay LOL but I like it.
2018-10-22 21:01
That's ok fam
2018-10-22 21:01
World ///fuck 
just listen to the last link, they way she says smarty is so hot idk man
2018-10-22 21:01
Nothing hot for me in this world. ( asexual + trans ) only aesthetic things give me pleasure
2018-10-22 21:04
World ///fuck 
sad but expected
2018-10-22 21:05
Ukraine beaztoff 
Thomas Mraz - koleydoskop MiyaGi - sorry Jak-Antony - Zanovo Markul -serpantin Markul - mirazhi
2018-10-22 21:01
Russian Rap That's so sad, can we stab russian rappers?
2018-10-22 21:03 this is the most legendary album in germanys history of music.
2018-10-22 21:06
Deutsch rap I think deutsch rap mostly sounds good
2018-10-22 21:17
I couldnt got the links, so search on yt: sede pra te ver (the first link) Sol - vitor kley remix here comes the night love gun - kiss jet city woman - queensryche
2018-10-22 21:07
Most of those are dance music of sort? Not into this, but some sounded comfy. Could lover the volume and let them play in background.
2018-10-22 21:14
yeah, actually its like some homework songs, while ur playing, eating etc. btw did u like? :3
2018-10-22 21:16
As i said not really into those and i prefer something like that as a background comfy songs just to make special atmosphere and of course
2018-10-22 21:21
Rap Lots of rap At least not only russian so you have my respect here.
2018-10-22 21:12
Brazil 16|0 
Uzi, peep, phara, lizer +rep
2018-10-22 21:21
Denmark Verix 
Upon This Dawning — A New Beginning Upon This Dawning — Of Human Action Upon This Dawning — Lux Upon This Dawning — Nothing Lasts Forever Upon This Dawning — Call Me Maybe
2018-10-22 21:11
Neutral towards this one, as i am always for rap genre
2018-10-22 21:23
I'm both surprized and not what nobody dropped classic music in.
2018-10-22 21:25
I'm to senstive to classical music, it makes me emotinal right away, so i can't drop it lol, here i love like Lord of the Rings soundtrack it's one hour long and i love like games soundtracks like Lineage 2 or Gothic.
2018-10-22 21:29
Sometimes i feel like rappers should only be black people, that's their thing, but then i remember i like $boys and such and well, yeah. 4th one very energetic. Nice
2018-10-22 21:34
Your favorite very melodic and others good as well. Metal lives. Metal totally lives.
2018-10-22 21:30
CIS Luchbm 
yes and there are a lot of amazing albums out this year
2018-10-22 21:33
Almost what i listen to Electronic music and it's subgenres. Good, buddy.
2018-10-22 21:52
Surprised there are still people who listen to D&B and yeah, hardbass is definitely cheeky breeky, very sovok-like, indeed.
2018-10-22 21:55
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