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Europe Pear_ 
Why is he tweeting/retweeting about TESLA every hour? Has he gone mental or something?
2018-10-23 03:32
Brazil digozamaral 
I think he loves elon musk
2018-10-23 03:34
Europe Pear_ 
Seems like he hates him
2018-10-23 03:39
What's wrong with that
2018-10-23 03:43
Europe potatomato 
probably got scammed by Elon
2018-10-23 03:53
He's talking about $TSLA stock I think, he's a banker iirc.
2018-10-23 03:57
Germany Chris Walker 
Yeah he's tweeting like 10+ times a day about that shit lol
2018-10-23 04:06
United States drobotgamer 
Unfollowed him because of spam
2018-10-23 04:35
2018-10-23 04:40
IDK if he was scammed or not but seems he hates the elon, tesla and their business practice, idk why'd u go so far unless it was something personal tbh...
2018-10-23 04:42
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