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How you celebrate NewYear in your country?
Dosia | 
Kazakhstan baboushka 
Can you tell me how yor are celebrating NewYear in your country? Maybe in some case Christmas is at the first place rather than NewYear. And what do you usually do? Should you be with your family, or hangout, drink, and etc...
2018-10-23 12:03
Dosia | 
Kazakhstan baboushka 
maybe in your country there is some traditions idk, maybe firworks for each family, or like thanksgiving??
2018-10-23 12:06
invading France
2018-10-25 22:40
Hungary t0xik 
Country checks out hehe
2018-10-25 22:46
Family feast
2018-10-23 12:07
Dosia | 
Kazakhstan baboushka 
idk, but is there any praying in NewYear?
2018-10-23 12:35
Idk pray for what Do u mean wishes for the better new year i guess
2018-10-23 13:13
well, I meant something like traditional, hindi you know... maybe for Krishna. Im really curios bout ur traditions tho, dont get me wrong
2018-10-23 14:36
Krishna has his own festival called Janmashtami New year is probably same everywhere Alcohol food and party
2018-10-23 15:08
so you kinda share your microsoft word files?
2018-10-23 21:15
Try to make some sense next time kid and don't interfere betn mature talk unless u got something worth to contribute Have a nice day
2018-10-23 23:06
Ok, cya, mature man
2018-10-24 06:36
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
Drink, eat and fuck after breakfast on 01/01
2018-10-23 12:08
Dosia | 
Kazakhstan baboushka 
why not fuck after 12am?
2018-10-23 12:34
Spain saulorey 
Hes very ugly
2018-10-23 15:12
12pm. np
2018-10-23 15:24
Poland kmnnnnn 
drink, wake up after 12hrs not remembering wtf happened last night.
2018-10-23 12:11
Dosia | 
Kazakhstan baboushka 
well, same as in my country LMAO
2018-10-23 12:33
United States MAKEOUTHILL 
shrooms n weed
2018-10-23 12:35
Dosia | 
Kazakhstan baboushka 
all alone? or? However, damn thats great:D
2018-10-23 12:39
France mintzz 
It's just new year mate, only an excuse to get drunk with a group. It's just as sad :D
2018-10-23 13:18
United States MAKEOUTHILL 
probably just me and my gf since i have no friends :|
2018-10-25 22:38
fer | 
Brazil Memes_King 
drink, family feast, fooooooddds, show of Roberto Carlos and little music of Globo" Hoje a festa é sua, hoje a festa é nossa é de quem quiser, quem vier...."
2018-10-23 13:04
what does it mean? "Hoje a festa é sua, hoje a festa é nossa é de quem quiser, quem vier...." why especially Roberto Carlos?) there are a lot of legends)
2018-10-23 14:37
fer | 
Brazil Memes_King 
Roberto Carlos is an extremely famous singer in my country, he is very old and he does a show that is broadcast on tv every new year. "Today the party is yours, today the party is ours, it is whoever you want, whoever comes ..." this is the part of a song that is sung by all the actors, journalists, editors, presenters and interviewers of the most famous channel in Brazil, this song passes in the intervals throughout the month of December ... and is already done for many years , so it's very famous ... everyone knows
2018-10-23 14:44
ohh I see now. So instead of ur President speech for NY, u listen to Roberto Carlos? Am I getting it right? Because in my country and in Russia, there is a speech of President, which starts at 11:45pm for 15 mins, and at 12:00 am he cheers, and other concerts shows etc... till morning. And it happens every year
2018-10-23 14:47
fer | 
Brazil Memes_King 
in my country, is Roberto Carlos singing, had a year he sang live from Jerusalem
2018-10-23 14:52
I usually just go to bed before 12
2018-10-23 13:14
so as I understand in US and UK, you people more crazy bout christmas rather NewYear? Am I right?
2018-10-23 14:38
2018-10-23 13:15
Party Party Yeah Yeah:D
2018-10-23 14:38
sit in corner crying asking myself where it went wrong
2018-10-23 13:16
why would you? according to ur flag, u live in damn cool country
2018-10-23 14:39
fer | 
Brazil Memes_King 
He must live in Rotterdam.
2018-10-23 14:46
I don't but thanks for the lol
2018-10-23 15:08
fer | 
Brazil Memes_King 
2018-10-23 15:22
fer | 
Brazil Memes_King 
2018-10-23 17:20
Ireland tsarbomba 
get plastered and sleep it off on the pavement
2018-10-23 13:17
didn't really get it(
2018-10-23 14:39
France mintzz 
People aren't much with family, they party and get drunk with friends and there are fireworks thats all
2018-10-23 13:17
is there anything special at Eifil tower?
2018-10-23 14:40
France mintzz 
Fireworks thats it
2018-10-23 21:10
Just get drunk with friends
2018-10-23 13:24
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
Drinks with friends
2018-10-23 13:28
FalleN | 
Brazil Feio91 
With firework food And drinks
2018-10-23 14:41
Poland MokSu 
In past i spent New Year with family. Since 3-5 years I'm have fun with friends / GF
2018-10-23 15:09
2018-10-23 15:10
maybe eat sausage or some shit
2018-10-23 15:13
Norway namsayin 
that's gay.
2018-10-25 22:42
Spain dabehx 
i eat le vagena
2018-10-23 15:13
gob b | 
Germany Koxky 
Fireworks and Alcohol.
2018-10-23 15:15
Romania Ganlock 
Drinking with friends is the best thing you can do
2018-10-23 15:16
eat, eat, drink, drink, drink, fuck girls while being drunk, die in a car accident
2018-10-23 15:28
drinking until no one's able to have a walk anymore. that's it.
2018-10-23 15:33
álcool, sexo e drogas
2018-10-23 21:14
Brazil madeinamerica 
Vai Cheirar o pó Pita o brau Fumar a pedra Beber o Rebiti Tomar o conhaque Tomar o rustoff Tomar o pramil Duas doses de energético Whisky A vodka Cinquenta e um Lança perfume Vinte e nove Dumont A Tarja preta Chá de beladona E pita o trem Beber o Thinner Tomar gasolina A bala O Papel PARA TUDO Absinto Skol 51 Gás de geladeira Buzina TOCA DIRETO Noites em Claro
2018-10-23 21:18
swag | 
Brazil Corot1nho 
I drink a lot 'till i forget which year we are at.
2018-10-24 06:43
Finland R3ALMM 
Beer just beer
2018-10-25 22:40
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