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patriotism vs nationalism
Reunion Redmooon 
The difference between patriotism and nationalism is that the patriot is proud of his country for what it does, and the nationalist is proud of his country no matter what it does; the first attitude creates a feeling of responsibility, but the second a feeling of blind arrogance that leads to war.
2018-10-23 23:01
2018-10-23 23:02
2018-10-24 00:10
France Astyx 
2018-10-25 01:28
gabs | 
Faroe Islands DiaRhea 
So? What's your point? Knew it since 1995
2018-10-23 23:03
my point is your governments will make you look like the first one by following their agenda while in fact you fall into the second category and you become a blind defender of all the crimes done in the name of the flag.
2018-10-23 23:06
gabs | 
Faroe Islands DiaRhea 
+1 i hate my country so i fakeflag
2018-10-23 23:07
I knew you were Russian !
2018-10-23 23:08
France PowwneD 
+1 actually too many nationalist in France, patriotism is important for a country but it have to be done without the hatism that occur when people think like "America first" and go closer to natonalism
2018-10-23 23:05
hatism? my eyes got hurt
2018-10-24 00:12
I agree +1
2018-10-24 03:45
United States f00bar 
Please stop creating new "ism" words. They're not arguments.
2018-10-25 01:46
France PowwneD 
french word in ism are for a lot of them close to english one's : Fascism = Fascisme, Racism = Racisme, nationalism = nationalisme ... i could continue for a long time, i've written too fast
2018-10-25 08:42
patriotism leads to nationalism.
2018-10-23 23:06
France Uexo 
not necessarily
2018-10-24 00:59
just a weird conclusion . even on taste ,if you like something for being pure you can't by time prefer dirty foods ,, you either care or you don´t
2018-10-24 01:05
ok what now?
2018-10-23 23:07
now change your mindset ,, define your emotions correctly and set the right plans.
2018-10-23 23:09
Korea XigNGODtop1 
Nationalism top 1
2018-10-23 23:11
Top: 1Racism 2Fascism 3Nationalism 4Communism 5Nazism
2018-10-24 00:15
Korea XigNGODtop1 
Nazism > Communism but otherwise decent list
2018-10-24 00:54
2018-10-24 02:56
Korea XigNw0w 
Nationalism all the way.
2018-10-24 01:02
Myanmar xdcc 
what about feminism?
2018-10-24 01:10
Fak, feminism is 6th
2018-10-24 08:22
FYRR73 | 
Latvia Syecr 
Ukraine is the perfect example of nazism and nationalism
2018-10-24 00:18
Ukraine is the perfect example of socialism and antifascism. The whole own history of Ukraine is to do antifascism by fighting polish/russian/german/ottoman imperialisms.
2018-10-24 01:18
Sweden mrarrogant 
and committing ethnic cleansing, but thats just a small detail mby mr bandera
2018-10-24 02:46
After ww1 Poland grab Western Ukraine and for 20 years was committing ethnic cleansing there and the culmination was killing Ukrainian kids/women/olders and what did you expect that we will let you to kill all Ukrainians in the whole western Ukraine and populate it with polaks and then claim that this land is your ?
2018-10-24 02:56
if thats true, then its a 200 iq play by the poles
2018-10-24 03:09
Nationalism isnt enough we need to kill all jews and niggers
2018-10-24 01:04
Patriotism is an old term that was used before the nation was created. In the medieval times there was not such thing like a nation and to describe love to own land people used this term patriotism. After the mad french mobs destroed the old society order and called it the great french revolution a nation become reality. Since then people use nationalism as a term to describe the same as it was for a term patriotism.
2018-10-24 01:42
save it cause the one who said that quote definitely knows this crap better and the language people who came up with the term also knows better,, this the danger of the modern generation , they may look smart and educated but in fact they are ignorant and followers of the herd .
2018-10-24 02:14
Sorry but i can not understand what you wrote in the first chapter.
2018-10-24 02:32
He is disagree with me ?
2018-10-24 02:39
The first chapter is here: "save it cause the one who said that quote definitely knows this crap better and the language people who came up with the term also knows better"
2018-10-24 02:45
you're saying that the term patriotism is essentially the same thing as nationalism , and the language makers clearly makes a difference between the two , and both terms are older than the French revolution , the concept of nation is very very old and it exits in many old texts .. even in the holy book. the ones who made the terms ,wants to make the difference I´m talking about , that a national is different than a patriot .
2018-10-24 03:12
Even 150 years ago there was not the french nation. It was a territory with 4 languages and only 30% of population could speak the modern french language. I want to ask you what did the term nationalism mean back then ?
2018-10-24 03:19
it meant to describe other nations ,, like in Ukrainian you have the word for empire ,though you never had an empire in history at all .
2018-10-24 03:26
both are stupid, being proud of a piece of land is retardation
2018-10-24 02:57
Being proud of values that land of your birth holds.
2018-10-24 03:00
this aint it chief
2018-10-24 03:03
Live in the society that shares with you the values is essential for a human being.
2018-10-24 03:06
bro that shit dont make no sense
2018-10-24 03:08
Could you please explain it ?
2018-10-24 03:11
"Live in the society that shares with you the values is essential for a human being." this makes no sense, write that in russian and let me translate on google or smth
2018-10-24 03:15
You live in a society. The society is based on some values. Your values must match the society has values.
2018-10-24 03:28
so at this point are u proud of ur nationality or the land where u were born?
2018-10-24 03:21
can't blame you for not liking your country, favelas,drugs,murders,rapes
2018-10-24 03:56
said the greek
2018-10-24 16:58
why? am i wrong?
2018-10-25 01:25
This is actually true. Look at china for example. People there are mindlessly nationalistic even though they are blatantly fed propaganda constantly.
2018-10-24 03:04
China is empire and there are more than one languages. China is imperialistic not nationalistic.
2018-10-24 03:10
I was thinking more of Russia ,but both are Communism decedents anyway
2018-10-24 03:14
Brazil Feio91 
libertarianism >>>>>>
2018-10-24 03:08
as a true libertarian, I don't believe there should be any governmental imposition on age limits for consensual relationships, sexual or not.
2018-10-24 03:37
wtf dude anime has ruined u
2018-10-24 03:42
2018-10-24 03:44
sorry I don't browse reddit
2018-10-24 03:45
me neither i just searched for this and it came up
2018-10-24 03:46
ofcs u use duckduckgo lmao let me guess u use tails os and tor browser too?
2018-10-24 03:47
wtf dude duckduckgo is nothing like tails or tor
2018-10-24 03:53
Isn't it just a ''secure'' search engine? like tails is a ''secure'' OS and tor is a ''secure'' browser.
2018-10-24 03:54
duckduckgo just means google cant spy and track you TOR isnt secure but it prevents you isp from spying on you Tails will mean you leave 0 trace aside from your ip behind and has tor built in
2018-10-24 03:55
2018-10-24 03:54
United States f00bar 
2018-10-25 01:50
respect me
2018-10-24 03:45
Brazil Feio91 
libertarianism =/= anarchy
2018-10-24 03:45
nope same thing
2018-10-25 01:40
United States vikingswine 
2018-10-25 01:41
2018-10-25 01:43
United States f00bar 
No no no my french friend you have it all wrong. I don't know where you got that from, but it doesn't match up with any defintions historically or present. Patriotism is love for one's country: the established ideals that make it up and the philosophy behind it. Nationalism is love for one's nation. There is a definite distinction between a country and a nation. A country is just land and a government. A nation is a people. A nationalist has love for his people above all others. A patriot has love for his country.
2018-10-25 01:45 I put it twice cause I know you will doubt the first link so I made another identical one to you
2018-10-25 01:46
United States f00bar 
This one author doesn't have a monopoly on the definitions of nationalism and patriotism. I'll stick to dictionary definitions tyvm.
2018-10-25 01:48
yes I think you better do that ,
2018-10-25 01:53
Patriotism is proud of its country. Nationalism is hatred of other countries.
2018-10-25 02:06
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