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forgotten NA players
Sweden basheerkhan 
Rooroo Els Ocean Professor chaos
2018-10-24 03:52
Anyone recognize them
2018-10-24 03:55
United States circles308 
OP said they are forgotten, so how can anyone recognize them
2018-10-24 04:48
After reading the names that i wrote? 12btw
2018-10-24 04:50
mou | 
Ireland CaptainMou 
I know Ocean and Professor Chaos.
2018-10-24 14:44
United States pSilent 
I don't think any of these are "forgotten" (especially not Ocean). They weren't even really relevant in the first place.
2018-10-24 03:56
I used to watch these shit tier teams go at it and rorooo and professor chaos had lots of potential to be top tier players.. Roroo played with stewie and look at where stewie is now
2018-10-24 03:59
United States pSilent 
Maybe in Rank S, but Rooroo was never part of a good team and his teams never had any real coordination so he was never picked up by someone good. The only thing Professor_Chaos was known for was his high sens, but even then he wasn't considered that impressive, especially after he switched to AWPing.
2018-10-24 04:07
Do you know where they are now?
2018-10-24 04:10
Just realized that was a retarded ques to ask LOL!
2018-10-24 04:39
Brazil NaTeCSGO 
Well to be fair professor_chaos played in a major which is a pretty good accomplishment that a lot of na players (NRG for example) haven't done. Although the players on NRG are much better than he was imo
2018-10-24 05:10
Brazil LuizMoreno 
No namers not forgotten
2018-10-24 03:57
Indonesia tsokai 
2018-10-24 04:08
2018-10-24 04:32
nawwk | 
Sweden 220651 
2018-10-24 04:34
Spain JasonRacism 
They are top 3 EPL right now lol
2018-10-24 18:33
2018-10-24 04:34
Lol yeah almost forgot about that guy, was he in elevate?
2018-10-24 04:37
he was in col and then splyce for a while i think
2018-10-24 04:40
He also played in elevate before that Remember elevate vs liquid matches?
2018-10-24 04:41
ur right because i remember him and rush got dropped together for some reason
2018-10-24 04:44
fox | 
Portugal VAC69FOX 
Hades Relyks Bloominator
2018-10-24 04:46
relyks is still in epl for eunited ! hades play MDL
2018-10-24 04:52
fox | 
Portugal VAC69FOX 
True, I always thought Relyks was gonna be better tho. And iirc Hades=landodging cancer
2018-10-24 04:53
Relyks plays as good as stewie
2018-10-24 04:54
fox | 
Portugal VAC69FOX 
2018-10-24 04:58
No offense
2018-10-24 17:20
fox | 
Portugal VAC69FOX 
2018-10-24 17:42
relyks is really good ! The IGL for the last years fuck his stats but now that fns is back to igl and relyks is primary awper his stats will go up
2018-10-24 04:54
2018-10-24 04:46
United States SjD 
2018-10-24 04:47
fox | 
Portugal VAC69FOX 
ptr= shit on lan
2018-10-24 04:53
Poor dude when i see his name, the interview comes to my mind when he tried shaking the dudes hand lol
2018-10-24 04:53
2018-10-24 04:55
2018-10-24 04:58
2018-10-24 05:26
Stick to br scene kiddo
2018-10-24 04:59
stick to my eggs kiddo
2018-10-24 05:27
kr4sylya | 
Sweden ZAE^ 
flowsicK XP3
2018-10-24 05:00
Ocean Professor chaos
2018-10-24 05:13
Chaos was never relevant other than his really high sens GODOCEAN WILL NEVER DIE Roo is in FPL-C and never was that big outside SKDC and KKona Els same thing as Roo but he was never really important to the scene but he still plays for subtLe real forgotten players inVert Koosta just9n sancz
2018-10-24 05:17
never forget APE aka STATUATORY APE
2018-10-24 05:18
2018-10-24 14:44
United States pSilent 
sancz would have been good if he didn't keep trying to AWP, but he insisted and ruined his chances at being relevant. Only one who's forgetten here is invert, just9n was only relevant because of Shroud, and Koosta was only relevant because people hyped him up as being better than s1mple when he obviously wasn't.
2018-10-24 18:41
yo is this the real silent? would you say the best moment of your career was the match vs NV when you were with NRG, and you got a 4v1 clutch spraydown in mirage from cat to connector? I was watching that live and nearly had a heart attack because I remember NV was still supposed to be a top 3 team in the world at that point and it was such an intense Bo3. Just wanted to say that was one of the most memorable plays I've seen in CSGO due to the circumstances and the implications of that Bo3 and map :D
2018-10-24 19:18
Just9n literally disappeared once Shroud retired and nobody remembers him Agreed with sancz but since he ruined his chances everyone forgot him Koosta literally gets ignored when people talk about Ghost since everyone hypes up WARDELL when in reality Koosta is more consistent inVert will always be remembered for that molly which was almost as great as Summits
2018-10-24 23:02
2018-10-24 05:17
2018-10-24 05:18
France oldman 
hiko roca
2018-10-24 05:33
2018-10-24 17:44
zomblerz gang where they at?
2018-10-24 17:44
dazed has fallen off the map
2018-10-24 18:36
flowsick, just9n, sancz, anger
2018-10-24 18:43
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