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ScreaM was offered to C9
United States Traderslife 
2018-10-25 22:11
s1 | 
Ukraine mple 
No. They already have a muslim.
2018-10-25 22:12
Shut up kid No muslims on C9, tarik already left
2018-10-25 22:37
Germany XRippeR 
2018-10-25 22:42
2018-10-25 22:44
golden is a christian buddy
2018-10-25 22:45
juul | 
United States LeFronk 
He’s Chaldean dumbass he’s catholic Arabic
2018-10-25 22:45
Germany XRippeR 
stfu. do i have to know i just presumed by looking at his name
2018-10-25 23:01
Hahaha moron
2018-10-26 02:54
Maybe Lebanese since that’s a common Christian middle eastern place
2018-10-26 03:41
Selim is a Turkish/Lebanese/Bangladeshi/Algerian/Egyptian/Finnish/Sudanese/Palestinian name ^^ But he surely looks Turkish/Lebanese/Algerian.
2018-10-26 03:57
Denmark foolish_panda 
10 IQ forum poster
2018-10-26 14:14
2018-10-26 14:18
Sweden Dino1 
typical racist kid
2018-10-26 14:21
Germany juqqt 
typical german racist kid
2018-10-26 18:09
2018-10-25 22:42
s1 | 
Ukraine mple 
2018-10-25 23:33
2018-10-25 22:41
Denmark ScreaMy1 
IDK why he was offered to C9
2018-10-25 22:12
Because he would be the 2nd best player on the team, and he's a good fit (they need fire power) The real question is why tf would he not accept
2018-10-26 02:45
no his never ending love for shox is never going to seperate them again, ez for screamy ez for g2 next major winners
2018-10-25 22:12
Why? The team is just gonna break apart in 6 months like how all the French teams end up. And I'm saying this as a French fanboy :/
2018-10-26 03:05
Why would c9 sign overrated player?
2018-10-25 22:12
Shut up kid
2018-10-25 22:35
you -different
2018-10-25 22:44
Why would they sign FNS? Why would they sign Golden? Why would they sign Flusha?
2018-10-25 22:44
Fns deserved to be signed because they needed an igl, but na brainless pug stars refused to give him a chance and kicked him. Same reason goes for Golden, they needed an igl. But i agree about Flusha, dumb signing, they shouldn't do the same mistake with scream.
2018-10-26 02:39
Jesus fucking christ, he played for 2 months and was literal garbage the entire time. Negative rating for like 90% of matches with poor tactics and calling, his mid round is literal dog shit, novas can call better than this. How fucking long do you need to consider it a "chance"
2018-10-26 02:47
He didn't play for two months, he didn't even play for a month, they were going to events without practicing. And the players refused to adapt to his style. Stats are irrelevant when it comes to igl's.
2018-10-26 02:50
First game April 3, 2018, Last game June 9, 2018, over 2 months actually. Stats are very relevant to IGL's. Glaive, Fallen, ChrisJ, Stanislaw, BnTeT, Cadian, Nitr0, steel Just to name a few. All of these guys IGL and still frag. I hate this bullshit excuse. "And the players refused to adapt to his style" Okay, this is just joke of a statement here. What do you think they just ignore his calls and do whatever they want for 2 months? Lmao please dont be so foolish. And if you read my post, I didn't only refer to his stats. His tactics were poor, and his mid round calling were complete dog shit, like embarrassingly bad. The kick was warranted, and he never even should've been considered in the first place. C9 got finessed by CoL for $200k
2018-10-26 03:37
Not 2 months, 1 month and they had 0 practice, they were going event to event without practice. /close
2018-10-26 14:20
Myanmar AstralisGoat 
So? Xizt is exactly the same and I don't see Fnatic getting rid of him any time soon the only difference is Xizt hasn't posted a positive rating on LAN in almost 3 years now (not joking) the guy is complete dog shit, he can't frag, he has no strats, he has no tactics he is the most useless player I've ever seen and Fnatic keeps him just because there is no other option.... Golden & Pronax are the other options or some fucking tier 3 IGL who can't even frag at that level so they are stuck with him after making biggest mistake to even take such a shit player.
2018-10-26 03:49
Uhmm, we're talking about different orgs here buddy. I think it's pretty common knowledge at this point that xizt is dog shit, every one already knew he was dog shit before he went to fnatic. If they don't want to make the right choice and kick him, that's their fault. Just because they're retarded and won't kick a shit player doesn't mean C9 has to be retarded and not kick an obviously shit player. Your logic is pretty busted here.
2018-10-26 03:55
Myanmar AstralisGoat 
Well tbf, C9 are in an even worse situation because this lineup is so fucking bad literally no good player will ever go play for them, their best player is autimatic ffs who tf would want to play in such a trash team? Flusha and Golden are there for the free money nothing else, there is no expectations for this org in CS anymore. Also for all you idiot noobs out there it doesn't matter how much money this org has from other games etc, their CS Go roster is complete garbage, their best player isn't even top 100 in the world this year, their other players are even lower, it would be different if this team has a star player or just missing some pieces etc the entire team is useless, they are the same as Gambot, they had 1 fluke event and are a dog shit team with over rated garbage players no one can debate that anymore.
2018-10-26 03:58
United States vikingswine 
Because over rated > under performing
2018-10-26 03:03
Well they already signed Shroud
2018-10-26 14:18
mistake as well
2018-10-26 14:21
Finland Smoonah 
C9 asScreaM
2018-10-25 22:40
D0cC | 
Netherlands @Deji 
2018-10-25 23:03
United States burzeus 
source outdated , we talking about global offensive
2018-10-26 02:51
Yes i do have a source. By a csgo reporter (insider). His name is ryan, you probably see him on Twitter leaking things
2018-10-26 14:14
Cooper- | 
India snopa 
2018-10-26 02:47
How do you know. Do you have a source???
2018-10-26 02:56
Yes i do have a source. By a csgo reporter (insider). His name is ryan, you probably see him on Twitter leaking things
2018-10-26 14:15
What? ScreaM isn't on G2.
2018-10-26 03:41
O.o is he
2018-10-26 18:04
Australia HeliosYurii 
I Don't Think ScreaM Would Join C9, Since They're Ranked Even Lower Than G2, And He Actually Has Some Teammates That He's Played With Before. No Gain For Him To Join C9.
2018-10-26 03:48
get rid of smithzz and add scream. scream isn't even under contract for a buyout
2018-10-26 04:03
Sweden godname 
ScreaM will never join a NA TEAM HAHAHA,,,
2018-10-26 14:16
Why not? He said he would.
2018-10-26 14:20
Sweden godname 
cuz he dont want leave he´s family and friends
2018-10-27 22:43
i think he's aiming in fnatic.
2018-10-26 14:17
No lol ..
2018-10-26 14:19
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