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Na'Vi trash
United Kingdom choko2k 
Ok tell me how Na'Vi is a good team?? Zeus, Edward and Flamie are all trash players, sure they don't have bad stats when Na'Vi is winning, but that's only because S1mple and Electronic play the hardest positions, Na'Vi rely heavily on them getting entries on the tside, so shitters like Zeus and Edward can get kills when it's 5v3, 4v2, 3v1 and boos their stats. When Electronic has off game, surprise surprise all of Na'Vi crumble cause s1mple alone can't carry. Tl;dr Na'Vi is trash as a team, prison for s1mple and electronic. Either kick these shitters Edward, Zeus and Flamie or S1mple and Electronic go to other teams. This lineup is not gonna achieve much.
2018-10-28 21:07
Poland wiktorex 
NaVi lost because electronic was off if he carry together with s1mple they're winning
2018-10-28 21:08
yea mate, rest of the team can't do shit. shame that two fantastic players wasting their prime in such a bad team.
2018-10-28 21:38
mou | 
Ireland CaptainMou 
They're #2 in the world lol
2018-10-30 12:03
Not at all lol, they don't win tourneys anymore even without Astralis.
2018-10-30 12:59
They consistently reach top 3 in tourneys though. They have been choking in finals for a long time now.
2018-10-30 14:48
esl one ny they went out in groups, losing to gambot. this tourney they played shit teams, 100% would've lost to Liquid if they played them, maybe NiP as well.
2018-10-30 14:50
Brazil cadik 
>if he carry together with s1mple they're winning KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK you mean if he would solro carry them the would win cuz s1mple is useless eco/exit fragger and baiter
2018-10-29 06:33
gr8 b8
2018-10-28 21:08
Australia BTwice 
Lol. This guy. They have been amazing for months , results prove it, lose one final - theyre trash. Silver.
2018-10-28 21:11
Not one final,already two in two months,and 3 overall this year(all against good teams),i'm Na'Vi fan,but i can say that they can't play in finals against good teams,they always suck unfortunately((
2018-10-28 21:15
they've lost 4 finals
2018-10-30 11:41
Yes,my fail,forgot about Starseries in February
2018-10-30 15:40
i thought they were trash all the time, two amazing players, but the rest of the team is trash unfortunately. Astralis vs Na'Vi has to be the worst major final I've ever seen.
2018-10-28 21:38
United States hleev4 
Date of Birth checks out lol, first major you've seen live
2018-10-30 04:05
he's right, results dont mean a thing if they're relying on two hard carries and the rest just pretend to be important, they had a lucky run now they should be tier 2 at best
2018-10-29 04:45
Australia BTwice 
You can literally say that about every team except astralis... If you are expecting astralis results then yes youll be let down.
2018-10-30 03:51
mouz, big, mibr, ence... many teams would join astralis in this question it's just that navi, faze and some more shitters picked up the talents they were able and built the team around them, its not a real team, its a money leech astralis didnt invent a bike, they just chose the right formula navi bots wont allow to take
2018-10-30 04:02
United States hleev4 
It is just a different style of play, for the most part, the way NaVi plays is the way that most teams have been playing since the origin of cs, the way Astralis plays, with a massively larger focus on scouting and anti-strating is relatively new, as well as their habit of skipping a majority of tournaments
2018-10-30 04:08
astralis did well at increasing the prestige of the game and highering up the level of competition navi and other cocksuckers should adapt in order to have a constant success astralis, what a great example of good team
2018-10-30 04:13
United States hleev4 
true, completely agree, I just hope that when that happens the matches will still be exciting to watch; Astralis is a cool team to watch, but only because what they are doing is new, they lack excitement, but that should change when other teams adapt
2018-10-30 04:15
i know many say astralis is somewhat 'boring' to watch, i never really understood that, i find them exciting to watch because they operate like mechanism, one big great system, flaws excluded to the minimum, accuracy is up to the limit, how can you not be entertained? watching them play you realize you dont really have much chances in pro cs but you still do watch it
2018-10-30 04:17
United States hleev4 
yeah, i guess I am saying that you can basically just expect them to win 100% of the LAN games that they prepared for, it is cool to watch the nade work and their predictions of the opponents
2018-10-30 04:22
like an actual titan, once they finally fall we will squeal like a dying pig of excitement, because that one big boy is finally defeated by someone... so wait for the moment, at the peak of their reign you will burst out of sincere joy, culmination might be behind the corner
2018-10-30 04:25
everybody complaining about there is no competition era anymore, not about astraliss playing stlye
2018-10-31 10:57
No, everytime i hear someone cry the problem is astralis Oh god how boring they are!
2018-10-31 11:02
Simple to faze for guardian Electronic can go too replaxe rain
2018-10-28 21:13
Why ruin faze? Lol typical mongoloid with no brains
2018-10-28 21:43
India and mongoloid Tell me who has no brains
2018-10-29 04:22
Russia NOD777 
Sorry. Typical cheater who doesn’t know how the game works
2018-10-29 06:48
This comment made my day.
2018-10-29 06:38
Lol he don't know diff betn indian and mongoland
2018-10-29 08:36
Other dkzr 
they are top2 for a long time, its not achieve for you? sad they playing every final like fakin bish cuz s1mple tilted in first round all the time
2018-10-28 21:16
tldr ?
2018-10-28 21:19
Switzerland Sinneslust 
Syman > NaVi Future of CIS csgo #SymanGods
2018-10-28 21:45
Russia FaDe026 
No, it is a good team. His team have a very good game-communication. Edward have core role in his communication. Zeus - one of the best captain in the world. Flamie - second awp and good shooter. If NaVi kick his three players, will MIBR.
2018-10-28 21:53
NaVi is not good because GuardiaN left.
2018-10-29 04:33
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2018-10-29 04:49
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2018-10-29 05:01
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2018-10-29 05:03
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2018-10-29 05:04
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2018-10-29 05:05
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2018-10-29 05:22
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2018-10-29 05:23
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2018-10-29 05:39
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2018-10-29 05:48
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2018-10-29 06:23
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2018-10-29 06:25
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2018-10-30 11:43
xe xe ty
2018-10-30 11:49
Bangladesh thug_doctor 
I agree. Navi lost yesterday cuz electronic played terrible. It was too much for s1mple. Botward needs to go along with flamie
2018-10-29 04:41
United States hleev4 
flag checks out
2018-10-30 04:12
Bangladesh thug_doctor 
?Reply needs to have actual content
2018-10-30 04:15
United States hleev4 
Date of Birth checks out
2018-10-30 04:19
True dat
2018-10-29 04:39
of course they'r trash and always will be as long as two bots on the team
2018-10-29 04:49
United States hleev4 
you cant have an entire team of hard carries, you must have a couple of players that take the less flashy roles
2018-10-30 04:12
obviously but would you say astralis have 5 hard carries? just each one does his job correctly without dropping out when needed the most navi rely on two super talented players who compensate two super weak players and this formula doesnt work on daily basis
2018-10-30 04:14
United States hleev4 
yeah, edward's role on the team is questionable at times, but even he had some cool clutches at the major. I would say that Astralis' roles are less carry/support based, and more positional based, as often different players perform well, but they are all definitely playing at an extremely high level—in some interviews they have hinted at a different practice style than any other team, so I guess that is playing a part in their success
2018-10-30 04:18
wouldnt be surprised, they've set up their goals and they move one direction, any team with such setting is bound for success i really like their progression from 2013 a band of joy from denmark to the 2018's superteam, the only time in csgo they were praised as high was mid 2015 but it didnt last for long, now they grasp it in the fullest and fully deserved
2018-10-30 04:20
United States hleev4 
They could probably achieve more if they followed Astralis' example of skipping many tournaments, but it is probably better this way
2018-10-29 04:56
France Dov 
how much?
2018-10-29 05:03
Serbia markbb 
niko OP
2018-10-29 05:10
How much? Also I recommend you watching some more navi games
2018-10-29 05:40
I still remember the round on Cobble where they were up 6-1 and tried to troll-knife Coldzera to get the BRA71L scoreline and lost 4v1. That was the round that changed everything. Probably the worst thing I have EVER seen in a professional match, full stop.
2018-10-29 05:54
edward needs to go that's right, but who are you gonna replace flamie with? don't think there is anyone better than him in cis scene.
2018-10-29 06:44
2018-10-30 04:15
old + he's not better than flamie. flamie can stay aimwise he's very talented.
2018-10-30 11:24
Edward really needs to go now because he can't perform that well which is required. NaVi needs coldzera ..
2018-10-29 07:06
Zeus need to expand his playbook, he looked lost in the final against Faze. Edward and Flamie totally need to up their game, they can do better, and Electronic can't be dropping off like that now and then.
2018-10-29 07:12
China AS_HIGH3 
2018-10-29 07:13
-s1mple, s1 to tier 1 team
2018-10-29 07:26
United Kingdom LooseHS 
if navi is not tier 1 then who is apart from astralis
2018-10-30 11:38
2018-10-30 11:44
United Kingdom LooseHS 
just because of 1 tournament i dont think so
2018-10-30 11:45
United Kingdom LooseHS 
btw navi won 9 maps in a row against faze before losing that bo3
2018-10-30 11:46
Most of them being online and 16-14s
2018-10-30 13:40
United Kingdom LooseHS 
a win is a win mate 9 maps in a row btw thats a fucking lot
2018-10-30 13:41
Doesnt matter lol Won final 2-0, one of the maps being 16-3. That was a decimation
2018-10-30 18:56
United Kingdom LooseHS 
lol i never said faze did not win the final they deserved and were the better team that day
2018-10-31 10:47
Albania Mamluku 
Navi has only lost twice vs Faze in lan, one was major semis and this final ( this year)
2018-10-31 10:56
2018-10-31 20:52
>Na'Vi trash >sure they don't have bad stats when Na'Vi is winning
2018-10-30 04:27
Spain elskio 
Navi before s1mple: Major runner up 2-3 big title per year Navi after s1mple: Major runner up 1 big title per year
2018-10-30 11:32
* twice major runner-up 3 big titles now one major runner-up (lost without any chance) 1 tier1 tourney
2018-10-30 11:46
Spain elskio 
Navi boosted s1mple, s1mple can’t improve Navi :(
2018-10-30 12:04
2018-10-30 11:36
United Kingdom LooseHS 
how can navi be trash when they are seccond best in the world
2018-10-30 11:38
Ukraine Najara 
coz dead game noone play it it is like be the best at Paladins LUL
2018-10-30 11:54
Albania Mamluku 
hahahahaahha, but NaVi is the best paladins team xD
2018-10-31 10:57
Ukraine Najara 
at least somewhere LUL its easy to be the best at game where plays only few people LUL
2018-10-31 11:02
Albania Mamluku 
well tbh, the team they picked up were a solid #4 best team, they never won big things together, but they started dominating under NaVi banner, fnatic and nip lineups were the ones who were dominating the scene before, under different team banners
2018-11-01 00:00
Australia weapon_ 
Probably pay good.. thats why simple stays.. and its his dream team to play for.. navi
2018-10-30 11:42
CIS k3nn 
2018-10-30 11:46
Brazil Botzera__ 
NaVi Trash -Because 3 players Trash. No good reason why flamie, zeus - trash players...
2018-10-30 11:51
Ukraine Bizkid58 
No u
2018-10-30 11:58
Flamie problem is his consistency. Electronic has dropped off a little too. If NaVi are going to win with Edward and Zeus they need the other 3 going off which I dont think is possible. The thing with Astralis is that if Dupreeh or Dev1ce are having a slow game the other 3 can go off so it doesnt matter... how many times have Zeus and Edward been above s1mple and Electronic for example.. just doesnt happen. Gla1ve can quite easily be top fragger in a map
2018-10-30 12:00
like this for example might only be one map but even top players will have a bad map now and again
2018-10-30 12:02
im suprised they had good results with zeus and edward. That's an achievment in itself.
2018-10-30 12:05
you're saying like they aren't trying at all. It's not like silvers gettin carried by GE that they don't have to try sh*t. Well they tried.
2018-10-30 12:06
Cyka and you are noob
2018-10-30 12:08
s1 | 
Ukraine mpletop1 
Natus Analus with botward and chokemie
2018-10-30 14:52
I sink navi tier 3 , they play on level or ewen worse, barely top 25 team at max, they cant beat any team from top 10 +anjel best igl, he already proved in hr hes best, achieved alot to be respected And zen navi maibe tier2 team yes or nat?
2018-10-31 10:54
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