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r8 emo girl </3
device | 
Latvia HamburgsHamburger 
2018-10-30 04:58
felps | 
Brazil pluga 
no +16 pics, no r8
2018-10-30 05:00
2018-10-30 05:06
She is 22.
2018-10-30 05:10
18+ means boobs photos.
2018-10-30 06:48
Europe LowAlching 
2018-11-05 06:39
not bad but she thinks to have holes in personality, obsession with that shit is not appreciated but looks good
2018-10-30 05:01
don't think so, emos usually have best personalities. ;)))000 and u can't rly be emo it comes naturally u have to be born emo.. ;D
2018-10-30 05:09
nobody is born emo, this just didnt have a proper parenting or her life circumstances have lad her to become one and no, emos dont have the best personalities and best personality is something subjective anyway
2018-10-30 05:10
uhm nope, i was attracted to emo things since i can remember myself mb 8-9, i try to dress more casual now bc i'm 20, but i still listen to emo a lot, to the same songs i listened back then even and i'm still overreacting and too emotional etc, ridiculous mood swings, depressed all the time, but mb it's bc i have some mental disorder like adhd or smth or because of my life circumstances... u could always say that.. and in my experience emos have had the best personalities, but it's all subjective for sure. i mean very few emo girls i've met were very honest and fun to be around.
2018-10-30 05:18
What are same emo songs?
2018-10-30 10:38
sry i was banned for a few days bc i replied to a guy on this post in the same manner as him, well idk what i listened back then, but i know it was tears don't fall by bfmv, some other bfmv songs, escape the fate i guess still listen to alesana a lot especially apology, some tears of ashes songs what else..
2018-11-04 21:01
Haha i was banned for 5 days as well, funny enough, thanks for your answer i will read it later because i'm very drunk right now, bless you.
2018-11-05 08:59
Happy | 
France RAYMQN 
emo usually need extra attention
2018-11-04 21:04
i don't.. ;) almost don't even use social media, just contact ppl on messenger when i rly need to.. those ppl that ur talking about r not emo lol they're just posers doing it all for attention...
2018-11-04 21:06
Happy | 
France RAYMQN 
like someone will admit needing more attention LOL, every single emo just want attention from from their parent /close.
2018-11-04 21:09
hahahah what attention just the style looks nice music is fucking *_* and that's it.. also some ppl are actually depressed it's chemical imbalance in their brain but u might be too stupid for this convo, u just proved it with this reply so yeah indeed /close.
2018-11-04 21:11
Happy | 
France RAYMQN 
there is no correlation between being emo and having a depression, wtf are you even talking about ?
2018-11-04 21:13
i never said there was, but a good % i'd say majority of emos are depressed and that's how they express themselves WTF AM I EVEN TALKIN ABOUT WTF LMAO OOOOOO riiight? lmao
2018-11-05 05:36
Happy | 
France RAYMQN 
They act like they are depressed most of them actually arent they are just seeking for attention.
2018-11-05 06:24
Happy | 
France RAYMQN 
You cant be depressed for no reason and there is no real reason to be depressed when you are a teenager.
2018-11-05 06:26
you are talking about posers
2018-11-05 06:26
Happy | 
France RAYMQN 
#66 tell me some good reason to be depressed at this age ?
2018-11-05 06:27
no dad, drunk single mom who beats u up all the time and yells at u, bullying at school, feel that you are not accepted the way you are in some 3d world closed minded city u live, living in some war torn country, health issues that you might be too embarrassed to talk about, being gay, trans etc and not being accepted, do i really need to continue
2018-11-05 06:30
Happy | 
France RAYMQN 
"nobody is born emo, this just didnt have a proper parenting or her life circumstances have lad her to become one and no, emos dont have the best personalities and best personality is something subjective anyway" and you told him he was wrong, double standard ? Yes
2018-11-05 06:36
oh wow you just got ass raped and ur trying to change the subject, i could answer to that aswell, but there's not point bc u just lost all of my respect i had for u /close
2018-11-05 06:37
Happy | 
France RAYMQN 
Actually you can be depressed for thoses reasons yes but i dont see the correlation with being emo
2018-11-05 06:37
as i said it's a way to express yourself for many, the music usually talks about those subjects that's why it's called emo ffs
2018-11-05 06:38
also autoimmune disease for example can cause stress and depression and there are people who r allergic to certain foods when they eat those foods they get depressed. and those people usually won't sort out their health problems until they reach adulthood = depressed in their teens.
2018-11-05 06:38
nt emo
2018-11-05 06:34
OMEGALILPEEP wait right here i'll be back in the morning
2018-10-30 05:02
more like OMEGABULLET once more i say goodbye to you
2018-10-30 05:05
for what?
2018-10-30 05:05
Things happen but we don't really know why
2018-10-30 05:07
i'm straight but some emo girls are hot and cute
2018-10-30 05:15
Finland FinYuna 
She looks cute and pretty, not on those scary makeups though. 8/10
2018-10-30 05:35
2018-10-30 06:29
Norway Breivik 
emo still alive?
2018-10-30 06:31
2018 emo choose
2018-10-30 06:55
s1mple | 
Ukraine 400bpm 
she is a goth OMEGALUL
2018-11-04 21:11
that's so not goth 2019 not emo choose
2018-11-05 05:38
2018 goth OMEGALIL
2018-11-05 06:50
2018-10-30 06:57
Europe Instabait 
Just exorcisme her ...
2018-10-30 07:00
China maybe_banned 
2018-10-30 07:01
chrisJ | 
Finland Motori 
Attention whore
2018-10-30 10:29
Germany Dayjay 
>2018 >still being emo
2018-10-30 10:30
United States Freakmode 
i puked/10
2018-10-30 10:31
Israel _69 
Ur dad?
2018-10-30 10:32
Lithuania KoksSkirtumas 
Very good looking girl.
2018-10-30 10:35
welcomed 2007
2018-10-30 10:41
Slovakia twat 
2018-10-30 10:59
United States EVER1 
2018-10-30 12:22
Denmark Xipingu 
6/10. The full emo pictures is unattractive. That being said, I know a lot of these people who likes this have solid yes please personalities.
2018-11-02 06:08
Ukraine AnarchyInHLTV 
2018-11-04 21:04
Spain VeryFlipiNGuy 
pretty good for a slut
2018-11-04 21:05
Brazil BoaPaNois 
She hot, i would fuck 7/10
2018-11-04 21:07
tbh it's a trap and i don't like dick 0/8
2018-11-04 21:07
Zeus | 
Finland Olter 
traps are not gay
2018-11-04 21:08
I don't give a shit whether you think it's gay or not, I don't like dick. Also this girl for sure is ugly af under that pound of makeup there isn't a single photo on her entire insta where she isn't wearing 1 pound of makeup or more, I don't rate chicks that have to use an upsurd amount of makeup just to look like a 7/10 max.
2018-11-04 21:10
Zeus | 
Finland Olter 
Thats short sighted of you. I dont like piercings but im willing to make exception
2018-11-04 21:09
I don't give a shit about the piercings it's the makeup and the fact even with that crazy amount of make up she still doesn't look that good.
2018-11-04 21:13 Without the stupid piercing a solid 7/10 wtf is this shit 2/10
2018-11-04 21:08
is this 2006 lmao
2018-11-04 21:08
8/10 attractive and interesting would love to meet her
2018-11-04 21:12
cyx | 
Other jNkey 
2018-11-05 05:42
10/10 im stuck in 2006
2018-11-05 06:04
chrisJ | 
Germany Botsen 
beeing emo is 2005
2018-11-05 06:08
2018-11-05 06:51 without makeup, 4/10
2018-11-05 06:21
u got fooled, she has it lol
2018-11-05 06:52
2018-11-05 06:27
emo girls listen to hot mulligan and foxing
2018-11-05 06:28
2018-11-05 06:36
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