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PROPOSAL: Junk section and minor fix.
Sweden gayvela 
Hello HLTV. Today I will bring you yet another proposal, but not as big as some of my previous posts. TL;DR at the end. Introduce a section called "junk". This is the place where some threads will be placed, instead of completely removed. After time and time again seeing threads start with "since previous thread got removed and don't know why, I decided to start a new one", I think it's time HLTV implement a new section where some threads can be moved. No further commenting in the threads, they will be similar to a closed thread. Difference would be that while som threads deserve to be closed, some should be removed, some could also be kept but without new comments. A sidenote from the moderators in the thread would be a nice touch to it all. This section would automaticly removed threads on something like a 14-30 day timer, depending on whatever timer Admins choose to set. Even if it doesn't sound like a big difference, I do think that this small change could be useful. Have your question been answered? *Closed Have your thread been violating the rules or become completely off-topic? *Removed (Do however note that this is not a proposal to move all topics that go off-topic, into junk.) What I mentioned previously is pretty much what is being used today, and it sometimes blur the lines of what should and shouldn't be on the site. Instead this would mean having a section where threads that just has become completely off-topic can be moved to, viewable but no further commenting. And with a note (doesn't have to be a long note) from the moderator who removed the thread, to easier understand why your thread was moved. All in all trying to preventing and not having to deal with (or atleast less) threads similar to "why was my thread removed?". Minor fix: Small change to the drop-down menu when creating a new topic. As of right now, sections are not in the same order we find them in over at And as of now they are neither in order of alpabet or any other pattern. Small change, but an easy fix. That is all for now. TLDR: Somewhat preventing the unnecessary "why was my thread removed?" topics by adding a new section where some threads can be moved to instead of removed completely.
2018-10-31 12:43
just make a ///fuck topic where all his junk can go
2018-10-31 12:44
2018-10-31 13:01
lol ain't no time to read this wall of text
2018-10-31 12:45
Is there no way of pleasing you sir?
2018-10-31 12:53
XD you got me on this matters sir. I'll help you by +1
2018-10-31 12:58
Hahaha, off-topic aside, thanks!
2018-10-31 13:05
or maybe hltv could write some forum rules and admins should keep to the rules to prevent randomness and confusion nah jk that would be work
2018-10-31 12:55
Have already been proposed by me previously. Even took the time to clearly write the proposed rules. But no response from the moderators on that topic. I do however agree with you, rules should be first priority, but it's not like this change would hurt the site. EDIT: Previously linked post is pretty long, but if interested, just focus on part of the rules.
2018-10-31 13:04
Cyprus Swishh_ 
how about whoever's thread gets removed also gets a nice temporary ban so that he can't make another thread
2018-10-31 13:11
Yes, something I actually intended to include, but forgot about. Thanks for pointing it out! The subject of a removed thread, should likely get banned. However while a thread that only gets moved doesn't always come with a ban.
2018-10-31 13:20
There is an "Offtopic" section. Use it. -Closed-
2018-10-31 13:16
Feels like you somewhat missed the point of it all? The new "junk" section isn't supposed to be used to bring further discussion in that specific thread. (EDIT: Similar to a -closed-, but not removed.) But to prevent people from posting new of the same threads while their previous got removed, and not having threads where the only question is "why did my topic get removed?". Off-topic should be used, but this section would be of a whole other purpose.
2018-10-31 13:30
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