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anyone else feel no hype? DC will win this so easily lmao
2018-11-03 00:44
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Indonesia Exodd 
Who’s fighting?
2018-11-03 00:46
DC and Lewis are the only decent ones fighting imo
2018-11-03 01:02
jones gustavson
2018-11-03 22:05
bruh I am talking 230
2018-11-03 22:06
Lithuania Mzeris 
that's 232
2018-11-03 22:07
my bad.
2018-11-03 22:07
Lithuania Mzeris 
its's ok :)
2018-11-03 22:07
Albania SKbugi 
Dont be so sure lol,derrick lewis is a big and a tough motherfucking guy. he can knock the fuck out of anyone.
2018-11-03 00:47
ez for khabibibib
2018-11-03 00:48
2018-11-04 01:21
Sweden mrarrogant 
heavyweight division is a snorefest, looking forward for mauler vs jones
2018-11-03 00:50
+1 same, me and my friends will probably chill eat some pizza and have a good time watching. Hope Jones will get fucked up, I hate him
2018-11-03 00:56
"Hope Jones will get fucked up, I hate him" LOL...
2018-11-03 01:05
HOLY shit. I wasn't know that Jones would be back today. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiceee
2018-11-03 01:14
He will be back dec 30
2018-11-03 10:42
2018-11-03 16:12
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING god imiss boxingor kibox/muay thai mma shit tierr 3 shit. even full contact karate better
2018-11-03 01:07
Lithuania Mzeris 
yes yes yes yes
2018-11-03 22:08
It's boring to you because you see mma all the time when turkroaches fight over last kebab
2018-11-04 01:23
please go back o r/optic you unspohisticated inbred yank.
2018-11-04 02:05
go back to r/helpiheardexplosionatneighborshouse
2018-11-04 02:07
dont forget your kevlar on monday for school mate.
2018-11-04 02:08
You don't even have school in muslimville
2018-11-04 03:01
i beg to differ burgersville. we actually have a competent system to get into schools and guess what. we dont pay for college 90% lmao. have fun with student loans and community college, that is if you even manage to get your ged.
2018-11-04 03:05
Funny because I already have an accounting degree and I don't have loans because if you're smart you get a scholarship :) and I have a lot more opportunities to make money than in your poor country :)
2018-11-04 03:10
lmao fucking accountant. fkn midwestern trailer park pleb. damn you are living the life mate. im envy. meanwhile i majored in film, did my masters on media and comm and am doing my phd for the past 3 years on fkn gender studies while working from my house and earning an actual salary without lifting a finger. (:
2018-11-04 03:14
OMEGALUL gender studies and film xD ggs you got me
2018-11-04 03:50
Funny because I already have an acconting degree and I don't have loans because if you're smart you get a scholarship :) and I have a lot more opportunities to make money than in your poor country :)
2018-11-04 03:10
Europe s4ym0n 
2018-11-04 01:53
Gonna be a nice fight, i'm fully hyped about lewis after his last fight, losing the whole fight, then in 5sec he turns it around :D
2018-11-03 01:17
yes the sign of a bad fighter
2018-11-03 21:38
Yes and no. By your standards I guess Wilder is a bad boxer? Turning a fight around in 5 minutes is what makes it a heavyweight match
2018-11-03 22:03
How is THAT a sign of a bad fighter? There are fighters like mcgregor, who can go 1 round all in and are out of stamina at end of that round. And there are fighters who can take the punches, and take someone out in 3rd round (lewis for example). He can be losing the whole match, at heavyweight 5sec is all they need to do something.
2018-11-03 22:54
his post match interviews are better than the actual fights OMEGALUL
2018-11-04 01:22
Gonna bet 100$ on DC
2018-11-03 01:21
lol hf with free $16
2018-11-03 10:41
still better option to bet rather than bet on choke9 or navi
2018-11-04 01:19
As we sterilise the life around us we also sterilise ourselves As we progress past the violence of nature we distance ourselves from reality We can not exist outside of reality We will not exist at all As progress becomes sterilisation It becomes a contradiction
2018-11-03 01:27
2018-11-03 22:04
any stream link /// >?
2018-11-03 22:44
United Kingdom b00ka 
2018-11-03 22:53
thank you = )
2018-11-03 23:01
2018-11-03 22:48
2018-11-04 01:11
nt animal
2018-11-04 04:49
You are literally a bitch tho if you think that fighters ar eanimals
2018-11-04 13:14
low iq? kk
2018-11-04 18:09
United Kingdom b00ka 
fight will be boring
2018-11-03 22:53
ye, I will probably go to sleep after Adesanya fights
2018-11-04 01:11
acoR | 
Spain kroosw0w 
I kinda want to watch but time is so bad for EU... don't feel like staying up until 6 in the morning
2018-11-04 01:13
Ye hahah it's fucking aids, I screw up my sleep schedule for like half a week efter every event. Doesn't sound like much but considering how many events there are it fucks me over.
2018-11-04 01:14
acoR | 
Spain kroosw0w 
Yep, that's the only problem I have with UFC, it's just trash for EU timezone and I'm a huge fan
2018-11-04 01:15
Agree, nowadays I only watch the "big" fights live and other ones I just check sunday morning
2018-11-04 01:16
pre-fight are good ones so far, watched the last 2 ones and were good (even tho last one lasted 2 minutes hah) (._.')
2018-11-04 01:15
Yup. Prelims have been surprisingly good
2018-11-04 01:16
That one with the bald guy (the one after the last one) was a parade of punches landing and spining kicks, better than I expected so far! (._.)_b
2018-11-04 01:17
it is always good, wtf, people still fighting each other, knocking out and smashing faces, still fun to watch doesnt matter if it is prelim or fight for belt
2018-11-04 01:20
yeah but what I meant was that sometimes fighters focus too much on protecting to the point of not trowing punches/kicks or going for takedowns to freeze the fight there. Luckily it didn't happen on the fights today (so far) (._.)
2018-11-04 01:24
if u look from that professional point then yea, maybe, i watch this as amateur
2018-11-04 01:27
One nice punch from Black Beast and DC is dead
2018-11-04 01:20
+++ rtue
2018-11-04 01:21
well that was bloody
2018-11-04 01:49
i cant blame old rome for liking gladiators lmaoo
2018-11-04 01:50
that fight was legit as fuck
2018-11-04 01:51
Mexico izuku 
The Black Beast will win
2018-11-04 01:59
That didn't turn out so well
2018-11-04 13:14
Ez for Lewis. He is the GOAT.
2018-11-04 03:11
Poland AricOG 
I'm Hyped for UFC 232
2018-11-04 18:11
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