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Astralis wise or ?
GuardiaN | 
Slovakia airen 
I really don't get it. Faze or Navi or any other big team do this stupid stuff when playing vs Astralis. Like they don't watch their backs or they "forgot" to check some spots etc. If they do play versus any other team than Astralis they do it like every time. But when they are playing vs Astralis they somehow choke. Astralis is wise about that and just pushing (non smoked positions) and gathering info. They basicly just lock their opponent where they want them to and execute them. Funny thing is that no team ever tried to simply push away when they gets locked. Every team is just waiting till they lose duels they will definitely lose and trying to revive from 3 vs 5 etc.. And ofc, Astralis got the best timing of all the smokes, wallbangs, wallshots etc... I don't srsly get it. If there is some smoke glitch we dont know about and Astralis do know, or some settings. Idk, but it's so obvious they have some smoke advantage noone knows about (for now) and they are using it in their favour (my opinion).
2018-11-03 16:34
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GuardiaN | 
Slovakia airen 
It's tbh sad to watch other teams getting raped by Astralis
2018-11-03 16:43
Astralis are in full synergy with each other, their confidence is sky high when you're in that mode you feel untouchable. When they one day lose that confidence HLTV will be on a witch hunt to kick players.
2018-11-03 16:45
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