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Come back to CS
World Snazzzy 
I have been playing CS for 4.5 years but the last 1.5 years or so has been very on and off. I will play for about 2-4 weeks and then decide that I hate the people that play it and the fact that I get annoying teammates every game. Should I come back and give it one more try to get to a higher level? I have been watching streams, BLAST pro, etc and now I really want to play again.
2018-11-04 16:55
Switzerland baitimusprime 
2018-11-04 16:56
2018-11-04 16:57
2018-11-04 16:57
2018-11-04 16:57
Croatia feelsbadmane 
yes go all in thank later
2018-11-04 16:57
no, delete this shit or play faceit/esea etc
2018-11-04 16:59
so come back or no
2018-11-04 17:01
come back if you really love cs (i guess you do), but please don't play matchmaking cuz it's garbage
2018-11-04 17:02
Europe potatomato 
You should get to the point Where anyone else would quit And you're not going to stop there No, what are you waiting for?
2018-11-04 17:02
Brazil BoaPaNois 
nice name
2018-11-04 17:05
grinding a pug system/mm system will never make your or get you to play in high level counter strike.if your really going trying to play at high level need to grab 4 people who are serious and are willing to take it to high level cs.when i mean play playing with 4 other players im talking about playing in online tournaments and not 5 man queuing a mm system.also if you hate the game then theirs no point in playing it.
2018-11-04 17:04
pugs are mostly boring if u play solo, find some better things to do with your life
2018-11-04 17:06
No, play something else
2018-11-04 18:05
Stay away from this cancer community.
2018-11-04 18:35
Portugal nakbarone 
Please, use reddit and do not make this bunch of 20yo virgins tell you what to do.
2018-11-04 18:36
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