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russians come here!!
s1mple | 
Romania shiftzz pls can you translate this song? i really like it and i want to know the lyrics yeah i tried with google translate but its a bunch of non-sense
2018-11-05 01:30
So, the song is called "Look Behind Yourself". Chorus: Look behind, look at what's in the sky, Remember how I drew for you (idk what that means, prolly he explains how many good things he has done to a girl) I want to leave it behind I'm sick and tired of this love
2018-11-05 01:37
Russia KS_areztiab 
2018-11-05 01:44
s1mple | 
Romania shiftzz 
thank you bro
2018-11-05 08:53
The rest of the song just says that alcohol and pillies are his saviours, and he'll find another one to love and forget about his ex
2018-11-05 01:44
Typical Russian whining song
2018-11-05 01:44
Russia MyDuck 
Some faggot find new gf and left his ex
2018-11-05 01:46
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